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Copy of Information Sources Table

Copy of Information Sources Table

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Published by: Teresa_Nhu on Nov 03, 2011
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---♥---Information Sources Table---♥--Description (what it is) Where I got it from (URL) Search Term (What you typed into

the Search Engine)

Is this Source Reliable?

Is this Source Reliable ?

Yes (give reasons)
Website http:// vi.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ Selena_Gomez Selena Gomez + secret

No (give reasons)

Yes,this website is reliable because in this website is update.It’s useful for my needs.It’s have the author and there’s many comment from many people. This website is not reliable because it’s not up-to-date. There’s no author in the website and it’s not useful for my needs.This website it’s also give us the link but the link it’s not useful.


www.imdb.com/ name/ nm1411125/bio

Selena Gomez’s Life

Website www.yourcele bsource.com/ celeb.php? id=129

Selena Gomez + life

Yes,this website is reliable because it’s all of this information I already knew it.But this is a bad website.All of this information we can see by her outside.It’s not useful for my needs.I want to know her life but this website give me the information about her outside,her movies,and many things I already knew about her.This website is reliable but it’s a bad website. This website is reliable because this website is make by Selena Gomez.This is her website.All this information is update by Selena or Selena’s management.This website is useful for my needs because I want to know what is Selena did ? When her tour is start ? It’s a reliable and a good website.


selenagomez.co m

selena gomez website

Website www.accessh ollywood.com/ never-saynever/selenagomezs-lovefor-justin-bieberhes-been-in-mylife-a-very-longtime_article_437 69

Selena Gomez + Justin Bieber + Love

This website is not reliable because I’ve saw in some website,that’s website say like Selena Gomez date with Justin Bieber or something like that.I think this website is a kind of maybe it’s reliable and maybe it’s not.

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