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3046411 How to Start a Business Blog

3046411 How to Start a Business Blog

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Published by: memolia on Nov 03, 2011
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Use your business blog to provide your readers with sneak previews, teasers,

beta invites, focus group/survey invites, and other buzz-builders. Customers

who frequent your blog — especially those who frequently comment — may

very well be early adopters of your company’s products or services. These are

people whom Seth Godin calls “sneezers”. They are the ones who can do word

of mouth marketing without even being asked to. They spread your “ideavirus”

to others.

Providing some information on upcoming products and services makes your

business blog a place of excitement and anticipation. It helps reward loyalty

and spread your marketing message and brand at the same time.

Again, we can look to Microsoft as an example. Before Office 2007 was

publicly available, it was available as a beta (test) version. Office 2007

developers at Microsoft previewed the new interface and new functionality,

which helped to build buzz about Office 2007 before it was released.

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