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Book of Mormon Marking Guide

Pg. Verses 1 6 16 17 21 58 62 63 99 1-3, pbas 7 1-6 pbas 27, 32, 33 14-17, 22-27 4 15-35 23-24 Psalms of Nephi Words to Write In Margin Pg. Verses 291 40-43 298 6-24 303 35-37 308 11-14 310 13-15 353 25-27 357 39-40 379 23-26, 29-32 400 1-5, pbas 402 20-25 407 4-21 424 426 Signs in the Western Hemisphere of Christ's death What happens after death? Alma's conversion Words to Write In Margin

104 pbas 109 29-31, 3 110 4-14 113 5-13 114 14-21 115 8-9 148 17 149 22-24 150 36-41 156 16-26 163 13 164 17 173 12-24 177 21-27 178 1, 5, 7, 8, 10 182 26-29 210 28-31 221 45-46 225 14-16 226 23-24 288 5 289 13-21, 26-27 Faith ( put an * by verse 21) 290 28,38,39

pbas pbas
This is the most important chapter in the Book of Mormon

427 1-2, pbas 428 3-11 430 33-35, 37-38 437 16-24 438

See John 10:14-16


443 15-33 445 12-23 447 1-9, pbas 458 3-8 464 6-7 496 2-4,(pbas ch.5) 510 23-29 525 10-12 526 13-20 529 3-5 531 32-34 Little children do not need baptism This is a sacred promise to you. Read it very carefully

NOTE: pbas=(put Brackets around chapter summary), Circle the Verse numbers, Write next Page to turn to at bottom right corner of the page.
Purpose of marking: To assist the truth-seeker in quickly finding the value of this holy scripture.

Book of Mormon Marking Guide

Has Anyone Ever Told You Why Mormons Are Really Called Mormons? Would you be offended or feel uncomfortable if I offered to tell you?
1. When God spoke to men in the Old Testament times, what were these men called? (Prophets) These prophets RECORDED these events on what we know of today as scrolls. 2. Through the years these scrolls were translated and compiled into what we know today as the Holy Bible. The Bible is divided into two parts. The Old Testament (O.T.) and the New Testament (N.T.) The main purpose of the O.T. is to tell that some day Christ would be born. Would you agree with that? The main purpose of the N.T. is to teach us that He was born and the lessons He shared while he was on Earth. Would you agree with that? 3. I would like to tell you of a prophet that you may have heard of. He lived in JERUSALEM 600 years before Christ was born, his name was LEHI. 4. The Lord commanded Lehi to take his family and leave Jerusalem because the people were becoming very wicked. Lehi was obedient, so he left. When he and his family got out by the ocean, the Lord commanded them to build a ship. They landed in what we know of today as Central or South America.When they arrived here (the Americas) they brought with them all of the knowledge habits and traditions they had acquired while living in the "Old World". 5. One of these traditions, and commandments from the Lord, was KEEPING RECORDS. 6. Let's go back over to the "Old World". When Christ was born, what was the sign that was given at his birth? A Star, and they RECORDED that event. For 600 years, the people over in the Americas were also taught that Christ would some day be born. They also saw the star, and they recorded that event. 6a. Thirty years later Christ's ministry began. It only lasted for three years. During that time He told his followers, "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold. (The Americas) Them also I must bring and they too shall hear my voice and there shall be one fold and one shepherd" (John 10:14-16). His followers recorded His words. 7. At the end of His three-year mission, the Savior was crucified. At the time of his crucifixion, there was a great storm. Darkness, lightning and earthquakes filled the earth. 7a. Three days later, the Savior was resurrected. What does it mean to be resurrected? We can read about the resurrection in the Bible. Turn to Luke 24:36-39. Here the Savior appeared to His Apostles. They were in a small room discussing all of the events that were transpiring when the resurrected Savior appeared to them. "And as they thus spake, Jesus stood in the midst of them. But they were terrified and aftrighted and supposed that they had seen a spirit. And He said to them, why are ye troubled and why do thoughts arise in your hearts. Behold my hands and my feet. HANDLE ME AND SEE. FOR A SPIRIT HATH NOT FLESH AND BONES AS YE SEE ME HAVE." Have you ever heard, read, or been taught that he died again? So what type of body must He have today? 8. After the people in the "Old World" saw His resurrected body and He had taught them many more things (which they recorded), He left them. They saw Him ascend into heaven.(Acts 7:55-56) He then came to the people in the New World. (Americas) They saw him descend out of heaven. He spent 3 years teaching them the same things He had taught his followers in the "Old World." And they recorded it. Then, He left them. The people in the Americas were obedient for many years. However, by the time 400 years had passed, they were becoming very wicked. At this time, there was a prophet here whose name was MORMON. Mormon had in his possession all of the records from 600 B.C., to 400 A.D. Mormon took all of the information and condensed (abridged) it into one small set of plates. Just before the task was completed, he died. He gave the plates to his son, MORONI. 9. Because of the wickedness of the people, Moroni was about to be killed. Before he was killed, he hid the plates in the side of a mountain. To save them for future generations. 10. Now, making a long story short - and I'd love to tell more of it to you a little later - there was a young man whose name was Joseph Smith. One night, in the 1820's, MORONI (the same who had buried the plates) appeared to Joseph. He told Joseph about the plates. He also told him that after a time of preparation he would gain possession of the plates. After enormous trials, tribulations, and persecutions, the plates were finally allowed into his possession and were translated. 11. In honor of Moroni's father, Mormon, the book is called THE BOOK OF MORMON. It is because of this great prophet Mormon that we are called "Mormons" today. However, the correct name of the church is, THE Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints'. So, now we not only have the OLD TESTAMENT that tells that Christ WOULD BE BORN, and the NEW TESTAMENT which has His teachings AFTER HE WAS BORN, but we also have The Book of Mormon ANOTHER TESTAMENT, all of which teach to you and to each of us that Jesus is the Christ. (Ezekiel 37:16-17) To me, this Book is very sacred. I love it. I love the Savior. Would you be offended if I offered to give it to you as a gift? I've marked it for you, referencing all that we have talked about, and more.

Book of Mormon Marking Guide

New World

Book Of Mormon
Joseph Smith - 1820

1 11 10 3 2
Holy Bible

Jerusalem 600 b.c. Lehi

9 8


Mormon 400 a.d.

Old World

Kept Records

6a 7a

John 10: 14-16

Luke 24: 36-39