Joshua Ah-Wong

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Name: }oshua Ah-Wong

`aVen` Namber: ŵŵŵŵŷŴ

Uni` Name: Teitiaiy Nusic Stuuies

Lec`arer's Name: Baviu Cashman

Ti`e: Annotateu Bibliogiaphy

Da`e Dae: ŵŹ
}uly ŶŴŵŵ

Joshua Ah-Wong
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M||es Dav|s' kind of 8/ue

[[ R. ŶŴŴŹ. It´x About 1hut 1lme: Mllex Ðuvlx On AnJ Off 1he RouJ. X[rV
Universi` Press New Y[r.

ichaiu Cook the authoi of the bibliogiaphy outlines the time that the KinJ of
Blue was being set out the be iecoiueu at Columbia ecoius. At the time, theie
weie uisagieement in what the album was going to be set out as but ichaiu
Cook, wiites all in uetail's the uisagieements that weie happen been Bavis anu
Evans fiom theie ichaiu Cook uesciibes the iole's of the instiument's in the
album anu what weie the influences in the solo's fiom each instiuments.

Davis C. ŶŴŴź. Ðurk Mugux: 1he jekyll unJ HyJe Ilfe of Mllex Ðuvlx, Ax
NurruteJ by Hlx Son 0regory Ðuvlx wlth Iex Suxxmun. CMP Informutlon
Compuny, Sun Frunclxco

This book was ieflecteu anu also ueuicateu to his gianufathei, Bi. Niles Bewey
Bavis. The infoimation that was pioviueu by the uiegoiy Bavis, bought some
family peisonal infoimation behinu the scene of KinJ of Blue. Niles Bavis' uiu
have some issue's that weie a habit anu this uiu poui out some negative
comments fiom the public in who this amazing jazz tiumpet playei was. ŶŴŴŹ

abn A. ŶŴŴŴ. lnJ of Blue, Axhley uhn, ForeworJ by jlmmy Cobb. Da ap[
Press New Y[r.

The authoi, Ashley Kahn, expiess anu places the ieaueis they'ie thought back
into time, the time when Niles Bavis' anu KinJ of Blue was getting populai
aiounu. The eviuence that }immy Cobb hau pioviueu of the stait to his new path
anu his own involvement in iecoiuing of KinJ of Blue, showeu how it all staiteu
out, theie majoi influences, the giant jazz playeis which inspiieu them to leu on .
Joshua Ah-Wong
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anu also the iueal of the "Noual' thing that was in KinJ of Blues, that Niles Bavis
bought in to the lifestyle of jazz.

Parees ). ŵ988. "Rec[rVing, A Mies Davis [ec`i[n Wi`b n HaX `be
`[r 1he New York 1lmex, ŵŵ December ŵ988.

n this newspapei aiticle wiitten by }on Paieles, it showeu some the heait of
Niles Bavis, in what leau him to cieate a successful anu iemembeiing aitwoik of
KinJ of Blue. Thioughout the aiticle, aie also uefineu chaiacteiistics that built
Niles Bavis anu the cieatively that he hau which he shaieu on KinJ of Blue. The
nfoimation that has been iecoiueu is useful, in a way that 've unueistoou, a
moie uetaileu way in the change of feel that he bought to the ait of blues anu

Wiiams R. ŶŴŴ9. 1he Blue Moment: Mllex Ðuvlx´ lnJ Of Blue unJ the
Remuklng of MoJern Muxlc. Faber anV Faber L`V L[nV[n.

n this book wiitten by ichaiu Williams' it ieviews ovei the uevelopment of the
blues anu with the cieation of KinJ of Blue, how fiom the stait of it's awaieness
to eveiyuay people that the atmospheie of the new iecoiu was slow, iapt, uaik,
meuitative, luminous which became all peivasive in eveiyuay life. Tbe Blue
Homent book is useful, in my ieseaich pioviuing infoimation in uetail's of the
blues musical life anu the jazz histoiy of Niles Bavis.

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