Big pending


Councillors don’t always shy away from big spending. Here are some examples of recent pricey endeavours:


Councillors recently agreed to spend nearly $75 million on land for the new downtown arena and surrounding developments. The Katz Group will cover nearly half of that bill, though, by buying one parcel from the city. The deal will still see Edmonton taxpayers paying about $41 million for arena-related land.

$125M $28M $132M
Council also voted to move ahead with the $450-million arena itself. The city is responsible for $125 million of the costs, while the Katz Group and a user fee will help make up the difference. But the project is still $100 million short, and the city is looking to the province to help make up the difference. The city last year opened the $28 million Fort Edmonton Footbridge, which allows people to access both sides of the river valley.

Councillors are replacing the aging Walterdale Bridge with a new $132-million signature bridge.

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