My Alphabet Sounds Book

A is for apple.
B is for A, a, a, Baby cries. Rock her now. Mommy tries. a…a…a A, a, a, Look at me. I’m so cool, Can’t you see? a…a…a Baby makes A baby sound. Baby’s bottle On the ground. b…b…b bumblebee

C is for crab

D is for dinosaur.

Nail this sign to the door. Time to open Up the store. c...c...c... Locked my keys in the car. Not too smart! Won’t go far. d...d...d

E is for elephant.

F is for feather.

Eee! Eee! Eee! Screeched mama bird. Dropped an egg, Little boy heard. e...e...e

Here comes dog. There goes cat. Getting scared. Hunched-up back. f...f...f

Little boy’s mouth Opens up wide. He says, “E…” It lands inside. e...e...e

G is for giraffe.

H is for hen.

Gulping, gulping, Gulp it down. Listen to that Gurgle sound. g...g...g Running hard, Running fast, Running race, Running last. h...h...h

I is for iguana.
I, I, Get to ride In this taxi. Hop inside! i...i...i What a mess. Gooey, goo. Sticking to my Favorite shoe. i...i...i I

J is for jaguar.

Hold that jackhammer, Break up the road. Keep a tight grip on a Heavy, heavy load. j...j...j

K is for kangaroo.

L is for ladybug.

Nail this sign to the door. Time to open Up the store. k...k...k

l...l...l, Children sing. l...l...l, Sing that thing: l...l...l

M is for mouse.

N is for nest.

Popsicle cold, Popsicle sweet, Hot summer day. Popsicle treat. m...m...m Plane in the sky; Looks like fun. Let’s go fly; Run, run, run. n...n...n

O is for octopus.
Oh no, oh no, It’s three o’clock. I’m late, I’m late To see my doc. o...o...o Open up wide, Looks pretty red. Just say ahhh…. The doctor said. o...o...o

P is for piano.

Spit them out, If you please. You should not be eating seeds. p...p...p

Q is for queen.

R is for robot.

Walking in the mud. Mud is very deep. Sticking in the mud. Walking bare feet. q ...q ...q

Dog on a leash, Trying to get away. “No, doggie! No! Stay, stay, stay!” r...r...r

S is for scissors.

T is for telephone.

Tapping, tapping, Rhythm kid. Tapping on the Air escapes; Tire goes flat. Lady in a car Won’t like that. s...s...s Trashcan lid. t...t...t

U is for umbrella.
“You! You! You! Bring back my horse.” The bad guy, he said, “No!” of course. u...u...u Sheriff knocked him On the ground. Then he made a Loud uh sound. u...u...u

V is for violin.

Revin’ up the motor. Very nice bike. Looking pretty cool, Motorcycle Mike. v...v...v

W is for windmill.

X is for xylophone.

Window washing At the tore. Windows, windows, More and more. w...w...w

Bus comes by, Stop, bus! Stop! Rush, rush, rush, Chop, chop, chop. x...x...x

Y is for yo-yo.

Z is for zebra.

Little yuppy puppy, Trying to get away. “No, yuppy puppy, Stay! Stay! Stay!” y...y...y

Bees, bees, bees, Please, please, please Don’t land on my Knees, knees, knees. z...z...z

Letter Sound Actions A: hands extended, palms up, raise shoulder as you say “aaaay” A: crying like a baby B: Pointing to the floor with a sad face C: Pretending to hammer a nail.

Now I know my ABC’s and I can learn to read!

D: Gently hitting forehead with heel of hand. E: Arms flapping up and down looking scared. E: Fist touching mouth like an egg. F: Arched back, angry cat face G: Pretending to guzzle a bottle of water H: Arms pumping as if running I: thumb pointing to chest I: Lifting foot as if stepping in something disgusting J: Pretending to work a jackhammer K: Pretending to hammer a nail. L: Wide open oval mouth, tongue behind front teeth, head tilting with each “lll” sound

M: Mouth makes mmm sound, shutting eyes as if it’s so delicious N: Arms out, flying like an airplane O: Mouth open, looking alarmed, hands at cheeks. O: Mouth open, finger pointing to tongue like a tongue depressor P: Pretending to spit seeds Q: Walking as if deep in mud R: Mean face like a growling dog S: two hands make a tire shape; tire goes flat as air escapes T: Pretending to drum with drumsticks U: Pointing at someone U: Pretending to get socked in the stomach. V: Pretending to rev up a motorcycle W: Using hand like a windshield wiper to wash a window X: Pretend to step on brakes and pull the handle Y: Hand pulling a leash Z: Pretend to swat at bees.

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