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Garcia Farfan

Bauhaus Dessau Building By Walter

Axial Structure .Construction System & Materials CONCRETE GLAS S STEEL Mono .

Construction System & Materials .

BAUHAUS .Construction System & Materials   WINDOWS .

•German Reunidication renovation of the landmark-protected structure in 1996. .Construction System & Materials •German Government’s restauration in 1976.   WINDO WS . BAUHAU S Bauhaus Museum’s historic view after the second WW.

Formal Composition & Spatial Attributes HAUS : Mock .Suprematist Style . by Keith Coventry .

Formal Composition & Spatial Attributes .

Formal Composition & Spatial Attributes .

Technical School .

Technical School Interiors .

Student ’ s Studio Wing .

. 100 pieces were produced in 1926.“ Prellerdecke ” by Gunta Stölzl .

I don’t expect everyone to learn everything about every process. The connection I can make with Dieter Rams is that he studied architecture as well as the carpenter’s trade and then he directly began working for a firm. is that really the best material for that product? Challenges the designer and. If everyone knew something about the fields of study they may be working with in the future. etc. designboom interview with Dieter Rams “I enjoyed learning about the creation of the Bauhaus establishment. sciences. such as. law. especially product design. how is it marketed? Or. they have learned even just a little bit about the process our business together works much more seamlessly. and businessman. it is strange to think of that idea as innovative because it seems so standard in the design field. The first director of the Bauhaus. in my opinion. This sort of background is similar to the Bauhaus idea. Technical Universities in Münich and designer. there would be a lot less error in communication. but at least having some small knowledge or interested in learning is extremely valuable. To take this concept a little further I think this idea of learning should be implemented in other disciplines such as business school. I run a screen-printing business and every time we get contracted to do a private project I have to explain to our client how the screen-printing process works so they know what type of image possibilities can be printed. technician.The Author Walter Adolph Walter Gropius “ My Conception of the Bauhaus Idea ”. •2. By learning other facets of the design process. Dessau. makes them a much more dimensional asset to have.” Gropius Berlin. No more aimless designing. I completely agree with the idea of having people be trained in becoming an artist. • . The designer can put everything into consideration. He has touched •Education: on a lot of aspects of the design business and possibly because of that he became a very successful product •1. For me. Once.

The ARCHITECTURE Author Harvard Graduate Center (1950) Pan Am Building (1963) B E R LI 1 8 8 3 .B O S T O N N 1969 The Bauhaus Building (1925) Fagus Works (1910 -1911) Gropius House (1937) .

Wassily Kandinsky. Hinnerk . Oskar Schlemmer. Gunta Stölzl. Lazslo Moholoy-Nagy. Herbet Bayer. Walter Gropius. 1 9 2 8 . Marcel Breuer. • From left: Josef Albers.O n th e ro o f o f th e B a u h a u s B u ild in g . D e ss a u .

The ERA of THE BAUHAUS Aluminium tag attached to original Bauhaus fabrics .




Mies van der Rohe Neoplastisicism xpressionism pius THE BAUHAUS .

org • http://riadnachef.Bibliography • http://www.guntastolzl.german-way.org/ • http://www.com .

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