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Installing an electric baseboard heater
Electric baseboard heating is the most popular form of residential electric heating in Quebec. Electric baseboards perform well because the heat they generate at floor level rises naturally to warm up the entire room. Installing baseboard heaters is not complicated. But, as in any operation that involves electricity, caution should be taken. In Quebec, all electrical work must be done by an electrical contractor, member of the Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec (CMEQ). Types of electric baseboard There are different types of electric baseboards: the conventional baseboard, the patio door baseboard heater, the heavy-duty baseboard heater with inclined top (ideal for schools and businesses), the draft barrier, the architectural baseboard heater (very powerful, designed for large commercial offices) and more. Sizing your baseboard heater Required power (in watts) for baseboards is calculated by multiplying the number of square feet in a given room by 10. Thus a 10 x 10 ft. bedroom (100 sq. ft) will require 1,000 watts of power (100 x 10). Baseboard heaters should be installed along "cold" or exterior walls. 1. Strip back the wires In order to work in absolute safety, you must switch off the appropriate circuit breaker. Use wire strippers to strip the wire over a length of 4 in. (100 mm). This wire is made up of red, black a bare ground wire. Strip the white and black strands over a length of 3/4 in. (19 mm). 2. Connect the wires Open the back part of the baseboard and remove the two strands from the wire connector. The strands are usually red and black, although it's possible that both could be red. Twist the wire ends together then use a wire nut to join a strand from the wall to one from the baseboard, preferably strands of the same colour. Do likewise with the other two strands. Put all wires back inside the baseboard and close the lid.

3. Install an integrated thermostat If you wish to install an integrated thermostat, remove the facade off the baseboard as well as the end plate located on the same side as the wires you have joined. When you open the plate, you will recognize the two pairs of wires joined in the wire connectors. The integrated thermostat is also fitted with two wires. 22/10/2010

you have installed it correctly. Be sure the wire connectors are solidly attached to the three pairs of strands. set the thermostat at a high temperature to turn on the baseboard. you have a thermostat connection problem. The steps outlined above are intended for conventional baseboards. If the baseboard starts to heat up.Rona. If the baseboard starts to heat up. follow these steps: 6. Install the baseboard to the wall Mark the centre on the baseboard. Determine the exact location where it is to be installed on the wall. Connect the integrated thermostat Undo one of the two pairs of wires in order to form the three following combinations: a pair that includes a strand from the wall and one from the baseboard (pair that is already formed).. no matter what type of baseboard you want http://www. But. be sure to centre the baseboard under the window. Check for proper operation To check on the proper operation of the thermostat.1 Turn on the power but keep the thermostat shut for a few minutes.rona. 6. If the wall includes a window.2 If the baseboard does not heat . Screw the baseboard into the wall through the holes provided.Installing an electric baseboard heater Page 2 of 3 4. a second pair that includes a strand from the wall and one from the thermostat and a third made up of one strand from the baseboard and one from the thermostat.. 22/10/2010 . 6. 5. and close that section of the baseboard as well as the

ca/rona/servlet/ContentServlet?assetId=406&langId=-1&parentAssetId=. 22/10/2010 . Baseboards are sold with a detailed guide that will help you throughout the installation process.rona.Installing an electric baseboard heater Page 3 of 3 to install. we remind you that it is crucially important to switch off the appropriate circuit breaker to avoid any possibility of electrocution.. Tools list Measuring tape Needlenose pliers Screwdriver Side cutters Material list Screws Wire connectors . the principles remain unchanged. As for safety..

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