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Library Links 11.3

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Published by: Ana Canino-Fluit on Nov 02, 2011
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Library Links

As you read this I will be in Saratoga Springs attending the annual New York Library Association Conference and Trade Show. I won a grant earlier this school year that included money toward registration. I am very excited to heading there, as it will give me an opportunity to network with other School Librarians, and learn about new resources and programs. But before I go I wanted to remind you of one event and introduce to you a new one. First the reminder this weekend is the weekend of the Rochester Children’s book festival. Please Visit http://www.rochesterchildrensbookfestival.org and consider taking your kids to listen to renowned children’s authors and illustrators speak on Saturday. If I wasn’t in Saratoga Springs, I know where I would be Saturday morning. The second event is our first ever RCS

Family Game Night.

On Friday November 18,

at 6:30 pm we invite you to join us at the RCS Library and RCS Café. I will start off the night with a brief introduction of why playing games together is valuable way to reinforce learning both at home and in school. We will be modeling/teaching several different kinds of board games and of course we will share with each other our favorite family games. This is also our Open House Day so please invite friends.

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