Dear American Citizen, This coming November will mark the election of the 110th Congress.

As always, it is the duty of all citizens, who care about the policies of their government, to cast their ballots on Election Day. Those of us who are abroad have just as much interest in who will vote on presidential policies as those who reside domestically. Foreign policies affect every country in the world, however some more than others. Israel is one country which relies on a friendly US government to help in their every day battle for survival. Given this fact, it is our duty, both as American citizens and believers in the Jewish states’ right to exist, that we MUST vote on Election Day. Of course, living abroad gives you a much narrower issue list than being a domestic resident. Here in Israel, we need a US government who will provide security, and friendly policies to the defense of this country. Thankfully, the current US president has been more than generous in his policies to Israel. But a good president needs a good congress. For this reason amongst many others, we request that you take a good look at those congressmen and senators from your home state, who are up for (re)election, and make sure you (re)elect those Republicans. History has proven Republican governments have been publicly supportive of Israel and its rights to exist and defend herself. It has also proven, i.e. 1967, that a Democratic government will be less willing to publicly support Israel and her policies. This current administration, along with the 108th & 109th congresses, has been staunch supporter for the fight against terrorism, including the terrorism which affects Israel on a daily basis. During the most recent election, all we heard from the democrat side was that terrorism is a police issue and it should be dealt with accordingly. Those of us who live here KNOW that it is a most uneducated and dangerous approach to dealing with people who will walk into a kindergarten and blow themselves, along with 50 children, to smithereens. Please contact ________ at __-___-____ or, for information on how to register yourself to vote or to apply for an absentee ballot.

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