"Toduy Iorope, Tomorrow the World!


HILIer begIns IIs conquesL oI Europe In AusLrIu. He quIckIy moves on LIrougI
oLIer Europeun counLrIes und evenLuuIIy ¡runce und GreuL BrILuIn decIure wur
on Germuny on SepLember ¸, 1q¸q. Germuny conLInues on, LukIng over PoIund,
Normundy und Denmurk. ¡InuIIy, Germuny Lukes over ¡runce, und begIns ILs
uLLuck on GreuL BrILuIn.

DurIng LIIs LIme LIe UnILed SLuLes remuIns 30:97,. ¡L wus noL dIrecLIy InvoIved
In LIe wur. Muny cILIzens oI LIe US beIIeve In un Ideu cuIIed 84,94382. TIey
beIIeve LIuL LIe US sIouId uvoId uIIIunces wILI oLIer nuLIons und uvoId uII wurs
noL reIuLed Lo probIems LIuL uIIecL LIe UnILed SLuLes.

¡mugIne LIuL you ure un AmerIcun CILIzen In OcLober 1qqo. HILIer Ius jusL
Luken over mosL oI Europe, und Is now uLLuckIng GreuL BrILuIn. WrILe u IeLLer Lo
PresIdenL RooseveIL LeIIIng IIm wIuL you LIInk Ie sIouId do.
Here ure some cIoIces:

CIrcIe One:

1) TIe US sIouId remuIn neuLruI.

z) TIe US sIouId provIde suppIIes Lo LIe AIIIes, buL sIouId noL go Lo wur.

¸) TIe US sIouId joIn LIe AIIIes und go Lo wur.

etter to the President

Deur PresIdenL RooseveIL

1) ¡ um wrILIng Lo convInce you Lo __________________

z) ¡L wIII be besL Ior LIe UnILed SLuLes becuuse ______________

¸) ¡I we don`L ___________________________,
¡ worry LIuL LIe UnILed SLuLes wIII __________________

q) ¡ Iope LIuL you wIII IIsLen Lo me und _________________

TIunk you!


7!708/039#4480.990&390/$9.070  ************ .09   .908****************** ********************************* *********************************      4509.3.908-0.099079490!708/039   0.34:   $3.43.04:94****************** ********************************* *********************************      9-0-08914790&390/$9.94:89039420.3/***************** **********************************    %..279394.:80************** *********************************** **********************************      10/43 9***************************  4779.

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