of Workers (annual average) 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 504 500 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 635 641 700 884 1028 1418 30 20 10 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 6.MARTIFER GROUP.5 7 .6 37.9 125.7 148.1 15.7 278.0 3795 80 70 66.1 606.1 518.5 7.BUSINESS AREAS No.6 635.7 9.6 1800 2853 60 50 40 28.4 52 67.6 100.8 61.7 EBITDA (M€) Operational Revenues (M€) 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 78.8 7.3 11.


Portugal |Spain |Poland |Angola |Romania |Ireland 9 .

MARTIFER BENAVENTE Benavente | Portugal During the first quarter of 2002. where is located the main factory of Steel Structures with 30. it began the construction of a new plant in Benavente. Portugal.000 m2. The area occupied by this factory has a total value of 24. 10 . Portugal. Western Europe and North African Market. and still maintains its head office in the industrial zone of Oliveira de Frades.MARTIFER CONSTRUÇÕES Oliveira de Frades | Portugal Martifer was established on 21st February 1990. Spanish.000 m2. The factory is supplying the Portuguese. The main goal of this was to engage in the construction of the new EURO 2004 football stadiums and to supply the Spanish market at the time.

000 tons of steel structure and is possible to per-form shot blasting. as well as cutting and bending of thin plate in the fini-shing sector.MARTIFER POLSKA Gliwice | Polska Located in Gliwice. 11 . Serbia. It is equipped with state of the art CNC cut and dril-ling equipment for plates and profiles. This unit has a nominal annual capacity of 10. MARTIFER CONSTRUCTII Calarasi | Romania Martifer started activity in Romania in 2005. Poland. importing the Steel Structures from Poland and Portugal. the production unit of Martifer started operating in August 2004.000 tons to supply Romania. Croatia. painting and coating. In 2008. Turkey and part of the Middle East Market. the investment in the new Steel Structures Plant. Bulgaria. allows Martifer to have a local capacity of production of 10.

oxicut machine with plasma. plate drilling machine and automatic shoot blasting chamber. 12 . plate bending machine.MARTIFER CONSTRUÇÕES Luanda | Angola Located in Luanda. guillotine. Projected to supply the Central and South African market the factory will start production in September 2009 equipped with a line for cutting and drilling profiles. Local capacity of production of 150 tons \week. the production unit of Martifer started operating in September 2009. Angola.


14 .Saint Gobain Glass Factory| Romania The first project of Martifer in Romania was a “turn-key” glass factory for Saint Gobain Glass. executed from 2005 to 2007 in Calarasi.

15 .400 Tons.Henkel Factory | Romania The scope of works was the supply of steel structures in Cluj with the quantity of steel reaching 1.

finishing. etc. railway. external networks. steel structures.Biodiesel Factory| Romania A turn-key project for Prio. roads. cladding and roofing. which included the works of special foundations. 16 . civil construction. land movements.

17 . The quantity of steel supplied and assembled reaches 4. The connections between the main elements were welded on site.500 Tons.Grand Arena Berceni| Romania The scope of works was the supply and assembly of the steel structure for 9 of the 10 corps of the mall.

Glass House| Romania 2 buildings for offices joined by two intermediary corps. 18 .550 Tons with a execution period of 12 months including fabrication and erection on site. The quantity of steel reaches 1.

The estimation of the quantity of steel structure is about 3. fabrication. Martifer scope is the Design of foundations and superstructure.Eurotower (Cascade) | Romania A class A office building with 19 floors above ground floor.500 tons. assembly and supply of the steel structure and execution of concrete slabs over ground floor. Assembly – 5 months 19 .

warehouses. Steel Structure: 2.Extraction Plant| Romania A turn-key factory of oil extraction from seeds of sunflower for Prio comprehending the Design and Build of: crushed stone pilings. silos.600 tons 20 . railways.000 m3 Steel Reinforcement: 1. roads. piperacks & catwalks. tanks.000 tons Concrete: 15.

200 tons of Steel structure pilings for the Underground Parking Area. The structure was delivered in special transports of 25 length and 80 tons.Dambovita Center| Romania For the restructuring of Casa Radio complex Martifer manufactured 3. 21 .

500 tons of metallic deck.Basarab Bridge| Romania In the heart of Bucharest this cabled stayed bridge will have 4. 22 . The execution period will be 9 months for Detail Engineering. Manufacturing and Erection over the railroad access to the city main station.

The execution period will be 2 months for Detail Engineering.5 months for Manufacturing and 4 month for Erection over the railroad line. 3.350 tons of metallic deck and 3800m2 of steel deck floor. 23 .Otopeni Bridge| Romania In the exit of Bucharest to Ploiesti this cabled stayed bridge will have 1.

Manufacturing and Erection. 24 .Petrom City| Romania In Bucharest the steel structure for skylights and technical floor will have 510 tons and 4000m2 of glass covering.5 months for Detail Engineering. The execution period will be 3.

25 . The execution period will be 2 months for Detail Engineering. Manufacturing and Erection.Polus Center| Romania In Constanta the steel structure for two buildings of the shopping center will have 2000 tons and it is erected on concrete piles.


000 Ton 27 .000 m2 .Portugal Covered Area: 120.SWEDWOOD | Paços de Ferreira . Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 3.

Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 220 Ton 28 .SUNVIAUTO MAROC | Maroc Area: 4125 m2.

29 . including the office and social buildings with an area of 1240 sqm.PLANT FOR SIMOLDES POLSKA | Poland The plant for Simoldes is a turnkey project for an industrial hall with 8500 sqm. 450 tons of steel structures were used during the 19 months of execution period.

The execution period started in October 2004 and ended in January 2005.OGROD | Poland Obi is focused on the trade of bricolage. It is located in Lubin in Poland. 160 tons of steel structures and 6700 sqm of cladding for the roof were used. decoration and gardening. Turn Key Project 30 .OBI .

Turn Key Project Construction Steel: 3.CONTINENTE VALONGO | Portugal Building site area: 60.300 Ton Concrete Quantity: 35:000 Steel Structure: 1000 Ton 31 .000 m2 .

Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 800 Ton 32 . JERÓNIMO MARTINS | Poland Area: 22.BIERDRONKA.000 m2.

ARCEN| Poland Area: 2000 m2. Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 160 Ton 33 .

SAINT GOBAIN | Poland Area: 12000 m2. Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 700 Ton 34 .

O2A| Poland Area: 5000 m2. Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 160 Ton 35 .

ARCELOR MITAL| Poland Area: 5300 m2. Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 580 Ton 36 .UGINE ALZ.

VOLVO| Poland Area: 3000 m2. Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 150 Ton 37 .

Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 150 Ton 38 .CARREFOUR| Poland Area: 5000 m2.

Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 200 Ton 39 .DANA FLUID PRODUCTS| Slovakia Area: 3100 m2.

FOCUS PARK BYDGOSZCZ| Poland Area: 27648 m2. Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 190 Ton 40 .

Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 520 Ton 41 .MAKRO SZCZAWNO ZDRÓJ| Poland Area: 12000 m2.

MAKRO. RZGÓW| Poland Area: 10000 m2. Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 520 Ton 42 .

Turn Key Project Steel Structure: 520 Ton 43 . RZGÓW| Poland Area: 10000 m2.MAKRO.

000sqm application of polycarbonate Assembly: 7 months 44 .SHOPPING IKEA | Matosinhos .Portugal 2800 tons of steel in the roof 1000 tons of steel for support of production 42.

45 . both formal and aesthetically.SHOPPING IKEA | Lisboa . Martifer Alumínios took part in the project not only in the façade solutions but also in the facing of this volume in Alucobond.Portugal From the bold architecture we highlight the strenght that the solution gives us by using a diferent volume.


Assembly: 7 months 47 . 1000 tons of steel for support of production. 42.000sqm application of polycarbonate.Dragão Stadium| Oporto 2800 tons of steel in the roof.

Assembly: 8 months 48 . struts/ties that connect the tubes and trusses.Benfica Stadium| Lisbon The structure is composed by 4 tube arcs with 2000x40mm. main trusses with girders and tubular sections. that sustain the roof purlins.

The main girders are perpendicular to the interior ring and are sustained on it. 49 . Assembly: 8 months.Alvalade Stadium| Lisbon Roof constituted by a three-dimensional truss sustained on 16 ties connected to 4 masts.

000sqm. 50 . composite pier’s steel mass and tower’s edge beams 5. 170Ton. plates 60.000m2.Sacyr Tower | Spain A 240m height tower with 59 floors and a construction site of 115.000Ton. Manufacturing and assembly of the auditorium covering.

Colombo Tower| Portugal Steel Structure: 1.000m2 of Plate 51 .400 Ton 12 floors 21.

250 Ton divided by three stadiums The stadium has a movable coverage.CAJA MAGICA | Spain Steel coverage: 4. 52 .

This structure is composed by 3 m high beams and flanges with 65 mm thickness. Assembly – 18 months. which form a square of 8.000 tons. 53 . all joined by a common roof.1 m by 8.City of Communication| Madrid 12 buildings for offices and two for commercial areas.1 m. The quantity of steel reaches 9.

900 tons on two steel decks with 390m.Bridge over Tâmega River | Basto The project requires 2. with spans of 60m. 54 .

was executed during 10 months in 2007 with 1300 tons of Steel: 55 .Bascule Bridge | Leixões The 4th largest bascule bridge in the World with 92 meters length and 11 large.

weighing 100 tons each. The main structure of this project is constituted by arcs with 80m length.000 ton of steel structures manufactured and assembled in 12 months.Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport| Oporto A reference work not only for the figures involved but also for the complexity. 56 . 13.

000m2 kalzip and alucobond coverage area 57 .000 Ton 20.Dublin Airport| Ireland Steel structure: 1.

030213 Bucuresti. Office: Markets Romania| Bulgaria | Turkey | Croatia | Serbia | Greece| Middle East 58 .Martifer Constructii S. Prelungirea Bucuresti nr.martifer. nr. 12 Sector 3. Stelea Spataru www. 166 910513 Calarasi. Romania Phone: +4 037 271 53 09 Fax: +4 037 371 06 71 commercial@martifer. Romania Phone: + 4 0314 056 863 Fax: + 4 0213 106 864 Factory: Str.R.

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