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PREDICATIVE ARITHMETIC BY EDWARD NELSON MATHEMATICAL NOTES PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS MATHEMATICAL NOTES sed by Willa Broder, Robert Langlns, John Milnor, asd Bias M, Stein 3. Dynamical Toorgs of Brownian Mation, by Enwanp NELSON 4, Homology of Cet Complexes, by Geonce E. Cook and Res L. FINNEY (sed on ee ‘ure notes by NowiaN E. STEENRODY ‘5. Tensor Analysis, by EDWARD NELSON 6. Lectures on Veciot Beades Over Riemann Surfaces, by Rovewe C GUNNING 7. Notes on Cots Theory. by ROBERT E, SIONS 2, Statoniry Stochastic Presses, by TaKEYUKI HDA 98 Topics in Dyamies I: Faw, by Eowaep NELSON 1 ‘Boundary Behavior of Holomorphic Functions of Several Complex Variables, by EM. Stew 12. Lectures on Riemann Surfaces: Jacobi Varieties, by R, C, Gus 13. Topic in Algebraic and Ansiytc Goomeiry, by Pus. Grrr and Jon ADAMS 14, Lectures on Complex Analytic Varieties: Finite Analytic Mappings by R.C, GUNNING 15, Fourier Annis on Local Fields, by M, H. TALESON 16. Glut Vacitional Analysis: Weierstrass Integrals oo « Rhmmnnian Manifold, by Marston Mouse 17 Tatoduetion to Partial Dilferemtial Equations, by GERALD B, FOLLAND 18 Inoduetion to Ergodic Theory, by Ya. . SNA, translated by ¥. ScnEFFER 19, Estimates for tbe -Neumsnn Problem, by P, C, Gnrawen and E. M. Stans 20. The Motion of a Surface hy His Mean Curvature, by KENNETH A. BRARRE 21, Notes on Crystal Cohomology, by Plnke Besraeuor and ARTHUR Ocus 22. On Unifomization of Complex Manifolds: The Roe of Connections by R. C, GUNNING 23, Introduction Harmonie Analysis on Redctive adie Groups, by ALLAN J. Sinemet 24, Lectures on Pseudo Diferential Operators: Regulanty Theorems and Applications i ‘Nop Elipic Problems, by ALFxANDeR Nace and E. My STEIN 25, Nog-Abelian Minimal Closed Ideals of Transitive Lie Algebras, by JF. CONN 26, Bxac Sequences inthe Alasbric Theory of Surgery, by ANDREW RANICK! 27. Esisteoce and Regularity of Minimal Surfaces on Riemannian Matus, by Jon. Pres 28. Hardy Spaces oa Homogenous Groups, by G. B. FOLLAND ard E. ML Sra 28, Lecues on Exponent! Desay of Solutions of Second Onder Ellgi Equatons: Bours ‘on Bigenfunchogs of N-Body Sehrodinger Operstors, by SHUR! cars 230, Formal Knot Theory, by Louis H, Katresan 51, Cohomology of Quotents in Sympletc an Algebmic Geometry, By FRancts CLARE Kinsean 32, Predicative Arithmetic, by Bowaen Neson 1 A complete catalogue of Princston mathematics and ‘Science books. with prices, i available upon request PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS Princeton, New Jersey iss ISBN O-641-08455-b PREDICATIVE ARITHMETIC by Edward Nelson Mathematical Notes 32 Princeton University Press Princeton, New Jersey 1986