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Survey: The Usage of Plastic Bags.

This survey is part of our research for a Multidisciplinary Approach to a Sustainable

Environment project. It is to help us determine the problem and awareness of the usage of
plastic bags in Brunei Darussalam. Therefore your cooperation is highly appreciated.
Please tick  where appropriate.

Gender: M F

Age: < 20 20-25 26-30 >30

Profession: Student Lecturer Other (Please Specify____________________)

Status: Single Married Others

1. Do you use plastics bags? Yes No

2. How often do you use plastic bags? Always Sometimes Seldom Never

3. In a week, how many plastic bags do you use or obtain? <5 6-10 >10

4. Where do you usually obtain your plastic bags? (You may tick more than 1)

Buying from shops for own use

From shopping at shops (i.e. supermarkets, convenience stores and department


During Bruneian functions (e.g. weddings) Others (Please Specify ________)

5. Rank 1- 6 where you think most plastic bags is used? (1 being the most used and 6
being the least)
__ Supermarkets __Markets (i.e. Fish markets)
__ Convenience stores (i.e. Kedai Runcit) __ Department stores
__ Bruneian Functions __ Garbage Disposal
__ Others (Please specify_____)
6. Do you bring your own shopping bags during shopping?

Always Sometimes Seldom Never

7. What do you do with plastic bags? (You may tick more than one)

Reuse for rubbish bins Reuse for shopping

Reuse for storing and carrying things Kept being recycled later

Burn Throw away

Other (Please Specify _________)

8. Do you think plastic bags are useful or a nuisance? (You may tick more than 1)
Useful Nuisance

Helps to carry things easily Gets into our sewer system and rivers

It is light and affordable Animals mistaken it as food

Helps to store things Can suffocate children

9. Do you think we should use biodegradable plastic bags? Yes | No

10. Do you know if plastic bags can be recycled in Brunei? If yes, please state where?

Yes, Where? ____________ | No

11. What are your views?

SA A not D SD
People in Brunei are not disposing of their plastic bags
There is too much plastic bags being used in Brunei
Shops in Brunei should stop using plastic bags and introduce
bringing your own shopping bags for shopping.
Shops should use paper bags instead of plastic bags.
A law should be passed to stop people using plastic bags at all.
Other opinions (Please specify)
 Thank you 