Homeschooling is

promoted as a human
right at international

In most states in America, parents have the
Ireedom to homeschool, albeit with varying
degrees oI regulation imposed by state
legislatures. There are a Iew states such as
Arizona which have almost no requirements
other than oIIicial notiIication that
homeschooling is taking place. However, that
is not the case in many countries around the
world, where homeschooling is oIten illegal,
with parents being jailed and/or children being
taken away Irom the Iamily.
In August, The World Congress on the
Philosophy oI Law and Social Philosophy met
in FrankIurt, Germany Ior its biannual global
conIerence on human rights. This meeting
included a new elementthat oI discussion oI
homeschooling as a basic right which should
be tolerated in every country.
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