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Common Error in Lotus Notes

Common Error in Lotus Notes


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Most common problem in lotus Notes/inote

1. Quota error during send/revive mail Ans. Archive mails to release space from server and the compact the mail if user have proper rights 2. “User name not found on server” during mail configuration Ans. Type the correct name if not know correct name then copy and paste the id file name 3. “Remote system no longer responding” during opening mail box Ans. Check system is in network or not if in network then check it is pinginging the server or not if not then put the correct server name in setting if setting is correct then make entry in hot file for that server if entry is already is there the check the firewall setting it should be off if still problem is there then trace server like this(file>>Preferences>>user preferences>> Ports>>Trace>>trace) If After trace it show connected to server and still ploblem is there then reconfigure lotus after taking proper backup 4. Archive setting tool box not opening Ans. Connect to sysadmin it is rights issue

5. Name not resolving from address book when type name in new memo Ans. Exit from lotus and login again if still u found same check location document 6. In archive setting compact tab is not active Ans. Contact to sysadmin it is rights issue 7. Mail not showing in inbox Ans. Check view all document and mark unread settings in the edit menu 8. “you have different password on another id match the password of another id” when we Reconfigure Lotus Ans. Check the correct id file and replace old id file in data folder with correct id otherwise contact to sysadmin to reset password 9. “You are not authorized to open this mail box” When we create mail box icon in workspace Ans. Contact to sys admin in this case

10 User cannot close his read mail window in his inote when his mail opens in separate window Ans. Upgrade the Jawa then login again in inote

11 Notes error while Opening the inbox when we open mail box Ans. Kill two services from task manager 1 ntask ldr.exe 2 nlnotes.exe and login again

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