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Subjek: Mathematics Topik : Fraction Tahun : 3 Jasmine Minggu Sub Topik Objektif Pembelajaran 1. Pupils will be taught to shade the parts of fraction by using ICT skill. Hasil Pembelajaran 1. By end of this lesson pupils should be able to mastery in ICT skills such copy ,cut, paste, paint and mouse handling. Aktiviti P&P 1.Teacher introduces the concept of fractions using ICT / graphic to model fractions. 2.Discuss by showing what is not one half or one quarter and explain why. 3. Pupils tick the correct fraction by using power ponit. 4. Pupil colour the parts of fraction accoding to the teacher’s intructions. 5. Pupils find more details about fraction from cikgu net by using internet. 6. Teacher gives the worksheet to the pupils. Sumber TMK Penilaian



Recognise one whole ,one half ,one quarter and three quarters.

CD (courseware) POWER POINT (slaid show) LCD (showing graphic to model fractions)

1. Pupils will be evaluated on ICT skills.