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November 2011 Storm Report

November 2011 Storm Report

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Published by: Marla Branson Wmbf on Nov 03, 2011
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The Storm Report

November 2011

New Members

Welcome to the WMBF News Weather Nation! You can send us your high, low, rain amount or any weather information you feel is important. Just send all of your reports to weather@wmbfnews.com. As always, never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for becoming a part of the Weather Nation.

Red October
For one unusual night we had gusty winds of a different variety. October 24th, a burst of solar winds aimed toward the Eastern US gave us a Northern Lights show like we haven’t seen since 2004.

Need More?
If you want more information and interaction from the Storm Team, we have just what you’ve been wanting. We have now launched our official Storm Team Facebook Fan Page. Be sure to “Like” us! We can’t wait to see the pictures and weather reports you post to our page. We want our fan page to bring a whole new level of interaction between us and other viewers!

What’s ahead… Based on the 3 month outlook from the Climate Prediction Center, November, December and January could be a little drier than normal. Temperatures look like they will stay close to average as we make our way through the rest of fall. October is a transition month for us, and this month we have seen it all.
 Florence tied 2007’s record high of 87º on th October 18 . October 30 we had our first freeze for many locations. In the same day we had tornadoes in Miami and an early season snow storm in the Northeast.

Severe Weather
When you think of severe weather, you normally think about the months of April, May and June…But we get a second severe weather season in the fall. November 16, 2006 we had an EF 3 Tornado and November 15, 2008 an EF-2 tornado touched down near Dillon. Remember when you change your clocks, change your batteries in the smoke detector AND the weather radio. You can also sign up severe weather text alerts at www.wmbfnews.com. Now you can choose what county you receive alerts for! Existing users, make sure to update your account.

The Storm Report

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The END!
This is the last month of hurricane season, and it’s looking pretty calm. Every now and then the Storm Team will have an area to keep an eye on, but we are not expecting anything to even come close to threatening the Grand Strand. On paper the seasonal forecast was right on target, but a better way to judge a hurricane season is by the ACE Index. It’s a number that takes into consideration both the duration and the intensity of a storm. As of the end of October, the accumulated ACE Index was 120. This is above the average of 93, but well below the record of 248 in 2005 (year of Hurricane Katrina).

"We often say, 'All it takes is one.' Well, all it took was one - two, in some cases - to make it a bad season for some in the U.S. Those significantly impacted by Irene and Lee probably don't care much about how many storms there have been." says TWC Hurricane

Expert, Dr. Rick Knabb.

White Christmas?
The forecast is in and the Climate Prediction Center says we have about a 3% chance of snow on Christmas. Remember the day after Christmas snow last year? Be sure to see how the forecast has evolved in our next Storm Report!

We had lots of foggy mornings in October. Tabor City

Oct. 23rd Sunrise Taken by Stephanie Madrid

Taken by Jeff Whiteis of the first frost in Carolina Forest. October 30th.

Taken by Jeffery Lobaugh. This is showing the beach erosion after the October 10th high wind and coastal flooding event.

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