Manual Database creation: Here Target=cloner Source= db01 S.

No 1 2 TASK Set the new SID Creating of parameterfile ACTION Login to the taget system and Export ORACLE_SID=cloner Cd $ORACLE_BASE/admin/test/pfile/ Cp init.ora $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/intcloner.ora Vi $ORACLE_BASE/admin/test/pfile/initcloner.ora background_dump_dest core_dump_dest user_dump_dest control_files db_sid db_instance Vi $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/tnsname.ora CLONER.ORACLE.COM = (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1523)) ) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVER = DEDICATED) (SERVICE_NAME = ) )

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Change parameters

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Configuring the TNSNAME.ora on target system

Now w connec target the sou databa

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Create a script manually

Vi script.sql Creatin create database mandb script t logfile the dat group 1 ('/u01/oracle9i/oradata/mandb/log01.rdo') size 10m, group 2 ('/u01/oracle9i/oradata/mandb/log02.rdo') size 10m datafile '/u01/oracle9i/oradata/mandb/system01. dbf' size 100m autoextend on default temporary tablespace temp tempfile '/u01/oracle9i/oradata/mandb/temp01.dbf' size 10m autoextend on next 5m maxsize 20m undo tablespace UNDOTBS1 datafile '/u01/oracle9i/oradata/mandb/undo01.dbf' size 10m autoextend on next 5m maxsize 60m

character set WE8ISO8859P1 national character set AL16UTF16; 2 4 5 Creating of parameterfile Make the changes Create the directories manually Connect to the database Start the database using pfile Run the script Cd $ORACLE_BASE/admin/test/pfile/ Cp inittest.ora $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/intmantest.ora %s/test/mandb/g Cd $ORACLE_BASE/admin/mandb Mkdir bdump cdump udump Cd $ORACLE_BASE/oradata Mkdir mandb Sqlplus ‘/as sysdba’ Startup nomount @$ORACLE_BASE/script.sql Database is created

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So thes for dat creatio

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Now run the scripts

@ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/catalog.sql @ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/catporc.sql @ORACLE_HOME/sqlplus/admin/pubbld.sql select count(*) from dba_objects where status='INVALID'; @ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlrp.sql

Using start th So that create databa the con and oth mentio script. It will rdbms &data views

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Now see the invalid objects Run the invalid objects

To run objects

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