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Caught in the Webs of History

Matthew Lee Knowles


Nations are artificial constructs, their boundaries drawn in the blood of past wars.

A. C. Grayling, The Meaning of Things

Vicissitudes desiderata Despoliation calumny Libidinous prigs chintzy Anachronistic inequities Malediction coercion Insouciance Malefactor condign Clemency repined Incivility Discourtesies Endemic Diametrically intransigence obduracy Comity truism Endogenous ampoule Antipathies inexorable Mettle Status quo ante Unostentatious Magnanimity

Requites Covet Cessation Rubicon humus Inexpungeably Clematis Antecedent avocations Per ardua ad astra Husbanding profligacy Vivacities Impugns Potentiated Quiescent Supinely Whirligig Sardonic Recompense Demagogues Unencumbered Feints

Ataraxia Disparity camaraderie Comradeship acculturation Cohabitation denouement terminus Simulacrum quintessential Nemesis Anomie protean Priggish Inculcate redress Profligacy magnanimous Xenophobia Platitudinous Circuitous Illiberality Dawdle Magnanimity Cathartic Superlatives simulacrum Pharmacopoeia

Imbiber Irruption sanguinity Casuistry Argumentum ad baculum Punitive vengefulness Turpitude Remediable amelioration armaments Tendentious Marmoreal allegorical Enfeebling Truncated suppurating Cauterisation dispiriting Proscription Immolations Circumloqauciously Restitution contrition perfunctorily Palliate epistemology Desultory avuncular Gerrymandered

Depredations inexorability Duplicity Exhort Proselytising conflating Abrogations nugatory colloquial Foreknowledge Libations Infibulating Ebullience Equinoxes Precultural appurtenances Attrition Mendicity mendacity Arrantly feckless Palpable Iniquities Tendentious Extol victimhood Behest commodification

Coercion equivocal Intangibles tangible Manipulable Corporatism fiefdom Technocratic corporatism Utterances brazenly Predicament malaise Perennially compendium Etymologically immemorially Enculturated Meritocratic pejorative Dispensations oligarchies Overweening Veracity Proscenium Pieties Lore venous Paradigmatic Aesthetes repine

Extollers bewailing effeteness Garnering bequeath Clerestory wherewithal exudate Putatively concomitants prescient Revulsion Inductively Exemplified Hindrance Condescension disaffected Agonic hedonic demagogic Bereft Accountability Tendentious Sentimentalised Gerontocracy stupefaction Salutary pertinent Sobriquet eructation Minutiae myriad unobvious Infinitude

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