AsslgnmenL 2 Arun kabra (118M60046

ImpIementatIon of packaged software through SDFTACULDUS
ProbIem statement:
The maIn focus of any busIness Is Its customers. Any busIness Issue raIsed by the customer
needs to be addressed and resolved wIth the top most prIorIty. The customer should be
able to raIse Issues comfortably on the sIte.
WIth thIs focus at hand the CED of an onlIne 070 rental organIzatIon wants to Implement a
complaInt management system whIch can be used by both exIstIng customers and new
customers who would regIster on sIte before raIsIng a tIcket. These complaInts needs to be
created for dIfferent departments or busIness unIts and would be resolved by dedIcated
staff from each department. The staff should be able to create, update, track and close
an Issue based on prIvIlege level granted.
All the regIstered customers should be able to see announcements and messages regardIng
changes after they logIn to helpdesk. Along wIth these provIde FAQ to generally asked
questIon by customers so that they can refer to common Issues and theIr resolutIon before
raIsIng a tIcket.

Lva|uat|on of Software opt|onsť
lng 3 s€Lares ere cnsldered €r Lhe abe menLlned buslness prbem
1) ÞPÞ uesk
2) s1lckeL
3) Pep CenLre Lle

eatures LxoÞnÞ os1|cket ne|p Centre L|ve
Jeb PsLlng
u8 ,SÇL ,SÇL Þropr|et
L securlLy cn€lguraLln 7 7
1lckeL ManagemenL
CusLmer e€ erlce ÞrLa 7

malŴLŴ1lckeL Cnersln
ÞhneŴLŴ1lckeL Cnersln 7
1lckeL PlsLry
unlmlLed user ue€lned leds
7 7 7
Þublc Messages
8aslc and Adance 1lckeL earches
vle / ubscrlbe L a Crup €
1echnlclans Caendars

e€ŴeglsLraLln CpLln

e€ erlce Culdance Ŵ eaLed ACs
7 7
eedback and sLa€€ raLlng 7
CusLmerŴCny ArLlces and 1echnlclanŴ
Cny vlslbllLy

7 7
keyrd earch CrlLerla
Change PlsLry 7
Lle ChaL 7
user CusLmlzaLln
7 7
number € cusLmers supprLed Dn||m|ted Dn||m|ted Dn||m|ted
MuLl Jeb user lnLer€ace

ÞPÞ and s1lckeL neary saLls€y a Lhe needs specl€led by buslnessŦ 8uL ÞPÞ prldes added
€eaLures lLh lncusln € cusLmer accunLs hlch prldes mre secured ay € ralslng LlckeLs and
Lracklng Lhem Ll csureŦ As ÞPÞ prldes an pLln L sLre ACs €r cusLmers hlch heps
ln aldlng cusLmers L ralse LlckeLs hlch can be easly resedŦ As ÞPÞ prldes an added
bene€lL € sLa€€ €eedback hlch can be used by cusLmers L raLe Lhelr era eperlenceŦ
Pence ÞPÞ desk L lmpemenL cusLmer hepdesk applcaLlnŦ
1) updaLed Lhe cur Lhemeţ creaLed accunLs €r sLa€€ L manage LlckeLs and creaLed
dl€€erenL deparLmenLs (grups) L recrd LlckeLs €r respecLle deparLmenLsŦ

2) CreaLed ACs €r cusLmers L le be€re ralslng LlckeLs
a) Admln vleť

b) user le seen ln knedge base

3) CreaLed 1rube shLlng sLeps LhaL cusLmer can use ln case he ls halng lssues lLh
a) Admln le

b) user le €rm LrubeshLlng lnk

4) CreaLed €e auLmaLed respnses €r Lhe cmmny ralsed LlckeLs L hep agenLs L
respnd €asLer
a) Admln le

b) La€€ leť

3) updaLed slLe name L run4ne|p

1he cusLmlsed applcaLln can be accessed uslng €lng lnksť
1) Admln Lglnť
user ldť admln
Þassrdť pass
2) La€€ and user Lglnť
AdmlnlsLraLle uLť hLLpť//arunŦkabraŦ10Ŧm/epdesk/admlnŦphp
La€€ ldť al
Þassrdť LesLLesL

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