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Naval Aviation News - Aug 1949

Naval Aviation News - Aug 1949

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NO. 28

Chart-maps as such became pppuJar during World OR 120 Y ARS th.e Navy's Hydrographic Office has sent p<lrtles clambering over beaches in all Wa.r hen hips' skippers wanted to ko w what lay pa_cts the world, .hart making was laboriou and beyond the beach. took rna ny tnan-hou rs. lists lim ited production. Now the Hydrographic Office is engaged in a large ale job of .revising exis ing charts and making new The advent of aerial photography aused a revoluhad-maps. Instead of dOtng the whole job, survey tion in this ancient art, arul a new sue-nee came into parties now have oaly to establish definite points geobeins-photogralnmetr),. Converting photos into maps graphically in an area. Frorn there on the avy's is now an important part of the Hydrographic Office' photographic squadrons take over and fi II in detail geo.grapbic activities all ver the world. with accurate cameras carried in their aircraft, There was a time when the charts of the pa$~ lying III many instances charts are on the plotting table of a ship" based on information that was gathnavigator showed bead, areas only ered .a!lover the ,r;lobe many Ye'.:lfS -reefs. navig,ltion li,ghts, channels and prominent landmarks. The air age}. A modernization program IS ll.,ge has change I tbiLt. keeping Hydro and sq uadrons busy. PhotogrlUllOletry i a my terious With hip tire control and .irnscience to the uninitiated. It is based phibious landings In muid, charts on <J simple optical phenomenon11 \"'i extend inland From 2"1 to ')0 depth perception. The human eyes nn le . They however conteu r and are the human equivalent- of the: detail of the land beyond the bell h. .arneras and Instruments tl ed, They have become churr-rnaps. ANCIENT t-rfDROGRAPHERS USEO IMAGINATION

F oE survey



Se" Skippers and Hot Pilots A,like Can't Do Witbout Hydro Cbart.Maps
web J :;illUlliolJ w0uld be stridly ill the soup. Road m'<lrS deal io .gt:J.lcraUtlcs .UlJ oft!!fl gh'Cl: 1m IIHI.C(u'rJ:te picture, Chart-maps of the sea and air, however, must be h i,ghly ,Jet(lileJ to :n'o'Ji,j drsust [01.1$ cortsequences. 111er are th(! li[ eblood of the [-\"'1) mediums. For lUr: manner these are l:il;mnel1 10 he ro[JOWtLt reefs to avoid and buoys to s1ght. for lh~ aviator, rneuntains 10 fly over, . I( W,l5 Inevitable that when man btgau to fly he would rarry cameros with hun, WillI tue development 01 aerial rhotognipllY .1 new ~Li~'n(r rnme min heillg- _ph(llo_gMm. Incuy, ASUJl exact meillou 01 translatiug fhot0,9.Nphs 111tQ /Jlitp.'l it utilizes milll)' stl'flrtge machines .LlI bused on 01'1k.d phcnomcn.!. :'()mr are "'0. compli(',Hcd thdt it is even tl itflurll 10 explain Id1.lt~hty do. let ulonl. understand how they Jo it. i\ II of lhese o~II'er slereQjll kOI1~ .rre in us!;' ,II the: N,n (~ J lyLi n)gr~rrll(0111, e III St! i.l .uul, MJ ryLllld, I"i here tln, dlJIL lenge lilt atomn .lj.:l; IS met 111 prOdLiCill!! (h,lrl·l11.lr~ by till' ruillious, It I~ lhl jllb "of I-l}liro le brict,i:t:' till! ~'1I1 bet ween the uerrul phOll'graph~ I.lIlI! llu- llil/slred l'I'oUqUDl"iipitt a postv.'Jr IdJoVi n it remums .J busy place, moJenH~lIlg ,11ttrlnhtps r rom iJlf ortTl!UJOIl ,gl... ·IIIU;'d fM ,md wide ~1!1ring

A his map has Iway !lWTORJST I08es s,i,gnposts. all he marinertil Jo is ask his or fo(Jow the The or

uvruror in















.tIC: I1l1cit'I'W;lY.


util iZLI1!; [11" wrv-

). C~ or' til!;: N:ivy S two rhotognlphlL squadrons J11<1 other uuil.s Wdl .15 ut ilit} ~qlI.-tU rous [Ill J carrier photo pl'll1 es. It W,IS in thl.! CMl) 1 HtJ(1 ~ tll~LI 11 w,l... reall:tleu llMt :;.lltl"b, currents, lO((lliQt1.'i of wrecks and ruviaanon ,dd~ should be s}'~tt!m,'liodll J,loUl.'d. Oidtillll,: sk ipPl:r" ,l\'tlid"d Ir()l~'I( by ~'-'-'Ln-ll'Il'~ eye <JIHI o:V('11 clunbed till ,i,l&,glllg to 11,I1{1g:LtCO in d:!I1J!LfOUS w~ter.,. When ~e',I/4Qrllg ~hjr~ bccume more (omplil,LitJ, n,lvi~u_l;IJ!I ml't-hod~ (h;lllg_c;d uud IlOW:.LU.tp 110 sel [. respt'(tlll,t.: ~k1ppt;r i~ WIthout .,1 clrcrt library, \VIit:11 I he tlnited St'lt-e.~ eruerged a~ <l nalion th .. 1 \\ OLIld ukc an Inl.:rea.,.ing part 111 world tr"-dl the U.S. Nav), W,I~ !!ivcn the [Cs,pon sibi Iit)' 0 I' rll urn ng HH,; t [;1Jt routes As a resull Lilt: HJ'dr()gr'!I~hil Offiu: W,I~ l".5LiI)1i:;h~"l.ln Deceruber i of aBO It:; hj~t I'hn:rI was Lt. J.. M. Geldsborougb, AE!R1Al




Wht:n naval avjutiou rurne of .lgl' Hydro was ruHcd into th<: illf m.lp 5dd .J_, a natural Ullls<.:!,]ucn,t ~ The s"'Jl'lanl! routes it mapped constituted only a small pJrt of its wock.

Millions of ~h;Ul:i ,trl;: lLlUlI:U oul each year fm Ihl;' fled, naval svurlnn -anJ tile Merch!lni Manne in udditrou to such books and publications as NllYig;ltion Manuals, Notice to Mariners, Salli~ Directions, Hydm,gta.phio:. Bulletins, D,!ilj'


the earth,

Oceanograph ic M (1) ograph$, techn ical man (HIls, A ppn);1Lil ,I).IU LJI1,-jin,g Ch"-rt5, Airways R\lut!: Manuals, Nt)licc to A"ii1lo,~ R~diQ \WeJ ther t\ uls, weather summaries and muny lllhers. 1111;'middle picture 011_rage two shows some of them. Until pJIOIO,," tukeo from {he :Iir were perfected it was neer;SSIi r}' to "eml shore part I~~ to ~J I parts Q1 rhe globe to survey beach areas wh idl VI ere ~o be rha rtcd, n Was j lQn~ :md l.rborious rwn:ss. M.rny .1f\.!llS rell1iullc,1 unsurveyed tor ycars. Witll the comiuj; 01 W;JI it Wl!5 [OLHlJ_ thnt charts made by ether COU.Ilt-ll!:'~. dn~1 ours 100, wer~ rnacrurate. New phOl'O map., wert' made hasLily a~ U.S. (orces advanced. Before ;wy chart map can be made it i~necessary to estubIish ,lclinitt. landrnnrks In their true posirion on the r.1.ce of

M ernorandu.


r or

A\' iut 1')11, N uval A I r Viluti,

Tim is done by sllOoling




t9uil'IDr:IlI which pil1point~ti location. \X/lth one poi nl dererrn ined man y ethers in v isual J istance 0 f the rirse one ran be definitely located in relation to the Jim.

highJy accurate

sun and stars with


Prior to oU'ly aerial mapping It ground party must furnish sorne of these cop tro I points, These control points are [he key to all chart-map making. The men In the picture at the top Qf p.lgl- one are eFecting a " urvey . ib"rftul" to mark a spm. It isn'l always necessary to senda groun.d party because many of the projects now underway at Hydro I1n: revisions of old charts aCId I he outrol pOInt_.; lire- reliable. After determining what area is to be mapped, the .rhotQ. gnururrel.rlr section of Hydro gel~ busy compiling il1i"ru:matiO(1 r r the photograph«; squ dron. [r the job IS in the P..dhL area or the \Ve t coast of the AmeriC"4~ or Alaska, VP-ol gel the Job. If il is reenland, Labrador, the AtbnLit' or the east COIl"t" of the America. VP"1'i2 ets the nod. Until a rrajeu readie the sbge where. photo squadron lakc,~ over, a. )'t·(tr O1<ly .:lapse. £\'1stlng charts must be gone: OWr 10 see what DI.'\V information must be obtained. to mo~t (jj~c..~ 1\ )UfVC)" r.li'ty rnusr be sent to estabutlh control p()il1t;; s "~stTibe\'i above. 01 pnrnc importance I the laymg out or fli!!ht lin"'~" o rlane (;111 go bljndl~ into LLn area and (;XPt'<l LO take photos (-b.lI ate of IIny usc. T1H: chart reproduced at the bottom 01' page lWO show' how iJ~i:; is done. The Luberator: furrent'lr in usc ill Vp·rol and IIP,(,) ruust follow these Lines ,IS close 1 as pessihle. rt' tha~ isn' done, the job will have to be ruflown-s-nnd tha; lW-5 harpcned more than once. Fli,ght lil1e~ must lie parallel and must J.llow UH! photc strips lo 01 <:rlJ)l' ,0;(''1-. Photo alonJj J lme must overlap 609!-i.




This business 01 overlap J5 important To make .) mar it I nc(es;>.\rY Io 11:1\'1;;' stereos opic vision. Thill means {iJerJ;l must be ,\ rlurd dunension ur depth peKepuoa. The only way human eyes 'an I't'rce-h", in depth is by looking At ODe object [rorn Iwo jilferenl places, th.tI J • with -tWO eye eOh· vorgMg to il POIl1(. That s the on!)' wnr )'0i..1 em P_J.ug" dislance. Stereun opy In aerial phoro.graphy makes use of lhe thr~ rhr::nomenoi'l by hIking pl10t graph- o( the same are" III two plan's as the plene moves along, like rwo ~ytS a mile .lp,vt. In the overlap area of ,u1y tWO I,hotgs of fl strip three dimeusional picture ~ ill re uli. The old stereoscope in ihe l)VIA~ room was constructed OLl [hi' r6nciple, o the idea isn't new, To~"y's rounrerpart is Ute- ropulnr ramcra whli h hi!;,!.'!; hvo pi lures- at once, and its \'iewcr with color tt.lnsr:trenrics mounted on B disc. 011 t1115 bit of opti :.J It:~l.frdeJrudl1 rests rhe ~(lenCt· of J'IbotugraITlIl1f'!-C)'. Head of 1Ie l"lhotogrammLitfY sectlon ar the HyJmgr~trhjr Office 15 P. (J. 1.1.: urdy. Hi" org,l1lization is broke; llo\ 11 into lh ret p.l(tli; photo !rl.ll1gulation. ste-reo roro,gr;Jphy ;LnU edit and .m·hiv(·~ The -e will be explumed later. He bas under him 60 ,wiJiJn~ who, for the mo~t part, hold 'P" r.ltl!!g!' ill, i\ il ser\-ici"' 'TJk1' Are rllotogrllI111l1l:Lri~ts .lntl C:'IIO.f:lllphets. A fc\, who are new l1.l the .r:ame hold .J sort l of arrrentl! e • SP' rutiliJl. Tlu:y rnust be f.l.lllililu with nne OJ"mort. of llu- fullowlng fl'dds Eeol'h}'sJc~. geoJ('ti(" ('011' iJ'01 .md evaluation mrcrpretnuon, compntmion i\nu field rr~(ti,t:s. l'hl:) are .1 .I~~of hl~h ,(Hill linp, Ierrn» hu; tl1l'Y heil down to under t.U1Jlrlg whJJ. makes II map. In I'l)'in~ ftlJ.!ht lmes a man i stn{ionca in the nose ot tilt" 1'];111(; ,It a ~pc:dlll \ iewer er ~'()JI\hslglH. He follows the IIl,!!1t1 line..- 011 tht: rndex chart by sightint! lundrnarks, Hi,~ iufurrnnuon rs ed to the pilot by visual ~ll:lnnls or lnrerpbone, or directly into the .urlornatir I ilot r rom the bernbsigh]. -B.1( in the bomh b;,y ~ht photo mates are busy ru 11 n ing thei r k cameras. They must Ilgu.Ie .dtltudc. sreed of the plane and ,Jri ft lind rome II)' with .t tinw in tervuI for t~klUg llll:.' picrures. TIllH frelluency IS controlled by all inrervalorneter alibrsted in seconds, orrect ion for dri ft, or mb. is made I)} turn in~ the camera tn the nghl or lef]. the number of degteeo-s mdirared by the dri r~ on the drift met-cr.






















Slipshod Work CII.rr't Be Tolerated 'n Map Making; Accuracy ;s the Byword
the byviord_ But no matter ho\~ careful the plune tn~ is there .ire errors thai rrttp j 11. The 1.~,)'J1ler:< mlly lilt ll,mJ 1·11" the plane drop.~ aWing .L" or pitches. It is the job 01 llie ~raJge!'~ hack at Hrdro to detl!t:t thOIle errors and make ~orrecrions, L1~t'ir 51'1:"[ in1ly, Aru~r Lh~ Job IS uOlle in rile air, the 'i0 and ioo-reer rolls of film urc processed nnd prmts made, Th(;'11 thry are shipped to H rJ roo W hen rbOto.~r;Lmll1eLry n:tt'i \ c.~ lJ lI:::n1 tll!.~YCare rbt"rk.,J 10 see that th<f)' are IIld,~<:cl as to where JIlJ when the funs were made. Till'S<; rhotos arc fil'~t ].Iid Qui roughly [0 sec thnt the ..r~ u was C_Qlt"ftJ prope-dy. Sudl a photo nmp I~ called a m~~.:IIt. If Ihe~to ure <lny holiday,~" tht:: squudrou re-f its. I lien 11h:' pflJ1l" are lJ:ia.n~u1l.leU,Thal isn't so ~i)l11~le. All the known l~f1dm~rks thnt were located b}' the g,rounJ ,luvey rarty are Identified and marked. To l::~tabIL'5h 1-tH'!ir rd.tljCmsh~r5 tOl:llc], oth~~ J.l::mpl!tle~ are u,~<ld. One l'ypr: of template 1:'1 made hy rutill'll( slots In cardboard to fit over roin b; ro,l rked b), pins set OLIJ t su rv~l'ed be:trin"~ an d dis~-II L.l11~1::' fro~n each ulhcr. Tlus is illustrated Ifl lh~photo en lhebottom of page three, It IS rallcd I'Iw sloitedtemplttte method. Another melhoJ makes use or meial sl,;lt~ Md_i({tin~ lrorn om; surveyed puint. Tho$c fellows in lhdr~tol_kj'1g feet in tlu' )ll<:'ture HI thl! upper nglll hnnd remer of PJ;l:e (our He 1.1ymg metal ((Offipb.lt'S. . \Villl lila! donL the rh0logntl1lil1l'Lri~t.~arc rcady to s!l!I'\

l11a_kins their ch<lIt.m~p, Whalt .... r (ht'y ure, rnuuntajn peaks. e pamts 01 lund ill' chirnneys, they ure 110'1' ill exact r<l.l.tHon~hil' LO one ,\J'lother. on whatever !\('AIt is 51"[ for tp<:: rhart. You may ask, 'Why not just use rhc rh{)to,~ arul rr~ce from ~hem?" ,U]S'oI'Cl' is-i,:'ICCUI1lCY. Tht: plune may have tipped cr tilted when the rldu[e was: ttl.kcl\' lower Or hlt;her terrurn (further away or closet to the camera) mJ1 lmve rhanseu lhe scale: the print paper may have .£trtldl~J n~ sheunk: or a d~Zt'T1 ot~~r errors mf,ly have ((ep! ih. Hy usrr~.L! ll:" photo, l nr detail and [be templates tor accurate rYS!lIOflro,l!: 'We hi! \ e the- miikini!.~ of a precise and l;ci('mific rroduc_t. '~he n~xt job is fradng shorel ioe, and rlotting 1J1i1 ior )!:e.ogr:lplm Ieatures. Tile: Saltzman rroj(!UQT is used for Jus, Then the real Illilgic cernes ioto play.


"the moment YOD wander mland from a cnustl ine then.' is ,I rise in the terr~ll'l. There are ir.rtJ;:ul«rities in elevation and Illly~ictJ reaLu!,r;~. There is 110 l~nger (hI..' simple task of

a .shoreline ",



the picture,

.A lopo-

St:.1 level 00 the chart-map it will wind uronnd everywhere It i.~ic r('~t ,1.1.,01'('sea level !I$ wi II o·crler lint's at their respective elevations. Plotting these from photos ,i5 :t ren] art. Some methods will be mt'lllloneu here. Iml!lt'cii,lteiy the ~lllt.>t;Cln arises, "But how {"'1.!' rou LeJJ elcvafion from fb.t I'hot%'Taph~ ," l'hat's where our steree5!.'nl~irvision 1I'00fU:S into list. There Me s('\'eJ'~d machines or varvin,,, compie:.:i(y which rrtake this possible. Flr~t M al] theft I~ the KEK-which stunds Qilly fur (hl' lint Idt~l;~ et the Jl':signtr~' ).i~t names. This machine Is illustmted in the LIpper nght corner of N)!e tive. With it the. operator cun trace contour lines by sdlil1j! whatever de\·illu'.m he want-, to (race then ~itnpl)' keer,ng Iwe JoL~ r used in Lilt viewer, Whr:I'ei't't the},ojoci(k· he draws n line, W~v it ~OI;<5,tilJ." or bow r:Tl!l.~t remain the knowl.ed~e. elf nrtl(',d s(leIHI~I$· IvIm.:!l' more romphrntcd, lad c0sting a young orrune, is the H:iU~~'h srnl Lomb .\4\l1t ipleN'. Some ldea of its !'iltli.l] ;qll'e,lr~m:e ran ~,C' ,Ir.llr1e;1 [ram Ihe picture .1L llu:, Lipper leD of I,age five l.iu le l'fO) cctors n re lined 011 .1 rack ~nIl c:1I.:11 rrujeCi'SH rillurc- in complementary cQlors (tcd .1nJ bluewcm). 011 Llie rlau illg taJ,lo::. Sm~\!r diarOSl1 ives (gLI!>s trnrl"I'"l.rerl{ ics) have b",.,n 1111\de [rom jJJ photos of a strir so rhat JI.1ISc can .be done, The) are ~d to 0\ eri.q' until three-dirnensionnl VISion 1,.,1I1 ht b.J.tI thrtwglJ ;'{)!orl;'J sJledlliJ('~. Eld'l prajc(.tm can make many ccrrecticns, As in the KEK. \..01:1' tour lines ('Jill be tr,l(:ni but instead or 011 Iy IWo o\'edapl'tlJg !,ho.~o~ a whole sLri r can l~t'\~ork('u on at once. Onll' two proJector" show on p.I!!e: live inste ... i of a dozen, "

grilph~(lll drart-: MY' ~hows contour by lines ~hltl follow certain 'elevations. One contour line will be, for ex:tUlple. HI f~tl



















GERMAN PLOTTING MACHINE; COST $15,000 Uy fllr the most IInrres ive piece of machinery, however, IS the arl Zeiss tereoplnn IW:lp.h, For rhotognunrm:ll'Y it dots what the Disposall, electric di hwasher, electric refrigcrntor <11111 ~[edtl( runge do lor the kitdreu. II cost a Il1WO .:-n,UUO new. but happens to be one of r 3 bberuted in errnnny Ilr the: til.! or Ih l,'(illHi t there. Bd re the war there was onl one In the U.S., owned by the ['arrr hild AeriHI Survey Co. In Los Angek'!>, .l commerual mllprjjl~ firm. The lereopl I,nig"ill,h can do everyi!Jil1j; L11C olhdr tnach,il1c'i l.OlDdo lluJ aJd: ,1 Iew iine tou hes, For instance, I .1 stfl~ of pho to runs W.I} Pllst where an}' gro\.tnd part)' (','li,lb.jl'ih('d controlpoints il IS Lllpabh;: 0.1 exttnding the accurate Work uitu (hal area. It is it ponderous machine of ht:3." I rrun hined steel, watrh-fin« gear boxes and tl \'aLiug p.trl;. Diuposihves om: used wIlli J~ J.S in the Multil:'lc~ t'x'rr:pt tll<1! tbey arc the same size as the 0rigil1d.1 /,hutoJ!uph. ne r1rl"rlltor I rae out the contour lines whi, I are lrunsmJLtt'(1 lu an ,ld i,J.n~nl Lahlt where another cperator checks on whar a piUlt.lgraph pencil tracer rub~ pap('l' Don't get on Villi "I'i1nlllJ;;till'h" mixed lip willI "1~antogrJl'h" whid1 is lh~ t1'(', t[· on tor of .UI elt't.tril Iorornotivc which contncts the overhead catenary wire, Other .li<lo; 111 II~C .It H)'d 1'0 .tn.~ too nurnerou to rnenuon, The phoroalulade pJCtufl'd 111 the midd Ie of P,1(:(' th rec does indoors with an oblique pilntoFTJ.ph wh;tt ;11'1(lLttlioor "Jidude weuld d ~ with lhe scener au nsturel.

li,w~ It IS now a prllCt!l' [0 send om: ur \\"0 men on every SUIYtr sllip tb t goes out. As representat; \' e:.. IJ t' rlte H.D. I'hey determine the rol roiJ1t~ . •lenn KCULI:St' and R . 11011 went La the Antmlk [rom 0\7. 1917 to t\prfl ut" 1948 on the An(Mc ic Development Project, The SLlt"H1' party covered half the shoreline of the scuthern ccntiuent. Th~y landed ill 11 places, ;;f'lf:'uJing lWO

Iravel etl fJr .wtl

or seven hundred miles of cnusrllne so far:' Serne J1I:I' onnel <If the J'hologrammdry section


nc:Ii.'opil."l Wen: used [or transportation and reconnaissance. R. C. tir1illfl.lflJ 1\. . Medin WO!lIt north in the ~LlITlrncrr irne i11i~1ttl MexlcQ ill the winter. Tb .. lIyJro,¥fJrilil Olfiee. With war+irne peak 'Personm·j I .soo. turned out 1~,n()O,()(H) charts annually .Inll kepl up produruon (.)11 bOl)k~ and !'~Ibli(iitjon~, 1 pnnred al UiU!U1J. Gllth dUIl.miLI' requrred J tffc,cnt Iithographic p,lal't;s. Wb!llt:veF I" Llti-mctp IS used in the air or 011 thE' sea today is the' produ :t of .1 line terun-Hydro aud naval aviation.

te n\t JJy. at earh

ji Iace.




and an










~1Lparb ,\

llltle Irorn fhl:' bi£!h "lew!.'!;: M Ilmwtq' 11(\[1111111)" maintuinod. It \ oncerns whar marpll~.g WIIS doru- from pl'1iles of ihe !\nt~lj\tic expedition 1916--17, Ordinarily the area overed hy .1 'iinj!Je- C;Lmtr,l pointing 00\\'(1 1. n'J'} n.rrrow. IkuLU~t' or rugged il)'il1,1! condinous Inc E'{1Jt<'dillon used Irirnt:ttQBon cnmeras 1l1St.I>ilLL I'he rnmetrngon nol only 1,1\"('S rict'II't'1t wrl,,-aU} but obit lueIy 01' each siile Qr the plane as well,






l,holC) I' required. Anvthu maJ!_irJJ piece nf e'lllip. m<.'l\l~tC:'r'" in here Jill I h;lng(!S ,m O!>li(Ji.!l:. t(,) ,\ H·rtil.d, It i~ II 11I'loler m:lJl by Z~l.-~ nlso. It tilts and contorts mtJre than n yo;;i and Joe~ thl" I rick Liberated abo, it cost $ iQ.OOO, i).lrl illJ.! \It.: Allt.H(lIL W.1StI.', 1.I.l~ been gOln,!!. on I'UI' two y~rs under I. ' BUCllZJl. H.mglllf.! 011 the-wall where h and h;~ cchorts Llbor is >l. sign ,,'yil1J.! . An ..a.~ surh .is Alliat'[fiu., ~le\,{)ld or control, where long stretches or ~110\\ -hnund ierrJil1 exist, present problems that erve as a dJo.l/tUII/tt! to tln, rh(\I('J.i!!'ltnlm':lr~st." He JlsplJ}'s J photo of wjndblo\\'n ~.11O\\, I've been looking ~ll this sort of thing for tWQ years," 11c~.Iyli orrowtullv."md by sorne miracle we have completed s

The obhque l'hoIO"

usdc'S$ as such for mapping,






Friday the Thirteenth


SNJ pItot landed 011 len siJtc of run\yay at night and ramrnen red a turn-off 10 ..-iJ!ht while taxiinn slil'\htly too {as-to A rier 3. 1 C; degree t-urn the ~J ip-st ream Irom the plane lu,st ahead hi! 'lHtiCOti tail surfaces of Ius plane and sPlln It around, Left brake was I'IPl'JJed but the ::ON] continued around _' 0 .Iegrees ,it which raint it carne to a stop withOUlllDY damage ... so fat'. However. at this rnnrnent .1 second ~"'J WJ.:. in lilt' straight,Hvay for <l lundIng on the : tarboard side or the same runw.1y. Tbe runway l1lJty offi ('I' Hashed a. red ~ighl at th is plane, When. the pllot nlJ not take II wave-alI he nrcJ ~ red Very flare as the 'J went by hun al all altitude 01 about -C) feet. j<. si8na1m:lO about 600 feet Iurtb .r op the runW;ty fired two more red floHe,. but the pilot was •'cenrentrating. on a geed approuh" and didn't realize: that the ~ar.ff;. were intended for him, I le landed about 150 ;rards shert of the S J tbM had ground-Looped. The instructor in the fir;;! ~J shored the UJ rottl to forward .5 JH: . a tv U1 e other plane (oming towards them. but it W.:iS too "Ire to ;I void J cell ision. I.mp~ct speed was about 3<1 knors and both planes ~uffeIed In jor (hITTMg{', FUItunatelv no one was hurt, d=2 , PHo! of an 1'·,11· ... lurrded ~lighd}' fa.<1t :lIlt! attempted 1\ rum off at Uhf ceruer raxiway, whkb he rmsrook [or th~ secnd taxiway. He was too fast to m.lke thls tW'n .lfely and groundlceped 90 clcgrC't's to tile left d ragging hl~ starnOMd win.!!,

to b $l.fe than Every one of een prevented on th pan of dlrec-tO;rs, Ill" the

so rry, these accidents could ha\!1! by th e use 0 f commcn sense eirher the pUow. the taxi '1.'~Iltl'ol tower personnel, Exc~Pt in an lWlergenc:y I see no use in p!.'r:tnin;ng more than o",e plane on the

landing runway at 11 rime AT NIGHT. Youll'ltl)' save II miruue or two by n dose
iJUer\'ll,t landing- but experience has proved over and over again that clos .inrerval landlng~ ill nigbt will rcswt m accidcnr", of the type listed in Ga~G$1 and 3.

Target Fascination
on a routine- dive bombing fhghl in I:Ompany with live other planes. After Iour individual rractie(! dives tile planes

An Ensh\n piloting an


look off

two tax:i s-ignalmen, When directed to make A tu rn to pert the pilot hesitated but, w~ pi veil the all clear lJ;f1.l1 by the ta...;;J director on the starboard SIde. He then turned and as he did .0 llis starboard elevator went into the moving pro]' of a parked 'fBM. The Filot of an FI5F-5N was taxllu8 roo wlud;; the warm-up rrunp prior to take off. As he approached withm about 30Q yards of the film he saw three 1'BM'S mOVE out of the spot ttnd htke·pff, aad noticed that .an SN5 was wartnihg up alongside the TtlM'5. However, 110: did not see the- NB move, At this time the pilot of the F'iF W;L t;t.xiing 011 the inboard - ide of the runway and he started l1Jlgling to rhe right

of a tight 51at under the direction of



joined tl'r. At [In altitude of 10.;00 [eet Ule- flightc:ornmenced II- di\ e bombing attack from a. high speed break uI" to the lefl. The I:Iight had been briefed to begin dive recoveries at. 300lJ [eeL and rhe first five planes made normal recoveries. The Ensign was flying the 14Jit plane in the Iormat ion, He appeared to have been $!il:-btly off the t<Irget,. and late in his dive he was ob erved to make a correrrian. He delayed slml:ing his pull-oct until he reached <1.f>proxirnI1.Ldy 1"100 feet. The AO·J almost made it. TL \Va!; if] a flat atti~de, but lllusJ,iog wben it hit the tree beyond the hlr~~t. There was a cloud of dirr m.,d debri~ roU~wed by flames :ts ihe plane ripped. through the brush for about ~ooo feet. The pilot W;1S instantly killed_






The pilot of ,1l1 5NJ 1.ll1llcJ JuUowill;l! night' eros COlUIL1) IClio1l1g (hgllL Durin~ hrs roll out :md sub-se911fml [.m.ill~ be c-onrcnlrnted his nrtllnFlon to the ~i~hr" He snw 011(' plane turn off on the

pL.me whlch




landed ImmeJid.teiy

thaI this




ttn..' wiod for warm-up, This sligllt turn headed him directly for the ~ '8. He did not 6iz-z3,' for the IJsl 200 yards and SImply assumed rha the S>1l3. had followed the TaM'S out for take-off. The F, - crashed into the sr-:a with the lrnpnrt .>witl,t;illg planes log-ethel nese 1'0 [100:.('. 11:.e S1'<'"l\ requires a major overh,IUI and the (.F ~uffcted major t't1'l1;t_gc.:.
Grampa» P(>",bo,"' 50 s: AU thc.~e nccidents occurred witI,;" tim space, of aboue t s hours on Friday the I Jth oI Mn t 949, I'm not StJpcrmritu.J3 ~.


for 5wing-lng around into

accident h/l~ kiUed a good many pilots il\ pnst years. and it will probably l'ulllt iii f~lalit:ies in thl! future, Don', let it happoo to you. In ",Ide" model dive bombe~, the mar S¢'H m.m w. - usuallv inm'r-u<'t d fO count ",IF the I() (l.foilt i"!ervill~ .hrring 1'h" div~_ Noll' (jL".l (he pilo( i~ ~IQne in rhe pltlnt' it is rnor lmpol'l ~n.1 than ever 111~.1 hI! pa)' particulnr nttenrion II) avoid.iQ_g Iarj<:Cl fi",,11Ut; I)'PC



I understand



a result

of him. Actually the plane irnmediatclj' lI_heud had landed on the Jeft side and ~!/"I1S not seen hy the l,i1ot of the 0\"(,'[. taking olrcr:tft uf'lJl1 the moment vi [h", collislon. Agaln the result w.rs major d.lmage to b th planes,


dent the Bureau f Aeronautics and the Douglas A.ircra& Company ha ..... conducted "dd\t~olJaI (",,1s to delUlume she (lCI!LU',1ey oE the pressure alrimeter in dlves pArden. Jarl~' with till' dive brakes open, As 5000n
as thi' checked results of lhe~e tests have been Il Technical Note will be issued giving the exact am~'uDl5 of altimeaer lag



hjs '" ci-

but this docs seem HI be an un!J,5u:dfy [:u-g.: number of bonehead a ccide:n(~ for one da)" Any time you'te in the straighl;m ~. (or


a landing

and see "red

Bare. for gosh

rum !\illy hI'! expeered
tions, Tn Ihe meantime WI! high ~id""

lind .... v;trying oondi.
k""p your eerors


pilot of

1 8M




snkes r>Jkc it -al'ound again. Maybe ,be fla"" is. fOD she plane behind you, bUI ir's berler


Untimely Turn
The flight consisted of bye SN;'S piloted by students in basic rramiog.


were on



gunnery hop

and had completed four high~ side run, while on 11 southbound heading, At this time the £light joined up ip column and turned bllCk towards, the beach. The llight leader had Just signalled for a right echelon. when the instructor in thetow plane told him I:hut Ius starting position {or the next run wastoo do 'e. The ffi,t:!ht lc:~aer immegi.ttdy made a rather sharp rom to the rigflt
In the ensaif1f: melee: the plane number four position overshot

l}le I.11Bine .inductioa system from backfires far outweighs the miner savings in fuel censurnptico real ized from use of Ute normal or auto-lese mixture control position during let-downs "tid land.ing ppeoaches, Technical Note No. 13-4Y advises the
use. of

and l a 11 diD g liPproarbes particular! '! at estes of descent er In climatic conditions which tend to overrool tile engine.
The following types ef .tirct.1ft have







number three plane p:l,ssing below and





as this


orrurrmg the

pilor LO rhe number three plane ushed over 1'0 avoiu tWeI-rlll1rum: rhc number two plane, As he .lid so' tl1e propCUtf of hi rl ne cut off th entire elOpt"nage of the number rlnM \~hirh

been reported susceptible te back-fires dunng Iet-downs in fhe normal or autolean mixture control rositiQn, Pl.V rF R5C AD PB4Y F8F R'IO AM PBM F.1U JRM
PeJ1ib.tJtlt' sa)", Let' l""!i "THE WORD" tI tbis in a hurry. It' certainl >' penny wi ~e and pound Ioolish to risk d..'UIlllgill.a: these en~ine.~ and planes by using t=n mixture during fa!d. let-downs, Ir's dOUbly dangeeous to _gel in Ibe tnrlli pattern for II rand· iog wid, cite lnildltl'~ control in lean, be~:tU.l you nevee know wben th.e tower may direct ~'ou 10 take a w3v(!ooff. [f this o<XUrS 1'o;>u'U w, I'll plemy of POW"t in " hurry, and thaI IDe,,":!! you'll ""anI YNlr mixtuee. conrrol ln 1'R1CH".

o-ew who pulled IlP the wrong levet'. g lire, there was something ..,IS<' tb 011 .:0 ntribute!!.lo the accident. The lrutdln.ggear contro] lever down lock Qlen:oid groundh\g cup h ..d backed OUI oC its retaining support about ~ of an inclJ. "rbi,g Ilnlepart is especially designed. to pre\'<!tIt inadveeecrn (!>tranion of the landing gear when. the plane i~ on tbcgt'()und. Had it been functioning properJy the twO tnistakes could have. boon~made >llld the Navy would still h.,ve thaI p:trlic:ular P2V, I Bee iii me ·£orw~td.i:ng I!.I1dOr~CfIII!lJ_tto tile Administralive Report thnt up/>ropTi"le disciptin~ry :u::tion has been Ink,m. H'IIUU. TWQ bundred and eigbteen y""tll divided by cwo? GuC$S they'Il take diese leg irQ:1!t offom.,time in th~ ~"t' 2058.



IFR Pilots



below ;"d 1 ighH), ahead, The pilot of the Ll111e_, at Itmpte.1 10 regain (0111101 ot h, .urrra fI but round no prC::Sllre on the ~tick. In i.l djvin1! .Ittiruac ant! wuh the, nose of the ~ I Sl;l!tit,~ to tuck under, In- rnf.lstt'flt:d hi ~.'l etv f:,~'t Hl'ld W.1_ thrown h::lr. A1[er I brief parac:hl.lt_e ride he hit thewater aud freed himself from !he chute HI: floated in h is life j.lckd unttl re-xued 50m(' fort" minute luter b.y the:

by this time was dirC(Oy



Several recent ra res h 11ve beep rrWhere pilots au instrument ~Isbt plans have flown at the :lIrittllles whi(',h they requested !.n their cleilI.ll1re sheets rather than the altitudes actually .ts.. signed by ATe. Remember ATe t.l!I· not a.l,"'~'}'s .I.<;sign you LITe altitude that yOu reque t, her au se of confli:dill.E: traffic, Centro! 10\ C{ oper;(tofS can help Willed)' thi. situation by rC9ull'lng pilots that the pilots

by r~lyJngpani

to repeat

back their ArC clearances mil ular attention to set' 0 it

understand th


Weather Code Problems
1 row go d are you at readiJ\g th.e t1!ler:ype symbol weather ~I'port.~? Try YOlJr!;llli out on these two • , . 'l"ud
check your answers JlD pnge 40. W. h:h rb"-l second onc--i.r's trick . I.ORf WS:el<Il21/NR.1l 177/75I7J.141 00.11 PRESRR VSBY V~I>L 1 10 ~
2. ~J-Il

~t;ll',h and

& ..... ,;p

rescue hel ieopter, G~d'l1llltm' PellibQ"" sa ,(; AI1 the hor tighter pilots thaT I 'VI!
to about thi" a("ddemtf'11 me \bat

procedlLre in nmoccuon with holding reports. Formerly the controllers ineluded in all Jesranccs [he words . tc porr le:J.l'il1,!: --feet." 1'0 ,(volJ
radi on,gestion hi

n\l:itu·1e. The Na.vy has also received word Irom the Cillil Aeronautics Administr,» lion of cerhtin thlLnJ!es in the \,(1:.(:

by rellitive.f .1'1 xpericnced srud e rtts by seasoned 6ghter t>ilot,s. S~ndJy, Ihe tight tum was. appaeenrl made ..rhile the funnl'llioll was still in the pr0CI!8S ttf getting squared away in rigbJ echol n. Some of the: pilots bad jlL'II added throttle 1.0 R'!t' into PO~$i_tion. Tills ceeated a situapilot

the !light Iendee ,,(,ollld nor ~et ihe hl.une. The)' ar~ue he should be frl'£ " tum in .. oy diJ:"CC{ioo at nv IUnC- "nd thllt if the Win,gJ11en bad mninr'runcd the proper interval and step-down rh accident wouldn't have o.::rurred. rm nor convinced tbnt this i.s ell lite! . lI'UO)c. J n thu :firm place these SNfs "'<ere -not


The report




dj con-

520BOSE 17E11:®10~11,)/E120e


Gud)' assigaed

$655,770 Mistake
L'rtlble7rl ;# 1,'
A skilled mechanic makes 12.00 it day, works five days" week, eight horus II. day, and 50 weeks pOJ: year. How Lon wlil it tske him to make $655,770?

If such a t per: is not received in IJ,e expected length time the conercllers will ask fot it, but you should remember

should be made :LutomaticlllIy,


1t.f;\'Lng It PKV!rs mandatory .md


thtlJ It is your responsibiLity to initiele the report even though you no longer
hear the old request (or it. The new voice procedures are dis-

Auuoer: 218 years, 29 weeks,
PrtJblem #2: If the same mechanic



cussed more ftlUy on p~ge 101 of ihe Flight Informmion Manual ( February 1949 issue).

OVBN'un th ion Set tb

tion where each plane had lendatC), 10 pl"ne ahead. and in my opierage foe the mId-air collwon which (oUowoo.

False Economy
R,ecl"nUy a PlV-Z encountered severe bfick-finng dLLring a let-down with the mixture controJ in the normal (Jean) pOSItion. Tb..i.~ resulted [0 ::r.n engine fire and extensive damage to the ensint: Induction sY5tem. lm.iLlr cases of b!Lrk-flring during
let·down and landil'l :tpproaches h3VC! been rcporteJ in reveral other type plaoe. 'I'he pos ibtJity of d<tmage to

the slfety down locks on the LmdlOS gea.r, how long will it take him to spend $655,710 if he stnrts to raise the flaps ami :h it tit lllmUug _geal lever

is seared in the cockpit of a paY during towing operations and no one has bothered to f'ut

Real Cooperation
An SNJ bCC!llI1e 10st during ., Snowstorm between Whidbey Island and the Naval Air Station, Seattle. After hearlog an aircraft which appeared to be in
eeeded to the local golf course and

distres. • citizens






a: rail'\'I!J,;

Port Townsend pro, HIllwith the headli8hb

Grmn.pt,lw Pellib. one SIlYS: non"c Ib.ink iliac it didn't h.,ppen, because ir did. ThUll were two chic.f petty oHir;ers involved in this ac:ddl'nt~rhe plane ell ['rain who failed to put 0.0 the S'<!{e:cy

...... ;g


~of a number of :lUtomobiles. With this bell' the pilot was -able to 1an~ silfely. ~ Gnmlp"'" Pettibal!e :>I7'I'J: How lriendl)' can 'people be! 1 hope thi:; pllol rcmewbcrl> 10 send the Port TOWJ\!le.nd Ch.,mber of Cornmer~ ._ ,·thank-








Oil the











HeR HEYD'AYAS a gill nst

Wl\!R HEROINE !he ecunnnt it pU.ll)'Sis


STRON, G Navy,s

absolutel), vi,tul to

!be .security of the Unir.,d StqLe.~ , Beea USe rh I! no val ail: !l<'l1l is a critica I


And by j,l..ntifyiu,!l lilr;

I..h:l L ill" iles

We~pon ir, rnadflm sea w"d~!'~, We could no more deny the IIt:1lt its; ~<!ni"!';tircr.!ft than we "QuId derry "hip;; tbrur radn ..... Author of these two shiteJ1.'1cnrs 15

Ihttlv for ctmtTnU1J.lion of carrier airu:ift and' for the Mllrim: Cmp$ ,ut,a its air


Seaetary of Defense Louis Johnson. i11 au aJw:e~s to the grllduating class at National Wat College, Wa~hingtQn. D. C. Aimed M critiCSQf IlnifiOition of the
S(,'N ices , Mr.


came nul,

(oilldJent with his .speet!t, MI_ John. son ,rttvealed he had the .\pproval of President Truman on a prOJ~d to modernize the famous battle carriers, the

f IIrel~"rr!e:d

inr~I'e'I><"r [he Unued States wirh th(l inregr [(V uf frll" pcopJe:>. we have forecepts which asserj: -lilaL mV,,,reign and independern g~,."m. "'[LIT\.<0<;\ 'Hlf ".w[~'Sf>r tlml b~ ~alHJI)t tr~,p~~~ men IS ,'!l11 J')Vl H~ e I'(;11~'"ab :]~ ne iglrb9r~ : tf upon W~terTl Europe without l~M!1I?I'iOi!l -thaI peoples Who dn tlOt, ~onCtlJc till!' IIP"11 IOllr t,>~;.. l<1.Jl'n:rnacy of II,e tr.llh.·cLjvist sture are "nell1i~ ,,( human progress; Communism feeds on Poverty -tfmt (l)Jlnbpr.ltion rl\nnul.lil:;fve: !.hI< ill\cr. Wilh Ihe produce of our farms and the IlHS of both tile cornrnunist anti non-commusubstance 01 our dli~s, we h~ve resi5ttJ the nist worlds, communist virus thllt {ted!. econumi« d~sp(ll r, (he conspiracy tbat 1'1QWJ.., mpo;J.!iir. MiWary Streng'ln Is InsurC'l'I<:;e 01 til'ao,. We have chaIlC'r:!gcd ihe stfllt(8)' Ip!Jih UI(t !ree Il'l)rld 1ir:1J WilMli Ilu of ill tim id.tt ion , IfJ •.Ilt{}WI,if ~ pOl'terrfJdkled to Ih"Je /11';0" I~ lillkh'g ~1U1' I!<udlJ hlurCJ(J III ihos« J I'I! If,f Alialif!' rml~m,1I/1iIJ, IN l"'lft In)l:lJ~J "igible IIIJlhF---.J l'&w." i)l)111h to ii, 1IJ1i!;IJ ill Iff ;'11~m<¥i/;t: ltkdilx",J Q I "fS/ilYI f1i fll?,leli diJ!(",j~ '"I;I;'i't;lllm~lll, rl~II,II"t'atQ,;a{ lion,.} conduct, d~1 f)(~I;. in iu 1l/,ij1'11il1 .11!i1If.r ~g.iiII.j1 4t&r;hfmn. I'll, wh~~ 111/iJU.rU.rb~ 11

uta od t-l"resel"'l) tin" }U,l ~" long ,;I~ 1lre ~Ihnnles 0 f SovTl:ItIluss i(,arc Unimst ell by con-

w~ h",,<:



hut to prMhl~ r"r



and ]F'dJP, both now in the molh-

ball Red. To

do this, which will include

It'hl.! Ih/! itJJ,~ltlitltt rJf Ihe AI//edMI.' I}b)pl~. h~ 11'Ri 11<>& lig"liy (1."lh'llg, tbt L-lll11liillrd
<II ·ou.




flNJlI ."d,ll)11

_WC! ,1(> rhl)i(v bill 10 mai!1.11lf1l joran i,dfl/(!fII{hl'#'o f1iJ~1 (llif ilfNmWi fI,iI/Jary





eals puJ15_ The CV O,i.Jkan)' which was p01tt1r constructed duriAg Lhe wnr also will be

The JI:7 cup is now in Brooklyn Navy Yard and the Esse« at Bremerton. B0t11 wilL have stranger llight decks :md ek-llalors, pJliS improved ar.res6n,g gen. spent,

stronger d~cks and operating mechanism ~o handle beavier carrier planes like the AJ-L approximately $70,000,000 will be




the mod'erniz,uiofl


011 the (!Ikur h~11J. fbi} Jimilu~hd I,()rlihiflq ",I .1't,!N,r! aggr"uhm ,lmN lUll 'III/hi) -lir "I'~rJ .eJllc~d,,' JOf I!"w~rflll m;!illJl'lr [areet tn 11,1' Vlliled 51..1,,>,. l?l!iilHr it mlr!llpli,'/ !lid 1t!1)!!~l!NI' fIIll'JI'iJll(t .. oI !'/:illlj {lJ1rd;ili jllneJ ;n Ih~ A~", y, Ibe N ,,# Yi 11>11.. 11, Iff/nt', A'ld il IfJiI.gm'(l~J iltil u<'t!1 lin J:II'~rill" treYS!flllld, '1I!;;J~1'1I ,a'lililmhfli. "~4 «(I!IIi,II,U;f}j? Il'e"/,(1fI "!!J~"r,b. Fur .u11 Iy if t\rrH'rimo armed !-I.1'1'1lg1'/1 l>!PI1Js t;;On~t1W'l1y 011 I'be polit]CltI hurizon, CUr:!


Stam, with th~ same: advanced design that b b!:jnl!' huil~ into the other two

'Whlm the t;l1lted :5b[,e:; ,,jl,<lrucd-1ttst 111 the 'tru,,1;[f1 DnctriI1~, then [I] Ille ~fJl r~hllil PI.Lll. thUe'Jfter il] tl,,, ,AUunti, [>;1('I-tI1ll\ It would not, und Iildeed could aer, ~bi<le til, {hnquesl uf W('sltlrtl EUrope,. thi~ &ov~rnm,·n.! (31, "'(10,1 IU il i tnl)' ruwet j II o.l 11"',,1 it'i1,le 'I~~lfhl agf,'1't:~~(,m br tr:c~doery nl" by force

Mr. Johnson's Ireetk rollo'l\5 in rull:

we "op~ til d.'nll';!: rnaximum ~"jul: from our ntmed f<1r{;esns !l long-term deterrent to W.aI. Ami "n! ys() II! ng us u uista OJ.)I i11 J\()l~J:ifa n mi Ii IMy p"lky J'('ll~~Ure$ free Jit)C1pl~ tl1u-1 our rn 0 rlli pers n.uftms in bella H .,! peure a r~

hu"k.,d bl mIJit"tl' muscle, IIrlIJ the rnl;' world's Irnnt
unudariun. ThiS long-term


we e:ql~tt


nrrned [0.


,ilUiJ .he mlliMJ'l 1M) b"ff(,AII,·a liM/PeT ["(lllr h, Ib~ 1m",) life of anr 'MINi/l. 11 "'~JAlI NJ'fIflJm~ ;'1 "ilth HlU<lJsh,., FeJN,.,J blldge! If} "'MtJ"!I~ lor tax r~II~I',I<'~ with "'u~rU""'j d"dit<:ltl!d IIJ tbe hMlih, PnJf,I'I.'JJ, ,Old ,,)(;,,1 uvl [,iff of Ihl> Ame~hwu {Ilf()jr/ r. pl"fI<' ,bil'J. ,lIId hmllJ ,'!tlinm />e puulM,!ed Of! llil) {U.)INI-gIJ plan r1!hh(JlJl JIIbS(fiUII," ilil/IIMI {;III' IIllf ~t:l)lIm,.~, Tbl] it JIliN th« J1rili<" WI' {iny fCl~ ul/·weJ-.erl'fJ.jh~I1-I,,,rl of d,~ n.u, U'f 1111'" J;..O(l'f j(7/ the u<"JlJIlI !!It' I'fh" , .lk..-.nm· t1( [hI:' weLgh~}' tux burden we reprt~~nI tl]' the AmLU"UlD people, we in 11l~ arm'tt<1 fr-rces mu~l exert ourselves tu J'fOV.idc honest value (or rile dollars 'We im~nd. The uJttrnlltive (() tflici~'nlan..J unified management of !JUT MI\]<,<i (or(cs b "JlcfLli.e by the Am~r'lCa.n peuple 01 a ,.jWf1: of their stu ndllrd. Ot Ihring fur wl1~te. dl.lplkatil>l:r, and ""T,pcti>


a 4t'/Mfft,t;

to Mmed <r.ggl'fuio'/l"



fur !b~



Illined ;r~ efnllnmic. floUt;.

Thus in


",ill, Ir~·t



tm\'<! laooreJ


10 Jl1lml!l1.i;,"

tequrremeut (0.' l\ml;'TIt'nl1 "T me<.! ",t rellg!'h is DU I un. ilJmls!i inn Ihtlt 'IV:l r i.\ iTle~it".p1t_ Nur is il n dcu.iaj of United Nu.tlun~ a~ .:1 I'oruill .tot neg<Ju.aulln. In,teaJ. l(ttlll-fMgf:' milfmry ri.'aJin~.s,'i ;" Jid<1l~ fly Snvict Rus;'<a's iotmn,igent Qppos.itwo ttl I'~(cflll !~1J1I.LlJ1.Ship~ illI the U:~ \\'Clr!d. w

Pri0r to errJ:,:nncnt of !be Nauu:tml Se(urit~ .t\ct III 1947. cfJ(,h ~)f Ihe nlln~J ,!1r\'ices ""'as resp!>o.iibJe fllr but Q, fl'-f1ctlum,J &h~rc 0'1 tbe nation's defense Thai there ""liS
in:ldl'qll11rl:' ~orrelJliQn

tiun :anlLofig the services themselves. 11,j" I SUbill it, thel' l1W!1()j afford in. rIle "t'M~'lliilt]j~ ,tJ'¢;'IL

$ome ~Illp l.i'lltlOn


was to be' e.'\:p~ttcd. Todn , rcsponsibilir, fOI rlilc nation s armed se 'uri!}' has been Joined with ;luthorlty in the NiHjU!l~1 MJli\~r1 Est$li:ihrnent. Aud It is here, under the roof of this ,.tabli~hment. that the mi1llar~' ,hief~ Ilf all Ihree 5~rvi(;fS-1l$ members of the J lint Clu"'£s of :5la-f1-hiil\'C 0011 in"~t<::,J wHh in, !~iviSjhl1i n1~prm~Ibjljt}' fin the nation's $C' lllrlt)-11. rl;"ponsibiJlty greatly in excess of thllt devolving upon them ,I ranking officer;; "f Iht'l.l' respective forces. Jo.lnt Chiefs Role 15 Leader rhlJ~ in d~terlnit1ing
supported with IiOI1lLI Military fund$

the f rees that on b .wail, ble 10 the NaEstablishment, ihe Joim nllt nnly


incur .reponsibility


-lhW become j(ctounwble for tl~r ~I,!lllloml il1'tn<:J defense I'lf tbe Unittod St;lt~:>, Fqr Ji l~ upun til.;. con:;idcreU militurr luJ'-lment uf the )1 in! Ch.ief~ ,{ iliff thlll the l'e("t:~,t of Defense must f~ly for zuidenre. 1t C!l It !tu .lunge r be claim cd mill ea..:h oN,ice i, enti fl«d 10 exclusive J udgrnen] .lOci
nutnnomuus control of rhe funds nllors ted [or

~'oltlbal competence of theIr ~ parate services. Nut more .importaat-e-individual ly and )olntl '






pMStll .1nd dqplit.1UOTl in e1fl)tl, the Nutiunal Estnblisbmem run hljlp the S\:\'crnl ~ i s bette, ttl wn~ e ntrare lin th it I'rI.ol.~ tr,l~, missions, .ind Iunctions These la~ks were ddllltld firM :1LKty WC~1

their nnsnnr 01 portunities for development. By Ireemg 'hem ft0m the hurd ..o of ~i5·

its role, 5ir1Cl< Ibe }'Ililt

r("';tlf1ll~ible for the it .is tlielr dllt)' to -i'on~ IIi ~Il\'il!f\,j l. : n 1:hll$~ who roJitelld must be

Olhd~ are mutuulf 1\"tipn's Whole .1"icl;:;e. ,onS'ider the rnajnr deei-

gk ser ice. ,'II!! unaudited lnndlld nf it~ .df~I'~ by "ny singl", service i~ nn of1en ill,il,ltron LD ~~l~nJl'hrj[t defense And ~h'c W,l',(e "r our rt'mllr~e$ iu sp<Ofl<llhlin tk'f,'n~e " ..n in; llali('ln tr) riisa ter, Hone.st Opinions May Differ Tbi: Wllblt"j nl rua/dllg am/Tim ~I)ilhht lilt!' .-1111l(d 'Fol (f~ 11 IU/I II wilple 1t1J~ d /lIJrfl1lJi braJI 1<'1I¥JliN, III COJltfI1t'_'WII(J est, /ttl ill/o Iht' iutr! ,11f "'Id /erh"lir.ll t1p",,1. tillili tI/ Inghly Jtlo!~j,tllz.cd endeavors, W'ilb Ihc. iJJo!I't!/'IIIJIJ of .1 Itli 11I1f'(:f,1;lfI,iJ'ilIC 1l.<f"'fC-I't "I tb« IIM- (hool ti«, 11.f'· J t'aHI1~ ierric«: I~tl,e 'em(/J~d dllif(enfl) /(I , .. ,mh',; lblti.' ail' fertl/uJ ']'bI'11.' dille-rei/rei (:.:111 lilil If} III/dl 1'/ tl/; l(fllltr'''{O/lJ r,ilh"J lit (,>j (jl/~ r,< r/'irt &,1,OI/l)lhn- <u Jhey d1J 111 hOI/till JlIilwee/lt~11t ll/fiJJIf( ".ttl/t'l fI/('11 (o I!:id,rb/)' cljl/iPl'cd u,jllt < \}It ilJ <lllilllllll 1/)t'H /lUll 17'11' k~crl dOlle rj 1",1 dl$I,'H Jf"t b .• ~1"lIir;J ~d.J11 juribr /0 Ihem 1l',rin /oJ,dllu ill ON/e"I "I (uti., dll(~ If}

1.1 fer!)' UJut tl.ili; .n.. ti,u:1. can 010 lunger In Iern re (be autonnmous eonducr of ~IW srn-

t [,~


nrbltl!f ,if its 0,\\,11 n~ed




.md Ih.:re .. frer"l N("\\'p< rt where th" Joint CI1Jt!'f nf Sblft met to delmeate ihcu SI!I"\'JC( le';rl'Mibilit ws in rb~ united Jefc.nsc .)f the r11ll\ion, Those ugrucment$ <"'XJ5t I",<llt' us a charter for UII: guidlll1't' of roch n icc In itll Inngr;,nSl planning, It is a ~hMwr sufliciemlv #l:\hl~ III lt~ J~l1njliLin uf roles, rnissinns,

:helt (,1mI'aigll (J I lerrl) ~ .l.gtJ;mJ /1I11oN IIIlilir,lIt<>1/ .I-} jhr ,"11I~,1 [orce: 11,.<1 hrl1 e 10J"CiI [als« {jI'lI~J u,lIhonf Ihe !ubJ/;f//f'>' 'ii trutb. W'/Il liM. extensio» III llm~dt.1II f(lllllllll' meins ()1'el'u./J~br;li;' I,) .f1ura,,~ '11/1i1 r.I1 11M P,s.'//Jr-.1 1/1"tJ/lg ,"""I-Y i, ;/'[tillll h I iJ,,! 1(1 tb« sa-mil} QJ tbe l.!iu(l?q Sl • ae«. Bero« s: Jhl? 11,lul ;tu .1'111 u 1/ crmo! U'fliljiIJiI ill Jliti,t.'rtI rbl irartar« II,'" r~lJld I'" ill"'!' d'''I' II,t flul Iff C11'IW' ;l;r<TI!/1 Ih<lJI IU r"lIfr1 -da'l) -,hil'] Ih-.;/t l.td4'. I'b.1I !lit! IIM,I 1'#1 .1Ii <'lit! to tIm rfi{lfJ}l: oJ

.1 rnred


to wfh. \Tl!ct'r!~,nryjo
Al the


sam time it i J it (;11'1 he lI)l'lujtiuJ t" "I kn(1w k·dl' I' .Ignlfimllf rh:.nges in l"C1rld W!1 d cl1011S,or 1"(:1:,(,1li!'nllT)' devclnprneers u ; n ~dence .LAd res(:l!rrh,
UII1rtW- ,I'


01'1 Le.aders· Advice o] Ode~:<e, I snhsri ibe 10 tl.:d nuJi.!.ul' charter Ilf service rnles and mjs~jllM. j gladlv defer t. the- Pt"fe:s~jonal lI1iliLury knl?wledge of our 01111 hiefs of tall'. an ,1


../irrr-.m, :II ibc hi/I/(I time T I J!l~fl/1 fbI! MrlhriJ!.hl J t ,h. {',/jllfli SIJ,J" , ]1'1", ;III! C(" I" .mt! il,! ,1/1 «rm, 'l'bc /./idriIiC '0/" in 1/',1101/,.., Is I!IM'MII, t!il Ilr1l !IY lJIIl/llldl:! /IJr I/J ""lOr I,.tl ""llitio" bin 11J tbe JlI'Il/OI 1/1 (1"fIlJ for fillliplth/1( 1/"8J tPlth .,ui/III, [orces

r 'Jlitd


/1'1 m» .h"N' Y'" tlsu I .Im 0.1 a/If ('{iIIlbmil/~ 1!~lIIf 1m


((III' I



rfli 11.( r,'hll;'! aJ d,'I, nse (J 'I4r </1 ~.",.n rrrtllll.,1 '4 ,I'}." rl1l1dM'1 p} ,w/I,.I c,.f/II,,,ij(lu.



Supply of tbe


.I ~lllill n~U km1wi!lgll'

iuJgmeet unless ,om'inced, Ih~ir \ iews are in L"lJIIRit't with other mrl~;dern!jons b yond tlwir rovinCt', For In' e>:o!rrik civi1iun morn.1 <If t)ur mililary in.stiturw.n' l!< nor 10 ~bro8are nll1't.:HV cnOlnmnJ hut to guiJ!' il COllh icnti,\u,Ly in ~«ord wilh Ilw l'{fliI()'lIk ,ltlJ pqlitl(llI pol;," 01 thi~ nation. Thete ()(lSIS in OUL f>r"~en( 5trtH~IlJt <I\n·
CUrl .I·{



II !J'dl be- Ihl" dIU)' "'111 <l1,/'.lil)('/ rill/dllJ/ '~<)'lIr,-,J 1'/1.1/ tl'.'lJ

lVlll ~ br (lrollil" rI!'t',mlil';ifJ til JCif ,., 10 dell')'

sea ,••~itl.



<if} <'IU'mt

It> !JiJa'dMlei!

IIt'/NI ,""11' f!/ I'iIJI
~" 'UI~jl!!t'(i(

I/' !lYdU/ii( <llld




n;JJhm~ I dcfe11l_~e lin e~~~oti:11ll[ld


(>1 GUt

the -~eyefell' wme,.tcd

('r~ ice. di,.·

f.swb.li~hrn~nt\ thl're ('"usa today a rtildjne~s !llld defelUe pot~ntldl ~UpU'iN In IIt,lt (If IIOY previous )1t'tiod In our nati,1n 1>

11l,1t Iwv~ IwndiCl1pf'~~

the wprk

hool)rabk r"jc for !'ad, of Ih~ Nnw.,] Ff1!ctls. For <Cl!UIit)' is a ('oop"r,ltiH' '-C"1llltC t,1 he g\lincJ \ i!h l'{l(1PCtllt.i\l" dTnrr N Ij,,, Arnw, ihc Nal'Y. and Air Force, It j~ nnl n ltllU-

lJl"f',,-fiJI AI'IIl,~ ,'fM .Air H')" tl. Ait "",arJ"lIr(' hn ~ I'lI:;s<::d t 11rough ;1 p"TioJ of aciole; cnte to hnd tI1uturhy III .1 D \ cnn· c<:)'>l "f 'Ir~to:gic "it hnmbllrLl"1C!nl. Til U~ [he lh C,,-,1t ,) f , ru!t.mt ,eta Iilll Inn thr(,fog b an airlll!'CO'SJVC h~s b~wn.le un{' "I tl1~ Krt'~t(;st cle-


If! (mlu·

pWcctlmc IlJstory. J()ill( pmnnl.1ts j lb, three C1"l'ire; Illl\'e fusbil~n~d fitr:ttegic l'liU15 fr,! the 1l1ltll111 ~ Jtft;OSC: "dYan,cd beyond those (If any prtvlI1U~pe~H'lilTle vca!. J ron truthf Ilily f('p,\rt 1.1 vr.U, Mr, President. liud to the Atnedl';l.ll ptnf'lle JITnt their del~nses hay!! DlOver bl!'crl i.n .l.s ((1I11J'l'tO'nt lLI1d ilromi~ Ijlg II Londi.tjnu l.e1 these ilctomp hshrncl1 t5. be- ,1 monument 111rn preueressol- Jim Fom:stni


I'~tiri\'c ~I'terprjse wllC'r~ ont' ~~f,j,C' c.tn 1'(;\J1t at th~ expen e or aJ'f,ther It admit. (,-f I\e.tl1t'F rrl'CInIIlcnct: nJlt hr"l eu'phu..~is 1 .. rrmiJe ('1f~>ctni.'Jy f'lf scruril)" Ille K:I(illlt,d Miliral1 E~t:lbl;shmenr must Dcliltcigc U11par. till I!\' the rel'''~R:ntu_int15 "f "lIt Mn'il'J (..reef; in \ dghiT1t: till' prii'fltie, of their lU'ed~,

lert<'nt~ t{I tHJ,\),. StrlltaeK ,Uf DI)mbin,l: has b.."n (h31't(;r~ 11)' th~ J "jill C,l!id";; n[ tn1J ,t>; j hI: 1'1 i 111M)' rni ~i(ln i"1 the AII' Force.


Air Force Defends U.S.
AI lhe
~Rmc time, rhr'lI1~!ble

Secretory Cancels -Big Corrier
'TIl, "mu!l1Iioll of UIII!II"II(liMI /l1,II/,r for 11 lllJ('''/ m /leU-,'I'Y1'" IJ,H bee.1 '" IJ I fed illlo tI' ,-hlll/1<' of /"f'j( IllirJI'l ITg,Ji11 tiN' .VI1I.V, Somert

the Air FOl'ce held .Ii r defense <II tlu! United Stjjte~ AliJ It l' !;'njlJln<;d tu I'tm in", (~C1 i,~ t Itir Slll'port for the Army and tor the: Navy
f',r in sea ,Idwns. hil-li b~u"J1e t'~I,<:da II) uiu~ III 111 land "Pl:nJl'"Cl' oj' lite. Army hjl to )day nO u.rmy {;lI1 qpl:'rote e¥T"f'd.iv<:ly Lt, tilt tield until bll1iml '1lf C1perlltlOUS all' coufiled WIth IIll 111uneUwr /;,[ HHnnlry and t;tn.k;; (ltl I he grt[lJ.[ld, rl\'~n Ul the wmhirwd employment of air,
\\!hotn r~I1'ted


T,H·I!c.11 ~ J r ,\ LlrJ'Drt

cati\ln of th" ;lIme.! rune.!> inl,t) ~ mIlitary e.~tablishmellt tl:\llt will noc itllpall th~ir s~par-.u.c ('apahilitl'!:5,-hLlI one tl1;,-1 \"ill c:nl"rge

fr Ims




Iu Sp('N this uniJi,

",lrIir.I1I,1 ,,/Ibal



'~rt'ir" ·h(1,t6 t'XiI_$l;erllU:li tIm rep'~J~,'tltd il ,1$ jiarl <11 ,I
10 Illlk




/1'1 redltel:



NI.Il ),'

lab" ,/flf!

:wy If} !1 Jl!l'flmJ,·dIlIS



nav "I, .trul ground ~UDS-lllodClin war pre, Sell a problem of priOl'-it)' 11.Dd sequence in mounting an offeMive against tbe agg(e.~· s r'.$ forces lind the sources til hi$ trMgtll. [t1 the event [If war, the Uiljred States bus rmcboice but tn join the confllet with an 'llntek of iI'H,"rea$ing."ioknce, gwwing intenSit)'. and

larger getting


Joins Tour


Display to Midwest

Residents of the Middle ,,«lest" are exhibit including
a chance to see a traveling naval, aviation When the Navy's "l<trtd-going Beet" of trailers vans plus otbr.;r vehicles, the mobile

ince Hlreshlrna, to a great e"tellt, the fnrt'Lmcs of .air pnwel haVI1 been linked III




,tod vans visits their cities. Composed of seven serni-trmlers and exh ipit gi'ves In lJJ1d areas a chance to see and learn sometil1ng about tlie fleet

the fQttlJ.nes of the atom bomb. For while: tlUI ntnll1 bllmb m,lY evenl uall \' "dmil of (Iller·

native delhery ~hrf)\,gh pilorless nxkets III submallne. tbe strategic b(,ml:\t<r toduv de· tJ\'j:b Its enorm U$ ,1lCl)ril)' val It' fr<'1l1 its prospective !lbil~lY !u deliver tilt: hn,lll!> on ,Jiril[1t laud-ruass targees. 111<;long-tet n: AIlif'lIr.-II' .r./"PI/ldge i" 1"11,1"1~ lid ~M I,/ tixrIJ ••ri,1' /1/)1!<'1.fl011 n] Jhe dlfNII !wwb bfll in 'he IlIMhf;/) 01 ii, bOIlll! jJW,rill(iif!Ji itluJ ;', tbe J/>t'6d ,wil 11f( IIrl1( y lI,i,I, 111hith we 'fIli;l!,i.J1 ddhirl 1be I,' hoft,hJ ("I ~'Jt!IilJ IJb,uJitoe;r. (1m II ii/Jill' J f-.:tJ' sbon yc.II I u-e 11111) INI'

and its aviation component. 13IIAER has two V<UlS CuJ1 e;..;hibit, and II flatbed truck ,;\Iith a cuf.away 111-1-1 P/Jdll10m Je~ so vi ;tors em see ho complex the inside or an- aircraft is. Included in the iluAliIl t.xlubit are 3 modc:J eVB with miniature planes 011







land Force$ Are Necessary

The p'\~h\ ur Jl1llital'j' strength uf llurlJ.l;'ll t/rn ,h, aNiI 0/ Ibis er« of .IIIW:; JU"'U>!Ins bC1'11 centered In t\ htn,J'JJlnss [and-oriented .111 f fI/ IIIb01l1 r!i,t will bf JIg/Mllel bJ Ib~ p('lwcr~ 1'0. prevent this powei from spi 11"'/'/(1,lil1ll rtf UJIIII! ()/}.t.1 Ifillirm', bomb. From ing over the J;(lrrlel'$ f ree nariens, we tbiu till) ou. oar adhllll,'SI;''' ttrnteg]« bombh;wl' made it nUT 'polJ~'Y Whelp u"",,, free ilJg will rest not ill nlolltl/'cl,t possasio» » people' rnaintaln their iotegti[r and inde11.'(' a(l1tl1 bomb b711 ill (llIr 11I/J<'rittr I/(Jrkpilt, pendente, B)' I'kdging o~lr resuurces and ou» {1,'otbW;ot/ (l1jmr;!y. :rna ill .'hl! dl1.!C/i'lf~· their aid. We have idt"ntl.fi~cI our :'itUlnty lit 1j IUM q.t/(f-fulty (If nlrmqr tfljl';'e'r/ 1tI with the seoilll}' oi a free and 5ltlbt~ world, d~/JI fI Ihl1u b(}tIIln. We- h!L\lt'deditted UtilI freedem when threatened unvwhere ;js freedom tll.rtI'Ut~ned "v~. Wh!lt the "tOIll bQI):~h jill' jftcall.1 mulu~h;,lJ\ no lOllg!!! wait behjt1J the plled 1'l11: dtstructh'cforee of ail' pO,W1l1, it~, where. ~e1l.5 fl1r the fires of aggression to engul] \15, effl1C't upon war SITa1e:g.1' and the length 11f For it is the inLent of the Amecic:ao f'eople Wlll has nol vel heen o:omp[etely explored. thllt we prevent ilJ' tl)' ,-'m~t'rlJd.ing ~uch Certain II' the .lWm bomb 11; nor [be absolute fOffllidablc barriers to the likel·illooJ t l SUt· W(?lIPClD, Bur neither 15 it just another piece Clf Of (Ill an whifh hltS llIodj.fiI.'U only ~light!y cess i£I wal thul 110.Lggr "" w;U dunce the ,ldvcntlitC. th strategy of W;)J'. The great ~l£nltidln«: ThrlJ Jhc pri1lJ .. rv test aJ q~ r A'/iflir,lII of tit atom bomh lies in the d~trV<:llve and INilil",y illJtltuliQJU fin {11 its 4(Jilil\ /0 f!MIII enial rower thaI m-ay be carried in a ~ingJt hule(l_Illtd,) hi p arel;,rJe ,If a forcible d~t~'aU-craJt. ren; fa l!'d, ii'llhaJJl mi/ihni::in'$ the /)"Ii<m PlorJes Only :4.id Soldiers o» hIlI/AMji/ill!!. il ill Ibt 'Iuri eal. T hif 11'(' Though air power has 8i~en promise- of 11 Ixrt'JI f(lJ;.8,hr , ... ,/(1 kY (llli!'1bl£ r1'1I11fi'rOJ speedi er end In (0 rliIict;. It h as [JIO' liuP]! I[L.!I red /'Jl Jr:itllr... 1'0' 'fll "l~ ;J1,~e<1sed de!ilr1lcli",~ the soldier whu must linnJll" !IdeM the enemy !lUI of IUW 1I·t:.Jj,uIII lies (1111' 111(>" [iMllfi,illg '~Ild fflr~e!, Ft)r ulrimately war ~etweeD rut(!f()1{1~'1 af .Jrhi-if);"l (l1~tJNdle Ihj't'i'1J( lI.'Iil,.· lions is reduced to one man defending his 11111 dls/OMI/all of ()pr erQrW!lI.~ ,1IId JliMII' "I 1ru:Wwhile Molher attempts t(J Invnde ii, 1'1'1',''''111''' ii' ,he Itf"i'lffodllflir<, /111rHiilJ o! Unlike the Air Forre with iI$ bomoors on tcu«. the rendy line. unlIke lbe avy -u it!, its shjps Service$ Plan For Defense tit sen, the A emy 011.1'11 devote II. greater shnre of it~ strength ro nourish \I later war potenYou gentlemen who graduate this duy li~l rather than II. l.lrge-.s.mle roree fol' jn-~t:'.lnJ fl'Om tbe: Nut-iQouJ War College have studied comp,'i. evertheless, it I~ e~l:inlj(~\ to the our security Ptnhlem~ llat fWIl1 the :wriclged ~'-curitr of this narien, Vital to the conduct vitlwpolnt t'( t,"e ~eF,'ice whose Ul'JifQrnt you or WIlt t.h~t tfJe Arm~ h~ve a 1110 I'll'! I' ~frJkj:n8 w.enr but frtlm the w-iller range of (jut 0»fo«~, comb~t trained .mJ .1\"2i1l1ble flJr \ngtl1l tiona! I.Qtere$t~. [1'0; this inslitlltiQfi hl~ (Y5ed d iSPUI~h 9 nywJtcJ'e in !'.he world_ inl., Ii unified concept of n~tional sccur:ity Be('llu~cthe United Silltes wuld nut-with, the mO~1 1Ilh'alIud thl'll1gi1c nf the- Arm_y, tJII! Otl't grave clISt:J:~SS [0 the d"iJizcd worldvy th,. Air Force and tl1e civi~!Ul :o.t;"ncit~ abandon Western urope 10 t"tlfmy Qct'11pa" IIf i)W l1.. uO'nlJ government. UI)D with the later rrnlllj_,,~ of libetaHan, ~u.r .J\.1(lre 1l1an IVe:<I,PI1DSnllUon~J ~cllOnSC: i~ I og-term st..rllte~Y-1fl WI' eve.nt 0 WlUessemially :l. lIusioess of people. 10 the lasl must test in lh" wnmirun~rll <lod thereafter Ill'IMysis toe ,eC'tLciry 11( lhis nstiM ft'$ts upon ill the defeat uf iltl nsgr<:5so-r's hmd-nrlllY the: wisd'om, It'll' ludsml.'nt, tilt' IntE'gtil')', mil strengul. To iJVI' In ptepru1ltw.n for so tile professional abilit~ of people like \'QU. oner()!l~ .. w.:uti.me t~~k, lh_1: Arm)' must pliUI U )'01..1 wllJ lift up your eyes (0 COllreml'l;J_te (ot the rapId m-06i lh...uiun of its 1nlolcban.i7.ed U1e ml)f)u.nlelltaJ In ks \ Jlich ~ou a~~ officers of t.he N"al"looal l.{i!ltarl' EmMisbmeot share mtUll'Qwor" And It must compcns.otle ror our numeti(~1 JisnLlwtnt.n,ge both by tile J~struc. In tlli~ milian's Ilefense, and tll"t of OlJ.( oWes. r am c<!lll.lidtllt tbe Ameri(:"ln ptoph: !i~'-eness of Ill; _fire I'll "'till 11 ad the mobiH tl' 0 its manel! Vl!t_ cun vest thel! good faith In y01,l.






aviatien medicine di~play. antisubmarine
warfare, atom

the deck parach utes,

turret trainer,


de' ense and a Marine

i Land assault panorama, 011 three previous rip in 2.2 states, the Navy mobile exhibit has attc.acted hill a million hitors, In charge tile exhibit is Cdr. J. ]. Mar-gan with Lt. R. L, Peoples as



opt:fattlons officer.

September and October in rhrunolegieal order are Davenport, Iowa; Peoria and Springfield, Ill.; Burlington, Cedar Rapids, Wale-deo, Des. Moines, Fc Dodge Sioux ity, Ia.; Oma.t:a.. Nebr.: T 10eph, Mo,; Kansas City, Kan., [ndepenJence. Columbia, Sl, LOUIS, Mo.; Evan "ville, Ind.t and Prank fo rt, Ky.

itics on the Innerary



Fred B. Clover, PJ<.l of V A·195


pnlp I.i!a.!}' itl/O lIZ h,v,l.-f)u/trJ17neY, II 1!ert1f)/1 (if ~he It,ght.ro}1e !~JQ/ke,.'l l1eJ.



.stationary AD·l J/m}flgh a

m<:lke.s JI'I'I.I


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USS Plt~_E ISLA~D- U ne,x ploded bombs, tiny Jap.built seaplane ramps lind typhoons helped make life- interestlug for FASRON-t22, which recently returned irom a lour of duty operating rhe ramp Itt 'I'wan THO Pcint, Tsingtl1o, China. The r,nnp wfJ.s"built by the japanese, a Slll~1 ravctl area on a narrow oeck of lscd with steep $loping ramps approaching (lorn either' side. 11,:;; japanese [ltmes must ]1,1\'1: been ~onsidt'ntbI)' liEnt.:! and of shullower J mft than 1 PB~,( because two Cletracs were an absolute minimum for ba(Jling in n PBl\! and one of thl.; ramps was out of the question for usc [,bC,U.l,cof the shallow water In th.-,: L!J1proHdl area The other WIIS usable only :at higb tide. The seaplane I\\mp Wb owned by theChinese Na\f~' and Chinese Air Perce 11150 had jl bomb dtJfl1p occupying tile adjoining pared of land. The bomb dump W:~$ :I heltro~ell.eOllS mixture of Japan,e~_e. American and whatever else rYPQof bombs the Ulri fty Chinese could $uoung.e, piled U1lev,cnly into itreguj,\t pits and oozing exudate oul. ot' tru( ks

the lnr:\' itable happened. It is believed that some unfriendly member of tb!!! opposite rarty agl[J.teJ the explosives- and II!!: ["amp suddenly went out of commissioc fo! three mouths. The 30·hour checks k>~illg pC1:Cormed on tw-o ai<plam.>s. never were complete-d. With tlie rtlr'11p nut ofcornrnis ion, I( was eSSell,1(11 that at least one plane remain ill the QUo}, (,oDtintlou~ly. When il trQugh 01 weather barked by .. mighty Siberlan hi&h wOl.1Ir1 suddenly sneak

into the trwuud, In the middl~ of November

Into Tsin,¥t!lo



the Nsvy's

Its Last


Gives Up SB2C's

,"Il!l; pped up lo a ~tlLtL wheret he pi anc wJtrh h.lI!! 10 subsis! on (old cub. omd letter writing for a. few Jays. Americ-llO:;' are rouched in the head
The Austral i[l1lS and Brihsh thmk the

the llarOQf



Anot11~r ef


I'ightlIlg airuaft bas been "let out to rasture" and reured from tnt' Ih,et-thil


keep a watch 00 board moored ailcornrt at all times and 3flet several prolcnged
rLuie walc;hc.s llte squadron with them.


to the

bnt_H~·hjed DOUj::Ju5

hoyS' agreed

Bra.t.1 entered rhe service- in Lde I ~4'3,
Some 7.0UO of the Hl'lldl/lefi were bul1t in the U,S. lmd Canada. The dash-cue SB2e, SB'F Qr SB\>q H;lIdJ4/4f! had threebladed props and the third to fiftb series


the !l.igger and heavrer

(our·bl,\.dr:d props. One Xf;B2C-l was built,:J, twill-float seaplane. AD.l·s rod some A MH'S an' eeplacemeats ..
which flew its 1') Hl!lldltJerJ o.ff the CV Valle) Potge during their Mtliy opentional readiness inspeetioo. Despite glowering weather, the squaJron put on low level attacks, ,on sl110ke lights, bombing of .sHc:b .l!IId re'!1'ming drill, A bll.dly pitching deck \1'~S lit least partially resl?oo:sihk (or two a(l:Ldents in the HdJdhl1:!T''; 5"''l'l11 song

N:1Yj' operates sod lights, all "tour pa.rt,ies'· ale taken aboard carriers for a day's demonstration M flight- opera·

NAVY CARRIERS SH'OW WARES are belSMtl:'n,edreiLlism of Kn~tIng a betteron both coastsIJOw get- acHol'l by the Ashipdemonstration by Boxe! look at the the

the Iasl nel!t squadron to use

ClAimllnt of the honor ot havill}1 been



. SB2:C's are sUlI being !lown by Reserve squadrons and 1t few are around for spc-daJ jops like drone Hyin~, catapnlt testing and other resel1t~h projer~. 'rile Navy recently took delivery on Its ~OP!h I\D·I SJql"l1idfll' {tnu Doe ~gu1'ldron of ,""M'l M~u1el'.r is Ilpe£'l[iol1:ll,The HeJldirfeN soon will be oul of the Reserve I_'lrollrsm. also.
VP--II)· Ten pi lofs. of till ~ squrulron, um,!! t'Wfl PIIM'S. m01.Je )2. pMCli,e- OCA rlll1$ .ill I!:'S~ ll'lWJ j"!lr 11our5 with onl)' three wnvc. off~ Six di1fer~l1t controllers witli GCA Uf1,r ;inti roll!{lllkd file rIms.

On the W-e5t Coast, 48 members of the American O.dn anre Assod<ition went aboard the USS Eo1Tro-kC! [rom Long Beach and were given a full day's look at hunter-killer operations aga~n!it "enemy" submarine s. Split into 1.2 units with officer Bu.!J.C?, nil oS the group received first hand infO~lTUltion 00 whal was gotog on. The public address system carried a l:llOaiag t'ommeoWy, as well. Eighteen planes of vc-n we're catapulted and the visitors W'flfchci;1 the- ere team bike over, yeNOr and telay information to the- planes seekExercise torpedoes attrw.lly were Jj red by the sub and II di.s\"J1ay of evasive
ing the "attacking"



-~ suDm1l,ri e. n

,Ilrcr-ttft of 5t!"afinft_ MId ,Jrcr~ft ro<rkcol liring at ;l. towed spar was followed by antiaircraft tirlllJ'; ag;tinst .R d rene target. On the AH.lntk Coast, the ('VB hl;dIfJolY lbok ~ gw.u-p of SeeN;!\' guests Otl! fo: a four.day enlist' to demonstsate carrier opl;;mtlOt1S \"Inn later took the Armed Forces S~aff College La se~ for demonstrs tiODS. On rile SeeN !IV cruj_~e-,~he- lYljd..WJf'j took F8F:.s Mi1rioe CorJclI':;, F6F -night fighters, II pair of I'lV'S !lnd ~ Pi",;scckl helicopter along to l~rovide the ltir show, which ~a'l'e the Congressmen a good Look .It hoW t1H! Navy operates, The /11'.mlth, D. Rowe-tlell also took our tblt: ~I-:Uf college for .a three·day dt'ITlIJH:;;tm· (jon uuist-. Larer Jemons!h,t/OOS went mads for the Armed F{)[("es Food [O:itJ ture and Inc Arrned Forces lrulusl rill! College, AVUA, CHAil;I-ES10N. W VA-AgrcernE'ot Ius been readrod with thl. Kentucky Air Narionel GU,H.I .rt Louisville for
l rainers,


,. , •.., ,


'l~..--~~ ~¥'.~ ,., {'" ("1·.


program Volunteer

pilot:.s [0 USI: their Lmk All insrrumen; In'>tHI(l ion is now bdl'l_f; 't'L up by .1 who w:t~ J. [orrucr link

~h'r G .... A~Jll'OlId;e'"...
Aol11nl CCA _L"nd,ill.p.. ."..



1I91 22 l .51'0

./l,p_l'l'o.i1ohe •••• , •.•••••••.•• ·r~l.Iil~OA '-"IlIrlinl(;;. ,. ,.. ....

a ...."')

t/~~~' It~~~!tr

operator. AlllTlltJa-Since cJtI;.1.Il"(: of NA r crews have been Ji\'lIlS at ~ n®.by Marin!" b~lIe This move rnakes '1'11..:.' Iboroughl\' "merged·'- p,1id by tin' N"-v~. trauls f(l_t IheArmy, trafn;. Coast <';uMd navrH,ONoLULtJ.



w~u. SAltOn

gatn.r~ and

Ijve.~ with


Marine ...


61, veteran horonatssance unit of the P:tcifil ['ltel'S Air Force is off on another );1.1.1111 to the top 0 the world, m:Lpping Alaska uil reserves i11 tht: Point Burrow
A'I'RI u, [CCUll

P gmphic

Two J etarh









liam J-1. Davison


by arr (or OI11C in t:ul} M.IY ro resume ilerlttl ~U.f\reyi.ngof ' 'i,000 st!Ulue miles of j\rctk Al.l.sb. SJX PB4'l-J 's are bused at M,uk Air Force J33.se at NAVY PHOTO PLANES MAPPING AtASKAN ou Nome while fO~lr Beerhcrnfts each an: ans who helped make pre-invasion photo at Urmat. This years wr.vey is u"~in~.t new-type mars of Padfil island .md beaches, Dusing the t9r1R survey, the squad.aerial mlll~pll1g camera, i'llI' CkF m ..do: by F.urch ild' .arncra Corp, Named th(· ron's eight- pluries recorded ~8.000 miles of \vildenlcs"". on verliral phutr:lgrapb" ("aftuJ;;ral~hi,. It is n:cci\'ing ItS hr t from W,llClO reel alUlitC. In .lddIUun. (ull·\',ult' tryoLlt. Several U$eJ List year 1,2.UI) miles of rhe Colville river's un proved th~)' l'Qldd bke extremes in prospecred vnllt:y [)ottOl11S and enclosin.g temperature ~ml produce pU010l-m1ph wbrdl were ilCCU£1lte enough to ~Ilt'~f) ridges were recorded 00 brge 1('1' oblique phoros. This indLllk)d ~h;er the m.!pmab:rs oj' HydrogNlphj( Olnr.:C' :Iilh .11,J high l'&.1k", 01 the Brook~ TI,e IY:19 opersuon, entirety above rat1ge \vhtch stretched unbroken llVOSS th Arrtrc Circle. is llre second sumAlllska north of the Yukon. mer rhl1~e o( II I WO to three yc.:.u .ierra].

!hotographers, touling Alaska

ts of nav al ~;rrnen


and Unuat,

17') men left San DII:go

ralls (or use of :iix adnptcd ror photography. A main detucbmelll of 30 oilln:ts ami 1 0 men is. at Nome. This group will carry the brunt- of aerial surveying, U$iog caJtognlphic cameras ream 10,000 feet and tri,netrflgon cameras [torn 20,000 feet. The verticals, to .1 scale of 1·20,000 will be used b)· th~ USGS For topogra.phic maps while the trimetregon oblrques will lIit.! petrol"tum geologi.!ilS. A sub-detarhrueor of officers and
and four Beechcrafts



~o men, with the Bee hUJ rrs, i~ based ,H
Umiat under

rn, Pl'lUg projert

evors .l.rt: (oJ!llbor;ttiLtg ,lo~,d}' With lhe' U. S. Gt,t)lo.~jl',L1 urvey und the ijuft"lJ of
,1I::fi~1 l>llCI

Reserve Four. The

of Navy


Last year' $ su rvey covered bolli


Y,m]:; .lOU DI;I(k~. Mdll}' of lhe aeriul J,ho!ographl·rs-. phOto. interpreters .rrul rilot~ 01 \'P-lil are World W.lf IT vetcr-

ern AJtl.S"" and the heavily-umbered "panhandle' where Jut~1 were soughr on t1le quantity of 1,ulp lill ber .11 silahle ..tP.!. 011 pal<mllll I sites o·f w,lterpowc r develcprnent. TIl t 194';) Oj1k'I',Il'iOI1 under dr. W II·

tht SNB-1p·S, Tile maneuverable little planes Will hed:rehop oyer ridges and I brough narrow V~U~}'~ ,-It 50U fCl:!t .,-hootLnJ:;both color .111l1 black-and-white photos with J.::1S'S. To get the mCL! of Vt"'i"i1 to lilt> ArctiL requi re, II I'e ord.makrng airlift by Pleet L[}gi.';li~ S\lp:por~ Wi.n;.:,~ C,II'(Jtiu« ,"1,/1", JOI.I l'(-.111'$, VR-2 and VI{·S
moved 100 tons and I-i 1 men From the

will be sur eyed from

Colvilfe nver basin and 'Unexplored p0rrions of central Brooks range. Tn u.dJIuon. the eastern porticms of the reserve I,O.()O(J

oblrque photos




H. E. Speakman, will do low altitude of surfUI.C geology or

kct by

\'Vest CO:l:it inlo the nOl"t11 iu J week's tunc. The Carolm» l\1,m lirted is men and 111 Ion of supplies across the Gulf of Ala ka in a e.tttle-Ko<liu.k hop, The . .S, Geological urn')' h.l:; Jti>. slgne~l WI, T. Reagan, lOl'ograj hie en,u111ccr, to Nome bast to llSsis.t in lerhu l' ral details (thl,: r re ise !Ill rvey work. The Navy's I CJ4g I,botogrlirhic 0perJ.I'IOn in Allu>ka will :1Jd a xn:aL amount of rientific knov I.cJg to the Federal government's Alaskan development progran'!. Furthermore, in ~1I1ditiQ" to contnbutiag to 11Jf: mappmS and geoJogic.d exploration of thd far north by the







Dep rrtment of r ntericr, the t'eI'.tt!01l will provide valuable train ing for fleet photoguphk recennaissence m(1I1,


CaUing All Lightning


Na:vy Seeks Data on StrUdng .Airuaft Been bit by lightning while up in your fiying machine latelyt IF yOQ. have and ")'Ou lived to tell about it, HIJAliR is Inecrested in 5n.ding .out more about what the dectrir.:al bolts did to you_ ana yout plane, So lh;lt better l'fote,cuv(! measures J,gl.llnst lightning can be built into planes. the bureau needs n\oft detail, on e~artly whar hap·

Blood Flews In Penorne
VP'3, PANMI ....- Firs] ·aid lectures c;ondu(ted by the- squadron paid olf in dramnclc manner during a recent training ;6igbt . Lt. Tate, Ens. Van Landingharu and, Ens. Rivers took 011 in their P2V-2 on a bombing ,and gunnery Hight. Over the si~hl and proceeded to make his run, Whil~ m.to.emu\ng h is plane on tbe targ.d he struck his head against the sight Blood Came peuringeur. Ens, Van Lu'lciJngbam called for nest aid .Kits wen: brokce out everywhere. It! the "medlrcs'

finally resulted in a rnass of
poric. acid. ointment,

iodiD.e. merthiolate,

target, Lt. Tale installed hili Mk 8 gun-

t'J ai r ~tati oris a.nd weather centrals at NLiami, Norfolk. Guam. QUOf)set Point, A naco sun , Pens.lJjo!u l10J Corpus Chnsrl, rllot~ who have a ~t(]!ty ro ret I about llrejr brush wi.lh liglHning. car) find ample room (0 do It on these forms. which should be sent to BUnEa elertrOl1ic.,. di\1 isioll f @[ .It'~ioo.

tribuI_(:;d 12-page yuestionlld.ires to select-

To gel these neededTacts,

it dis-



copilot and navigator

ate and II eeumiquer, if possible. The neck, for a tourniquet, was the only pos·
s·iblc plece and Inn!, of course,

on Ihe proper lreal:m,t..nto The copilot was sure fie saw Lt-. Tate's brain stkking. out and lhoygll( sulfa appropri.

Basic Students

Set Record

Pile Up More Heurs lhan All of 1948 NAS PENfj.AcOLA-Pilmll QJ the. BW;ll' Im.tntng (,omrrJ:tnd gOl In more flight time for the first five months of 19'-19 than they did in the whole of

of the question. Tile (ombilled


efforts (If both young

aspirin, all ccrrrpressed tightly against Lt. Tate's cerebrum by a combination or ,tdhesive tape,rotton and some line. One of the thre(! man!l,ged bo fly the plane back to ~ase and alerted the sirk bILl' to have a .Jeep to stand by to rush the bleeding pilot to the hospiW. After la.I1diag, with as much d !goi ty as be rould muster, Lt. 'rate, supported by his two "medicos" limply staggered to the 1eep, in ad small way resembling -lUI Arab without", cloak, his b'LI.d:lge 11. perfect SlZ'{' nine turban. Exami n at ion -a t the si ex ba.y revea I ed the wound to be a slight scratch, leaving the lwo,aspfra.nts for a mediral degree 50mewhal depressed but still nor wanting in enthusiasm. They showed up a, the first aid lecture l1.ppropriately scheduled the next day by their victim. Lr, Tate. ,li t OFerari ems ail d 5 ili moo rhs Sin ce p est :1crivadlJo sea trials, the CahQt bas hm!' no major difliculties, The carrier i~ scheduler] to be fonverttd [or antisubmarine warfare in the spring dE 1950 lit til!: Sao Francisco naval ship lard. The fligh r deck wi U be- strctlg!.hene and the ship re-equipped to handle J:u;,Aer <lad h(!a"i~raitcJotft fo.r ASW work. The· CVL BdJ..1<tn also IS being modi·
fied fCor this

Cabot To Be in ASW Work
Ho·fstra Set.s 2 Records in One Day USS C ... IQT-lo Midn. E. J. Hofstra l went the honor of making the 1,OOOth I;l.ndlng an6:ucl tllis GVl. since it W,iS eecemmlssioned. La te r the same d.ay, he Il1tKte his sixth landing aboard, whicb W;lS the 15,OOllth in the history of the ship. 10 fOLIC months since re..urnpt ion of



011 JUDE:


tht'y l~as,$edth~ :24(.,1.u;~

hllllr mark set in lWH~. Dtlrlllg this year the CommanJ had U sharp .decline

in the number of arridl'l1t:i, despite the heavier flight ',s(heduit. List year, 109 accideoh orrurred, compared to j 82 for the liTst 6\'1; months of ~his ye,H.


of duty.

This sarleS of I/JPtt P/;{ltOgl·,1PIH Jbr7tt'J 11Je' ;\';111 j' VI~il1g /"Of/tel, dqigllnl 'IJld built bJ GIIfllIl L, lWi/tlm CD .• II! It 117atfl' i'J /II'H jltght .JI II" /.);1e Sends Prof/mg G rOllnd In New Me.\,jro M Ihi.; 'he l'eJ.f:;lI',-h mrkrt rearbIJd 2.250 liN11f1 411 hr;l!r.m Mtfft:friei lip (lJ j I-Yl milet, ~'4bfeqIJ.m1 jligh.r,( <If(i' expecrtrJd to ren~b 200 miles to gtlthel' illjorma(i()}t



,1'ti1bili~li(l!1 ;J
I!. Ililt , glvalt7ue

and .rpe.lroJi!c,py.


{>II cos WIt 1'4jl, <1I/11Qrpber;r





rbli' PIJ.1V,U· filanl w':1;r. rit:lNIl(}ped dud mamlfat. by ReueHo]J MOfOI'.r,. Inc., Dauer, Neu: J r:rIe), [be N<11IJ olso hun .J Sallil ;" 17-2 jj·rll7g tests <It ll7/)111! Sf/luls.

m, {be V;kjn~

IIOil' lil/,d"f d?tlti/opmenl could be If} make if .. ((!n~t'lJll"d "duile If de-



NQ gll"d/lf1r~ other tha'" ,rhfMfphe,re {l-iglmi bnu.:





of knowledge they possess. The inseructor who is not interested Enough in his work to develop a ,general knowledge or alr<::raft and to go te U1!.~ pllin~ of keeping abreast of new developmerrts never is going to be a good IOsrm(tpr. The. A,riation Tr3in.if1g brunch hJS disseminated Information and equip. rnent to nn\'l~J aviation activities for use II' r ognition trailliug. Among the equipment nad publications made available to squ dron lind training command personnel ru-e tbe following: Recognition slide sets, t~a.ining films, models .tnd reco_gnib 00 publications. In ad II 1UOll tokeepillg the .abovc trainlns media up to date, recognition study carils. bulldin board drspl&ys) automatic tater cards and a new aircraft ~1:,ogi1ition rnanua] to be available the latter p;:trt of thrs }'ear, ate now ill preparation. incc recognition is l!. visual skill, all training media should be used and JIrecred toward ultimate proficiency in recognising o.ircmt't and ships. under LONG.NOS"D LOCIIHEl!D l'EN~RAlrOK FIGHTfR, X~,9Q. HAS AfT·LOCATED TWIN JET ENGINES combat ecnditioas of distance ami motion. The achievement of complete tam iliar it)' with .111 airl-m PA SAGF. of the III;:;t Jew )'t'Rr$ has brought- little corncraft is grealJy aided by "glmmorizil1J;" it to the observer fort to peace-Ioving OJ tions. and uu r tra in ing for ccnwith interesting stories. bal.':kgr.ound. aod with much dllta starn dgilance and readiness 1111.15t net Iultcr or Liil, To thiS as to per formance, size and tactical uses. end, the Aviation 1 rainins- branch of Chief of Naval OperaThese facts give tlre aircraft an individual personality tiens again emphasizes the need ror recognition tndnlnJ! ot while il is being learned, and a more posinve cbs racrer aLI naval ,\vlation persounel. wh n it IS recognized in operation. "Interest" material has In spite 11 the progress of high speed. Iligh alurude types become an lmpertaet part in successful recogmtion trainlng. of iti(cral't. visual rccQ).:nition will continue to pia)' a "ILlt Acoo,rdingly, the remaiader of this article and future artid role In any modern war, Pilots still must visually IdelLtlly carried in NAVAL AVllITION NE\.. s and other publlcadons « aircraft encountered, Even though the speeds are arrroach(an be used, I.tS source material. ing son i ~ it is doubly important for us to aim at .) Car Th is year 1111sprovided ~lOumcrllble 0f1pocrunltb for airlligber standard than we ever did before, Immediate and craft recQ~niriofl studies covering; marry of the world's new .1CCl.Lra1erecognition iii essential if some of those unfortunate jet IIircraft, 0 f CIJ rren t interest was the reren t 18th Pans mistakes of the eilrly tIp y8 o f I he lI'M\"\';II' are to he <lIToicit'J International Air Show: a medium through which French 10 the Iuture, mltllufaclurets were able to di~rlay results of. their pustvr,lr The interest in reco Jnition is of importance to the emprojects. lncluded in the Pari displ:Ly and Later flown at cient presentation of a recognition training as'iignment. It Ody airfield was the Marcel Dassanlr MD 450 Omllf,f)/f IS obvIOUS that much IS expected of a recognition instructor. (Hllrrict1l1e). The OUl'ilg(m, a vcry promisin,g naval jet He must be intelligent; enthusiastic about his work, MId 111 fighter, was designeJ and built in less than 18 months. It mgenlou:; jack-of-all-trades. H(.+ must have personality and was first flown In feb(1Jary 1949 • rid ha since made nurnerself-confidence to enable him to handle iI classroom of stuous successful test Bight> with the result that it IS generally dents. He- rncst ;tt!';lpt bimsel] to both lhe tyre and IIIUOl1nt












considered lh best French jct fighter to date. The wing are small and its perfonnance at high altitudes is doubtful; however, !!he co kpit is pressurized. Power is provided in the form of 11 Erench-msde .Hispano-Nene, and uncoofi_[med reporls indicate that it i capable of 525 knots. hortly aftet the Paris Air Show, the e!;telary of Stale or the French Air Force announced that production of the t.ID 4~O had been ;1uthorizel.'l. P[,,!)S call fer the c"[uipplng Qr two squadrons by the end of the: year. S, May Day parade another opportunlty T latest combat-type aircraft. provided display(onn,lhon, with the form of an impressive air composed of their Observed In
H 1~ 10 WET 0 YI.K-15 S.

than and "AK <) wert" produced dunng World Wltr II and it jli thou~h~ to he one of the smallest operational jet fighters In the world, The Qrtginl1.l models had a con ventional landin,l:! ~eac while. newer versiuns, includirur those that flew In tilt· parade, are eCj4ippcd with It n0Se \ heel, During the pa~L month the Electric A. I, first Engli.:;), jet. prordk.J bomber, rnaclc it inititt! lli,gbL The A,1 is 3. midwmg. mr:dium, b!)mbt:f with a two-man rrc , In gener-a! 1[0nngl.lr;Jtion the df.) IgJlf!r have not attempted anything 110rthcclox but hin c confined them elves 1:0 a raight-Ieewaed layout with exsepuonally clean Lines. Power is provided by two Rolls Royce At'011 jet engines in narclles rnounted close to the fuselage. n(onfirmea reports iadicare thnr the almJfl, which was tlt:"~igneJ and built by {be .English £lee· lric Co., Ltd .. h,1.S .1 maximum sreed of about -SOC!knots. 011 r..by 15. 11l,t9, a new point·tc)·point speed record w.!s e tllbliiihcd by the Ellg~ish HJ,wker P.W52, swept-wjng itt fighter, while In flj_ghl from London to Paris when: the aIrcraft later flew at the O(lly air display. The distance flown was I 4.1 naurir.:rtl mile. at an average of '528.6 knots with u center-to-center Lime of 20 minute ~7-1 15 seconds \. esther condition at that time were far from favorable, and the Hawker company is reported S~lting that the performance is not the best that the 1052 will ~iye. The wedish Ail Force entered the jet field in 1947 i-Ll which time the Saah J·2tR. :.l J-:!l Jitted with !l jet unit. made Its fin,\ Ulght. Du:ting the latter put last year the Saeb J -3'), their first all-jet swept.wing figl1ter design, was cornr1ete l Jlnd l1\ls slnce peen undergoing Right rests, It j~ equipped with a pressurized cockpit, an ejector seat and a jt:'tt! enable c... l.l.10PY. A second protorype rnnde it~iniHal night On F bruary 28, 1949. Both prototypes- are- fitted with Briri h-ma le De Havilland turbojet cnginCc's; and UflE0Dfirmed report indJ ate that tile J-20 tests have not proved altol;t.'!her satisfurrory. Thus, c.xperiment:ltiOIl I~ being continued (lOU I'!. third protolYfJe is reported underway,
Hl,O()1) conventicnal

a number

sli .bUy different coo1igurati~ Yak serie

the precedjng

Thill aircraft

from Is t. year's model, were

of fighter

de i,g.n (more

dcw;IQpet\ from



























O Me>


in SS\1Lb America frozn the

AcroteCl1iro 15 the l..Ae 27 Pli1fjltl rAI"'OIt1), the first jot-propelled "3 ircf,lf[ to be designed and built south

Argentine Insti-

of out border. Oesignl"-,-I by M, Emile Dewoiline, whose name was well known in France before the war. the Pulqui flew for Ihe fin time on August 9. 1947. The fif(hter is fitteti with a Rolls-Royce Dem-ent 5 gas turbine engine bui lt U1 Argentina under lirense and IS estimated to have a hlt' speed (If 485 knots. The latest entry m the transonic field is the USAF's Lockheed >''1''",90 twin-jet, swept-wing penetrauon fighte!;. with ml1ny [amiliur 'F-go bO(J/l/Ig Sf ..1' features. Its most prominent feature IS a needle-nose that is iU1J1log0tlS to its deSIgned purpose. ActualJy the long mise licts as a balanceto offset the very aft pcsinon of the two jet units.

The XF·~O has .1 vcr}' thin wing with a maximum thickness o( only ei ht pflfI."ClOt. of the wing chord, the thinnest Willg wed in ·any but the upersonic Bell X'I research aircraft, This narrow profile required extremely hi,gh-strengtb <lllo}' teel par construction. which is a major conttlbuuon to the prototype's (uncut heavy weight of 25,OQO lb., npproxim;~(ely ~hat of an 14]), The XF-9(j is Hl:rreni:ly ll.nd~oing \eSI- flights at the Muroc Air Force Base in the Mojave desert of alifumia. Other re ent Air Force I$tI Navy fighter types which are till in various fligbt test stages have been illustrated in past issues of NAVAL AVIA110N NE\'{'S. These include the MeDonnell XF-88, tbe' orrhrop XF-8Q 'u)l'plfm. the Republic XF''11, the Convair 7002 or XF-9S delta wins! the Dougl XF.llI-1 ;t~li! the Chance Y~ugb f7 - Cutkus. Future remgnitiJ)n article: will t_cy to Illustrate the latest types of airCn!Ft from the world's ait forces. accompanied by pertinent informatioo conc(lFn)ng them. A romprebensivc issue of the RuolJnllioll News Leiter is now beieg distti\:Juted to both regular <tad Reserve activities fer study.



"11) SIS I be I;W"n t K1.b "i ~ "\'fi~. ,,( .ho,,'[ 4;<toh". <>1""UR(lf"I1~;n W'Il'lol W.,,· ll, II L~ b'n,ljlo:'tl (1'" r-....l101.'1.s. 'ij1~()1 wl.th ..\.via.t ion tTl"WI')' "fill Ut'""" I','h I" I H'N(ll" I,' I,

Paofit n J.I11<:,

VT·1'4 P~LOTS, SKtPPERcE'D BY LeIlR. HOW.IIRD 1I0BEltTS S!=ORED HEAv1l y AIMINST HEN TO{WHI)P. '!l}11A?nON j':OLnJ Ff\N n1ll1~ tu M:1Jl.ll'O H Mlly WeB! ~U.hl< or badly damagc!_.J, Lt. (jg) Julian Walker llit the bullseye when it depth charge he d rnpped hl:ew One Ju~uer Qut of the Wat~r anJ destroyed it On 19 JUfl~. the Jilp3.IleSe fmmJ rlH' Task Forse .1Jl d, ".t, they !l£ll~ro~ch~d, the W <1,1 P lauI'Il'htlJ ill plane" JJj en on AIght deck in(:ludine: [I torpedo pbrL!:~ clJlN of which were lQnded wilL bombs. Since our forces JiJ not know the wht:reaboutb of the enemy. they ceuld no! StOoJ ;I roualerstrike ngrul1,l iht" Japanese curriers, But there was .still ~omltthing to do, and Lr, Cdr. RoQe.f't~ be Wl:l:~ to rreel"!." tlre Air Medal for


1l)'it.J. aboard

sl:JJ'~d to

to .ttl,l(k the Jil_panCSI:! with fury. .L~ by Lr, Cdr. Howard Stowe Roberts, iI vetera n or 16 mooch ...'d ,1l'Y in t he Atlantic aboard the USS Bog;le, the pJlolS in th~ir T!l~ J(:~ l~;L~ ~o{)e rhraugh mOlltll~ ofintensive trmn Illg. Nuw till}' we're ca.!!!!r for bat-tie III the Pacific A,!> I,r"tudt' to heavier .wtiQn, 171-11 warmed ul' in the raids on Mutl:"U5 and Wake May 1 \;\-25, T11E torpeckers then
moved into the Mlii'ia.11;ili to 50ftcol.lP tbJi: islands and support the iallJings on

the US$ W~':IJP', it was [ill rt,icip::Itt" in ~~lC great all-out ()tJ('ht>I~t'. The I~ .I!/I. true to It~ ((mil r :l{IJ h'lrbt'd. v as p r.e:p:arecl

noon 11. strike. ag;ril'l.c.t t Ile!>'t"Iorres 30(j mill'S to the west was ordezed. At I ')-!';, seven torpedo planes Wilder the corn-

rnand H.W. H. House, c;Jrh loaded with Iour ;OQ,lb, bOfl1b~-, wert Jnunched in rOmr'.1flY whh bombers and Il!<btets. Lui kil}l " large fOR,. v( t!l1~Jfl)' Ik'!i't
and destroyers was si~hlcd



j ust

Saipan, 001; day as a 8ight of [om platies W(IS 'returning to the ntl'l'itlr after an anusubmarlnc patrol, they bombed and ..,trllfi::d ,L eonvoy or ~.e'I'en hpitliel>f' lugsC'rs and su,mpans uhlll JJJ ol therrt

to Guarn .uul bambii'd Orore Ifidd. n1(t'king j't impossible Icr eomny plsnes lo land and refue] 'lfiA'r attacking our tleer.
EMir the next iTIeun ing. meager COI,tact reports rame in ,l-.' (0 the ~Oi1ilion of th~ Jap'anese fleet, and In file II fter-

th rs strike-.Uld It, Ino:)' wenl


~'T"I J plan as did

befere sundown, Il Was "!ight~ OUl" and the bottom of the sea r or two tankers <l esrroyed by U, W. 1'. Williams, LI. (ig) C, D. WrightnnJ Ens. J. C. Cockran. Two other l,1.nkeTS were heavily damaged by near misses, AJl three @fli~ers received the Nal'Y Cross for this Ieat. Aher the trip baa: in total Jdlkfl(;:"t~. onl}' four planes wert ahle to make ~ancllngs .aboaed carriers. each of them with onlv f'l1ijt1gh gas. Ie.i\ to [<IX! out of the J;r~sliflg Bt'ar. Three liT-II pilots bad to rnake wurer landings. but none WlL5 th!;

worse- for tJ1t dunking.


and mcurulcus, L~· offered a two-day rt<lgrlltn of destruetian itt Palau, rnakil1g rn all 'j!::l sorties on the 26th und :mh of July. Over u month later, after a reSI from battle, the rr'.IJjI headed illto action ,lgwin. Opt$i!ln!'t first .Iga.insi' Pnlau 00 the 7th and l'lth of September And heginuin,g strikes on 1VIincl:1!lJLO the 9th, on Carrier ;Jttacks aga.:insl- tbi!' Phil;I'piulO~ cl.ramatil'al!y opened operatlcns in that area after an absence of over two ye:lt~, Imrned ialal r ,,-Her the strikes .a"gajn~t Mindanno. Vl'-14 begs-'Il a series of long,

.£1._ Iwo ima, the If',vp ptocICt'de.cl to Guam to take part in U1e soften ins. up of that islsnd. \X'hen ll)eLrDDps bosan lal,dlng 011 Guam. VT+l was One of theunits giving air support, work th,!! \\1:1$





in opemlio!l$


once dangerous
A fter Guam.



fligHts in the central 'Philip,









pines=-Cebu. Negros, Pan:IY and Leyte


----encounteting a considerable number of Japanese tighten, sometimes all nurny
,IS jl)

n 1I September, all the quadron's planes were loadtu with torpedoes and 11ssigncd ,sIDl'ping t<lrgets in Ma1,11a .Bay. For the: .first time, \'T'r" used torpedoes 4)1 J tb". success 0 f the stri kes .1$ sen:ati nul. 11)(' 17 "fish ' dropped on tile h rsr two strikes levied a t rnfir tall on rht enem)'. Allhoyt;h the JR~'ant!ie spewed Icnh heavy AA fire and sent scores of fi~hters aloft to couuter Hit'

on one hop.



. nk one large cilcr, 6 cargo shrps, 7 lugt!er.s. and damaged an additional 21 shIps. VT·1 4 conti nued the llU:~Qk f O~ StY':: ral dsys, nn d then on, the evening of 2·1 September. the W,JJ/I wilbdn;w.

did them no geed. VT·

OJ] rhe nights of both Lilt' 12th and Pili, he ""dJP and other ships of the task fnrce were ubje('tecl to repented t:lle~y air attacks, so that. the hip was kept. ill "General uarterx' nlmas; (ont nuously. But dt:"lipitc the rtllipue oj battle and ai'la .k, the record [rom the l Oth through the I th !ihOw that hunJreJs of JarRo,ese aircraFt were de lroyec.! on the grou n d an din th e air by Ta~k Force 3$,
for(~s ';aJ again reached Luzon and further strikes ;lgrun, t Qark and 1: ielSOD Fields wer made. TIle (ollowjng day the amphibious Io.ndin,gs 00 Leyte commenced llild the buildup for tho:Battle for Leytc Gulf began. The japaaese were forced to bril1,fl th ir widely di persed surface units together in an
attempt to fight off invasion

LL W. f,., Davidson. [r., WI1 Iast seen Ji\ Inl! on an enemy ,titnehl.

VT were launched, 'rht::5t:: rbnC!> joined Llj wHh tlil,.>Vr.s [rom other carrier: of tiler tas:k grl;lUr aml began looking For the japanese rleet which had retired lIw;wgb the San Bernard Ina wu~ durlfig the nlgb!. The flighl-s (rom two of [IlL rsrriers 112ft the form.'ltion to JllLa.c~ isolated ships, and when 11 (OD~ tact report was received from one- of our 'e:l$,h plants, only Inc Tf'7dJp grmtr group 01' -l VP -snd 5 VT -,\'er,' J\ail· .lblr.:. These planes rnade n coordinated dLtllrk on the 3 bnttlcshrps, 5 cruisers and • r () destroyers remaining of the enemy rorces. VT-ill pLJI''Ie5 under the leader h iI~ of Lt. H OLl e succeeded in putt10g 'fhll" Into two bI'lHl.;!;ilirs o Of' of them the Y 11I1J/(J--and a Cl. A ft('r a short rest at Ulithi. the squadron undertook. a two-day eperatlon J.gajn [ central Luzon. VT·]-'f found enemy plane" in rev S OIl the airfields .1I1i.l ri,u:eJ their bamb.s Where they "'''11k! do the most good. Lt. Ii. \W. Yarbrough destroyed at least five by one well-placed "'a lve DC bombs. n to November. VT'SI relieved \,"r'J4 Guam and the tour of COllliJat duly W.lS over. From 19 May L94 LO the end or the tour, VT+i had taken par: 10 1-2 strikes against the enemy nd rolled up orrnidahle totals ill de truelion. Tht::",:!uudrol1 hMJ sunk 2. -OD's, .2 lur~t ollees, 7 cargo shrps, 1 small oiler, and I''t luggers and SllllJpanS in ,.tdditio-n to dJJl1J.8lJ1g 2 BJr~, GA's, 2 I cr, 2 DO'£, 1 DE. " large- oilers, 7 ul.rgo ships, 1 oilltf and Iu~gers und -amp!lf'l:O. Mort- than ]00 enemy airera It were cinll1aged or desrroyed 0,0 the ){fOUlld plus II dllJna~ed In rhe air. All this was in oI.dillrion to hellvy dU1l:1il,ge inI1ltteJ 011 enemy in "talbllQl1$ and troop coo .entrations. A great torpedo squad.

!.If "'"

VB and 8 VT auJ

the Clm'ju/lx

j .{

13v the 19lh of 0 tober, eur currier

)u orroe the;' began O it~ Ja, anti most liqu;tdron peri J ~fiilirlill of operations. Tbe .general plan called
N !t.


arrese mainland,



o£ftfnsive .s....veep dose to the Jap-

were to work destrOYing .tircraf anJ shore fl((ifitics to After 11 couple of days of iD.tcti it . the rl'evcnt the ~nemy [rom ~raSJng in task group to' whirh the rV'l~p was atrbJ1t-.> to OPP0)if' the amphibious operatadlf'J W(IS ordered to UI ilhi to rearm. tion pbnned for Leyt(l en lhe 20t11 of II had s(tiJed a:bout 400 miles eastward the month, Because of the proximity of when reports QJ futious enemy resistthe )npal1l'St' mainland and the inrrcase tum' IC.'UIle' in. On tilt' morl1iJ"1g of the m both l1LUUlU1'y and quality ot enemy 2"H:h.,the lI.~HP, was ordered ba k to the fighter planes, the losses 'uffered by the Philippines and preparations were made ~l'Jun.Jroo Increa red ntpidly. for another fleet Jction, Ar, aUllu.. group First i.lIfge! was the Nanser Shoeo was launrhed :lgEUfl st an t'DtlllJ fOT("C' of Islands. and concentrated ~tdke:. were four bilttksllips. eight cruisers and 15rnnde a~"II1~t the llirllcld.~ 00 kinawa. destroyers 330 Innes away along rhe The enemy responded with cleh:-rmincd oppcsirioo, dJIDJ.ging fi ve r UII! \IT-1~ cast coast of • mar. it. edt. Roberts ltd the flight of torpedo planes. and planes, but stlll Jl1pllllese arr opposition Vl ·11 dRIiJ.<1,e:edtwo baltle,hip .tnJ a rex-dyed stunn m.g blows. On 12 October, the scene oJ nctrou l:tta\,), cruiser. For this fea!, Lt. Cdr. Roberts received the 'Navy (ross. ,hlfted to Formosa. H. (jg) F. S. Me Keever. with his two crewmen, was shot PR£.DJ\WN trike 12 F. 12 VB down h}' Ali fire while making a glldc· and 3 VT was scheduled for the bombing run On an airfield, The plane rnerning of the 26th, but because of rallgh~ lire: ~1J1d crashed out of control, only ~ VB and 8 The next J(lY tho:: llirc:rall piloted by othtr commitments,

Ihen (he carriers outh to the Philippines,


VT -14 took part in the initial lend-

il1gs 011 Leyt~, but was withdrawn when the lPIIJ? retired ell, rward (or Iefl1cUng.





ron had heavily diminished
added new

strr;:!'lgth and

glory to the annals of naval w.arfare in the PacinG.





SF's and Jets




hard hitting pilots of the Naval AIr Reserve are goiJ1JZ,to fi these top Fleet 6;t:htcrs. .By Ult end of this year, the Reserve Tto.ining CllImmand will have I 00 F~I"" and, by 30 M.uth 19~O, it will J1:I c '11 JeL Fi ;U"1d nI'. This is tllt: N,w)" answer to the question "Whnl about J1l'W planes (or the Reser ell 7" 'rhe Regulo.r avy i also givio$ ItL groups on its Reserve team a firc<it·Jine work-cut aboard five Fle.et carriers, Thrs carrier requalificarlon I:.r.Lining. which is now peing conducted with such success ,lhOllrd the Cab!)!, the CVT. nssianed to the Naval Air Training omrnand. CVEG·6') from NARTU ANAC.O. n~ was slated to tske the :first muse with Freet carriers bo,Lrd the fDI~ from 2'5
the arm to the Reserve





TI1C:~ >lc.1vanccd base al NAS GU(n~'I'AN,'\Mg BAY and wil'l undertak extensive patrol 1rllli11n~operanons in that area. FASRoJ1
member.s a;nd suprortJn}! Vp personnel, who cannot be flown dawn, will be glH'Il lransport.l.tion to and from Guan-

ex-panded program is



shot in

Illghhgh.l or the uew schedule IS the cruise whi(h Carner _All' Group 6,2 lind the V FASllon from ARTU NORFOLK. is slared to tdke abo rd the _ tliP!11l in August. Th1S crulse JS set up for a fllL1 two \I'~eks of operations aboard the earner with pecinl emphasi. 011 A. W tactics. Backed by its own FASllOn, the

to :n


.ship will a150 be available (or joint 01:'erational exer cises dur iug the stay. About ! 8-5 officc:rs and enli teJ men from orfolk ate set for this cruise. Reserve ca rr ler requal ifiratioo cru ises aboard tho! Cabal, meanwhile, have been proceeding with ~helr usual smoothness. o fll-f rhis yea.t, I'I.Hl and CV(i.---87 from A L.ENV1.E\'<I, CVG-'67 from NA NE'W YORK, CVLG·5J from NAS E\~I OIlL~NS and CV<'-r;,] from NAs MLNNEAPO 1, as well as a composite group I) f type t:r:dn ing ofncets £rom variOMS Reserve stations. have piled up irnpres'Si\'c records ip their triinjng cruises aboarJ the ClhrJl. Their operations have demenstrated co ac lus ive ly that "Reserves Ate Reu,dy" and have not lost
their- wartime know-how,

tanamo aboard the

Duxb«, y Btl)',


in the Reserve ptogta,rtl by epternber. Twenty-five 0 these will go to NA - (;LFNYTW>V md 2S to NAS OLATHE. Later, 26 Bum'((1/,r will be as~igl1ed to NA5 SQUANTUM, fwd NAS They will replace F6F plnees now in use at those stations,

On the- new plane from. the breakdown indicates that -0 _FIW'~ art to be

Ute schedule shown below giVes the Ilne-up 4f Iurure Reserve cruises,



et LhC'



These Be.1fr<tu, wbleb hold the world record [or the fast-e.t rate of climb Irorn a staQding tart to 10,000 fed for any
pbne, will gi e Reserve Filot5 and maintenance jrren experience in flying. and servicing one of the top planes used aboard Fleet carrier loday,


lrr n-ru jet .fighters tire the ones tb!lt will give Reserve uviators a foret ste of aviation" rreamllned Future, B) 3D September. NA OAKLAND is cheduled to gel' two FJ Furies, (U1d NAS Nil\'« YORK and NA WILL0W G-Rovtt are to receive three 'fH PIMlIIrmu Air Groups

Carrier Requolifl,ation
Aotivi/I} CVl'lG·Sr., VF·"9.1\, VA-9S·A

for Reserve

1J"",~ Sl<ttlll,.



group experts 10 mauitain the same degree of 5eJ r·suffi(.iem:y as



N,,,,, York
Gro.s~ 11


1"1">,,1 Uefpl0tt

Cu,I'U, .. l"flR

th ..~ achieved by a re::~lar Fle~l S{llIud ron, Al out 2'10 officer and enlisted Reservist are. igned up [or this cruise, WILicll will hiwe Bermuda as a porl of




~1..27 Alll~.


WtlIow Gmv"
Silufint-um nnflG""tlJl


~'.i!.'2-\ ~\u~. 2fj~1'j .II\u.lt~

C'VEG-n'i' VF.rol·A YA·6~-A (·VElG·A~ 'VL .58 cv"LG-i>2, VF'-:,·2-A. V:A·J)2·A OVLG-57 'VLG--59 CVG·1li.

C••Lul W"dgnt
Sil;""", SRi['l"n

A tlnr\l k


Albo through the ooperction of ComAid.ant, the aviation tender, Dllxb1(1'l' Ba}) is being assigoed to support the
Is taking from 15 to 28 AiUsu~t. RtscrviSt5 on this cruise wiU sect up an


Aug,II s.'l·t.


w_ei.!k~ c['uiS"~~

tB·ll> S.PI.



other NARTU


train iog cruise,

squadron, vp·



JB~k.,"nvi1l!! Auneostla


,,\l!tt SlIlImc,y t)allbt

lS·:l.I ~eu!..

Sel,l. J.l"~O Oct,

A lantn WiI\ow Gr""~ St. Louts

1'"""".,,1..AtlanHt- City



each. By 31 December 1!J49, NARTU N0JU10J.K j sill ted to get six I'H" and NAS Los AL.AMlTOS six F;' , while Oakland, New York and Willow Gcove will receive fcur more Jets of their same t;ype .Ipiece. By 31 March 1950, Nor(olk, Illow Grove and e"" York will each have eight P/Hwfof1l,r. A~hllJKe Lmining ri1QlS and men who are to fly and maintain the new planes i,; JJreilJy underway, Mosl Reserv e ri[ot~ have net nown the FRF, since it was in lreduced on! y three yeats Jgo, but 'Ill lifyillg for this typt' wiij be: only a matter of routine f,tmi]iarizil' lion for F(,F pilots, An FlIF' mobil; train(;r is slated to \·isit the sele ted stJI ions to ;u:qulmt enl isted men with specific maintenance problems and tech-

Slat,on Round-Up
• NA. GRO$Si! lLfl-.8y Jl'r'!IJ]gt'inLtl"li will! the Derruir NllV) I Reservists who wer t'lktn~ Their two-weeks cruise ab!l~rd the PC:-180ill tlie Grear Lakes, C'l'G-1l') fJrg<lIli.l~J an ,nt.itt problem ngnJnsllhe pc. 1/1 rldd,tuin to providioS " Imwjtlll tillgo:t for tl,!! plunes I,nd an Ilpportun,'1' (or evasive tadkul praclire to. I hl' I' C, the ,;'ollihi bed rna neu V~I'S au d trl zest !O Hil If!.;uinp, piQgrJIn\ ,'I borh tho; A i,l' Reserve .tLiJ ur[ace units.
GUN\lfW ~ "Ora"ti.m UI'p~ri!'might well IUI\'(; been the !1;lrn~ tnr II dr,,!) ,If Plua.t:ronptrs !JO the parade A'rolmJ nt Fort Sheridan, whICh rook pl.tu! .tll Mernnrral Day, Ten troopers from the Fifth .Arrny·~ .l.irbHrllt trllining schccl I1lIlJ~ ttle




[urnp from while Matinr .tnd .. COH,t








!h_t' t~rget Pdr~tw(jp RESERVES WILL FLY FH PHANTOMS U~~

Con~"'J provided fi~ht<!t rnver GWl.£.\ huat 5tor,J by <In Lake to pirk up alll' lumpers who nJI$~~J
unit landed

OrR' prlot hom Les Alamitos and one rrom Oakland already have had t'WQweeks lrans[tion trJjl1ing in J:'81is with VF-:;]. followed bv two-v eeks Farniliariution lr.lioing iii FJrLYpt.' Jirrraft with Vt'-51. Tile rnamtenanre officers of these sranons aha have tuken two weeks mainienance indodunaliol1 with VF-5t., while (Our enlisted overhaul mechanics from
each base


exists between Regul. r Navy and Reserve Cornmaads. inte,gration of Reserve training with that offel'ecl ~o FJc.'Ct ready Reserve! team. Reserve ACI Officers Get the- Word Prom 17 ttl '5-0 July, silme 50 OIgnnized lI.od Volunteer Reserve officers from all over

insures a. powerful, combat-

In, be enlu-~ 00 the [urnp sltc wirhuut imiJf~i Veteran NATS pilot, LL W A Kin:.ley. tJ NR, flew lh" LJ'nn purt with LL. Jphn N""d'ecka~, l'SNR, <I.i 0::'1'11\1 Marine: a:ir,r,';l were led by (..;.'1pt. ~erh \'iU,)nJ. L'SMCR

Led by 1,1.

e,,1 1~ck Sliann

have received



gel nr·type ain.:rotfl.

ing in lllnmtdining FJ-type planes. Similar training IS being set up for Reservist.> at tho e stations which wit!

The e specially indoctrinated Resetvists wlLl then, in tum, provide training for the pI1OL~ and men at their reo spective stations. Stations selected to receive the jet were these whleh were neare t the supporting ;,-upply points and whidl also h:IJ the best fatiliti(o'_~ lor jet operations. The infusion of the latest rype fighter planesinro the Reserve training picture, plus the new program tarrier requahfication cruises abosrd Fleet carriers, tells the story of [be (Oojler;t'Hon IIMl

the countr~' nuended an A.cr basic training' rcurse at MTU ANA ;(ISTIA. Tlti'!; course was CSpt"Ulll1y devel,)pcd ~}' tbe N~v,,1 Air RC$cI"'C' fM rlffi~ers Who hiJ:ve been currenrly 1illing ACI biUets il1 an "tn-rralning" ~tatus "!,jnc~thelr wartime experience was in different fic:h.ls. be (our. e covered ACD fUDd.lD:tcnttll~;
sueh as. maps and mapping and pllotO-llll;er-

• NARTU AN.'I.QST1.-I-Atn(ln$ UW Reservwho competed to elre N~lI'lI1tll 1I.piht.i Medel Meet which W.IIS held on 2(. 1"11(.>,II Andrew, Field, M:uylMd.. were G. Ross and A. Van de Griek. In the I"idllre tb_ey ILrt 5 ho wn CO rnplenng work 0 n th elr models ln rhe hobby shop, US L W. L Russell (ic) lind Lin" rrain ..r uperaror Vemh'ca. Lenox



• NAR"f Ji\CKSOK~'LLLI!-'rhi$ unit' bl" t fril;!Jld, Zaek Mo~ley\ creator gf the ll.... \ 1<1l lll r
comic ~lrip "Smilin' Jack," has indudc.:! an episl)dt ill rl.e Ute of "Hot-Rod HUl'Pl'," ent1tnglins hrrn in tile carrier operations of • 3,,,1 Air Reserve l,il<.Jts J,tbOU1·J the (I!J(/i.


pretation, nnd rl1.1t!iru1cl the

was given by 5PI:d lists

duties of ACt Intel-

f.;:o;,m <;:LJ~h activitIes


tr,,· Naval


tigeme chool nnd the Hydrographic Ot1i!'!! as well as from the Naval Air Re~enr~ und.

the Nn.vy Departmenr. Pre-sent pinos call [fir the course 1(1 he givcncacn. eyea.r not only for Organized, Be$CrYG officers in an "in-training" status bllt also for VoJttlllcer officer$ on iOlniivt! dllt}l wlra nbh1rn commissions in. the :Re,en'C' under BtlP,"", P". 1(, i71lt.e1ll Dir,'t!till!" 9-4.Q, .... ich h authorizes he procurement t'{ 500, aviution ~pedl1llsls in wtiouR fields S\J,h as ACI or :1rrn)tlgy. In this "'-y. the Navnl Air Re:;~rt" will Insure a conrinuul flow of nr .... blnnJ Into il~ACT Nllgr1l111.

Iirst-"banJ look at Res~rve vpt'uthJI1:> ...bc•. lnl < a ,.u'ri~I. when he- was II g~eSl llf the N IIRT (J1I th t 117 rigltt fast year.

Captain ,n-f the carrier is NA.RTlJ JJI)('S skipper who appears u.(1der his Jictiona.1 p~!:lJ' Junytn .. aptain Freddyinx." Mo ley gN a

PHg"" Skins for Qualified

enl i~ted paf<<;mnel
navi atm'$

O.R's J'l' weir


f!1gbt ~lIrgcnll~







in the O~~nj;o:~d Reserve are now ellsihle t<1 dtHb in :IfCotdM~e with E;.:.,e;:utiw Order 10059 which 11mi'll,] thi! P'.t.y 11e.l J iu ,tn)ellt Act 1.1£ 19A :2. During on c~JenJ:J.t m(Jntl\ POTSIlI'lfieJ !.'nil' cerned must make tour m: rnnre fli,ghls total· ing U1. Je1i\t 7l minutes, ur be- In the air 9 tllt,tl of ott least 96 minutes in Ilrdl.!l to quality. ,,,ell lLgbts mll)' b~ roMl.., '1-\ '1t:tltm:d drills or daly oJ !:h.I" mglluiw.o.tiol"l to wllitll th~ itu!/vidulIJ is <ltt:;l.chcd Qr lit lither times .in ar~o£<J~;~cc WItI'! feguJRucns which [pay b~ pr~scribc-d 1~ICi by the Secretary th~ Navy_
dr.rw HIgh! liay fl)t






Airplanes, office 5UppUCS sru] men or omA.irPac are loaded aboard tile C".1ITierValle), Forge al Pt'l1r1 Harbor pr<!p.1 rator}'

to being transferred to NAS SA Draco; wardrooms and cabins of carrie r served !IS office space du ring the transfer east

QJ.lAmPACmoved from Pearl HarbQt to NA AN DI:EGO ll'l ,May, but the bit; I1e.WS of the transfer ... vas thar the staff set lip offices aboard the CV V.lf/Ill Forge and continued funrtiomng aJJ rot way across the PuiJic. Opertill<J!/ N1fwmg JI.m saw V Adm H. B, Sallacl.l und hlS command picked tip lock, stock and airplanes and et down ul North roland after a 2,,214-nlne voyn;ge. Ready rooms. bunk mcms, ward rooms and other s-paces OD Lhe V~flI1J Pm'ge were made into Impromptu offices and the business of rUlmln,g M aviation coml1:ial'lu went: on WIthnut. interruption. ComAirPac [lflU bam based on Ford bland since its formation 1 'e1",tember '19 2. Wheil it arrived In San Diego it Look over duties of ComFairWestCoast, which then was decerrrmissiorred. NAS Pearl Harbor also was dosed down.


VAdm. Salloda

boards v.IJtq.· Po rge , followed by RAdm, chief of stafl: Cart. Heddi!lg. skipper. meets them

Cdr. Crumpacker, supply officer, and staff took over ready room #3 t-o work in 00 move from Hawaii to United tares

Cdr. Roby, AirPac cngiueedng officer, set up his office in his cabin, with help of his assistants, Chiefs Yarba, Wheat


All AirPac personnel had to

p.1SS agricultural inspection at San Diego; LC<lr. ClifJard checks $eabag of Drscoules, rm


office took over carrier's engine maintenance space; Lt. (j~) Kalmbach directs Dougherty, Dracoules

Administration office got no maij bu! it k(.'rl husy during tlre trip to W(::st Coa t

AirPac staff duty Qffic:ers stood. JUlY on ship; LCd!. T. L. Andrews plOts course

Capt. Monroe, Lt. C(!II. Mendenhall, Lt. f'itz~crald_ check incoming traffic


LCdrs. Duncan, May, and Oldfield Lake exams en route t coast as Lt. (jg) A. Serrell, exam board recorder, watches

A.irPac junior officers get carrier operations refresher from Cdr. Murphy and LOll. Melrose while move is being made









eh,glbJc;- for posrgraduare

training will I1nd Jd •riled in Formation in Bm"N/1I of Perronne] (_'l1'Cfitar Let/IN' N», 61'1-49 of



'1vh~Of5. W~O rn rncrenSUlg therr



,"r(; . interested technical knowronsider them elves

AJ1l'il 1949. he Navy' army of rO~igradiJate COli rses prov iJc:S for qlldJ ifit:u officer' the advantage of an outstanding edullUon in .1 selected field of advanced study_
Courses DIlen tc naval .1"i111Ur, In(\nde f(l!lnwiT1g_' Aernloglce l EngioeeJ'lllg (\erUflnutiC'JI AnnRnl~rtl
.'\ll.!'PtlilutlcaJ "EngilletElng tht

1111;: part of th e officer. The decision to submit (LlJ applicnricn rOf Ih is lr<\ining should be enti rely thJ t of the officer concerned. EJiCL individual is urged to znake as thorough all inve,\ti. gl1t1on irilo all phases of the pto,wam .I~

,~eJ'vtre 011


an officer rQnslJi'lS himself

cligiblc under tb~ requirements of dale o tack and months of OLdy iu an aviabon activjty and wants thorough schocling along rechnfca) lines, he should rollsider the Iollnwing questions: 1. WIt.1t is the. objective (If rlus I't,st.

ing I"brnr.leted this tninjog. The . gnpes" registered by olncCIs in postg~<1.cluate lraining are largd}' the (Csuits of their Own f ilure to investigate vsrious p.hases- of the duty they requested. In gt:neml tbfJY include cbjecicns 10 the amount of study requited at home, full weekly dns~ sciledules, und IlKk of oppott1llJity to fly all the latest Jet iWJ combat-type aircraft who consider' lJ,_pplyiilg this trainina should recognize the fact that it will require ronsidernhle dIorl on his part. Theavy provides (he rnstrutrors, tIle school, all books and upplies, laboratories and materials, hut expects the studcn t to undessran J that h1.s pmnary duty during p~tgraduY Of'f'jCER

A (or




training? field



TlI(!sl jnfl.lT'

Aeronauucal Engin~..,ling (EleWl(.lll A.ppHl!d Cornmunlcaticns III ectro 11 ics I:ngi neeri [IS
Law NIl",aJ I ri tel ligence R"diologiCliI Defense Ellj;ineerlng

ested in? ~. Am 1 still adaptable I


Ad ....mc~J rience.

I been away from i~for 100 h.lIlg? Haw much of my college or ,l";J! Altl.demy l:riJ.ining blwe I retained? What i5 r;ny .Ilbi!ity ill mathematics if I .selecr a technlra] en8lnCe~Ulf flluue?



ute training

is constant and determined

All of these 1ie1d~ are described in CirOlI!:r Letter 66-49, whIch also 81vC5 the procedure and deadlines fer npplil'aholl for the various courses j September in severn lin tan ees for co LUSe.:i startin,,g iu July J 950). Further dt':taifs on spCl.ilil -subjecrs covered in escb .llr. riculum can be found in the G. S. Nilwl P'lJ/g,-.:diIIfIU Srboo] C ·!('/rlg. av .. ilable at <Ill cOJ11!1),mds 1l~1:l re and aL1oal. o educaeiec must luve cOIt1ple(eJ ,Il least three years duty in lliellt trainiu$ Uld flight orer.ltions bdote t July 1950. igoed 'lgrcl!ments not to rest,!{n dUl'ing

fi. Will my r,ltlJily shltllS 'ppm).fl suitable borne Wmllut)m for ,study! i. Wbat courses are iueluded in the ,LTI·· riculum 1 intend to s~lc\'il W.iJ( 1 be satisfied to fl' non-comb ••! (Yi"~ aircraft ducill,S till.! ma)VI !:'url ion of Illy traini og; PfJ"iQJ ~ '). Whlll effel;t on my naval career WJJl





(Or po-tgr,lliu.lte

W.hat do T intend t(:l .i() ....lth th" eJuG~tion upon comptetiun? J 1, Am 1 1\ iJJing to return IU ~d\o("ll 3g~irl? Ill.

wf this training have!

Most of these CjuesLIoo;s cun be anvwered onJy by the officer him df. TIle objectives of the various fields and curriculum can be found in the Cm-lIld!' the curriculum and tc $ rve two years in Letter and Pcsff,fdthMff! 'cboo] Cdl.Jl"g. the al'} for eadi year of po~tg~il.<.lU!ltE' Problemsas La I i\1mg conditions, stud)?, tcaimng alter the completion of their fllglll facilities, and flltllre v a Iue Q( this studie must be submitted with the applied ucation can be inves igated by .gettmg cations of olfM'fS applying for instruc('!pioions from officers who 11 ve cernrion. Thus. a three-year CQ\Jr e, such as pleted a po tgr:tdLlate course. Orin ions aerenautieal engi !leering. c.. rrries wlth it on these subjects will vary, bu! the net an obligation for SlJc years further naval result will indicate that few regret hay-

'.rpli(,Jl~jOn ro study, An average work day during the school term begins at 0.830. A[ least three clss room le tures f one hour each are conducted before lunch und .1 two or three hour labor atory period durIllg the ~ftctnoon. The aftemeon period ends at J 630 arid a. normal four hour period f home tucly is expected for an J\'crage student. The work1lJg week !.'i 111'1': and erie-half days. A period of at lea <I 0111.' week rest and relaxation i~ scheduled "Her each i e-week term. This schedule i omewhnr different from. normal sea or shore July in Ih.11 outsle work is required durrng t11!? whool term. Student officers, however, have 00 other responsibiltties or add [, Iional Julies. Providing assigned study is completed, week-ends are free for other ac-tivlties_ Plyrn:g for naval aviator also takes second place during lhe school year, Adequate Facllities nre available at the event River Naval Command Air Activity for all udent pilots to brain



thei r required 100 hours wi th 1.2 hom instrument tum: dLLl'inBthe y~ar. Grum·

tamed at this activity primanly for: Post gradl.mte School pilots, Combat typt aircraft art not available.



amphibian airplanes are main-

M:ldl tlurobers, Reynolds numbers, Ii sion, V-G diagrams, shock waves, Ufl coefficients, and II host of other roysteriQlIS names, some of which did not even exist d:uwlg his coJlege yoars.

it civilHtn university or an iadu trial pl nt to obtain training in industrial management during the summer. This period wjlllnc~ude three to four weeks

their fllghL proP ficiencywho infeeljetthatfighters areoradvised 'otiler t1P~ is of highest pdoriry
1I0l to apply for po tgraduate training unless lhey are (onfidt:l1t of being able to maintain tlus ·pt'cw"!IHght prof iency In

Basic' unoers,tanding cernes with tedtuiorl, training. Every naval aviator, for insta nee, I·mows the importance of
wei~ht reduction in !Ll1 airplane very few realize lhe importance but that
the malhemarical

leave, after which the students report to
a p ilian institution for their third and final YCII.f'1 work. During this third year the student may peci:1llize in a particular field of aeronautical engineering, such as structures, CQmrr(;ssjb_ility, gas turhines, pllot1b~ aircraft Or general aeronaut! al engineering. HIe third year the armament or electrical engmeering

Lost. year SJ.W the innovation (,r ~I progUnl lcs'gl}t'u to SN.1 til 11 ~d lc·\ ('1 J.l of .ldllltYe"menlln marhernatirs. p11r!;iD; ref lm ical pOSLgraunattl' courses, A re f rcshcr course in these I.lbjed~ is m,ultJ 10 all ulTicer~ selected by the borrds .I~ '000 .L~ the resu Its of scie~(1011 :UL known. CGmrldion of the ref resher lOL11:iC;: is III Ibe discretion of the alncer
(I 1\ rhnt each new sdelltlol1sly completed

pl,1l1e6.. pporll.mities for f..rrullarizaprocess of trfal srul error. 'Evt'ry aviator II n Rigbt.~ in combat type airU'ait rnn}· 15 required to know how toal! in corhe possible d1,J["IOg summer field VI ork rr.:cll} his ",,'ej 'hi lln,j hnlant e r orrn lor penods, bLtt sre rare cluring the sdiuo] lite .J.IT1JlLIl he intends to fir- hilt very year,
l ew

after three years

JR.F and SNJ air-

wergllt with going lhraugh


or a wing

rib to blain rrunimum precJse strength without
a long








specifically rovers those Delos

~,tfl;.center or ,grRvit), loculon or tilt' t.lteutctlcnl I'fO css S undcrlyinfX CG Gil-

("UII}" understand

the: rneaninjz


Ibec courses such as L1w, I~ero.logy. and electronics also prot (de opportunity to specialize ill a patticul. .. ph3.SC: of the ar general field. J\pplied communirations is a one-year course- cond trted al the U. . Pcsigradunte School.

.md mechanic

for 'lIl



rulatinns .

the Ild,J of .reron.rutics h.I\'(- rea bnl a ["oin I where safe Ilying and ef1kl(.'nl operations require much wider rerhnicul

.IOJ rropllhlon

The compl rrnted mcclian isms, .td'.lJlll' Ut:ilgns. Lm;re,l ed puformann:

system advan: ..errients in .

All the benefit that nav.d i,ltor. rear I] .rm.illy bCJdns ..boul 26 ]u.l} and ullb J J 1I11('. lloL-w,'een tb... fir~l and receive from 11 given currlculum arc econd ycu at AnnapoJ,s six weeks are not, of course. detailed in Cir 111.• / II:'II"" $f"~u In the jidd lit ,111 u Villti M .1,'t i\"iry t .'\in, (,(,-49 In tb; day 01 surer OOlt II IrlT.~ft. ,I;,l,S turbi fie propulsion. t~1 C'V i~· JIllJ two weeks on leave. Ion .• ltomic t1lergy and guit.ied 11'l1, siles After completion o{ lilt> I wo rl'ur~ the '["era,!!e naval aviator IS bopelesslj .It All napol is, n period of about two lo~t in a maze of technical terms 5u~h 'fnd on~·h.ilf month i,- spt'nl either at


student Ius con the a ··signmen [5. The refresher course- iniU.1CC5 students mto habits of conrentr tiou and study ,,0 tlul the ~r.rnsi ion r rom pre\ iou .. t Reel duties ba k to school work is nor 1"00 .ibru pI. Completion of the.: ccrrespondence cop r e <1.1.0 gives each IJfft~~ ,I good idea of what he- is expected to kn 0"'" .before beginn in~ h is tram ill,£: and let, h un Sec what type Ql schooling ill

grnrRuate chool is based

·011 cern

cd, but


at the PO~I on thto ,!.S5L1mr·

knowledge 011 the part of every _pilot '\ Irile It I~ not possible La provide ::l ro~tw.ldUJte COUf e in II technical !\-upit'n to all n« val aviators, it is an addrtiUII.;!J objecti e of each curse to provide omcas to the flcd with sufiirient educa[ron in a ;;p""lfir.: lield 10 insrrurr other {)tticers ill f undarncnlals and basic

States, rhcols particip\lting in tile postgnldu~le IJrogram inrlude the following. Acronalltlcal Engineering California Institute or Techn o]ogy, Massachusetts
Institute of "[eci1l101Qgy. Rensselaer

.LInong the best available

C third



mstuutions selected for the

work an'


in the United


111<:.'COUfS<:CS in ucronaut luil <.'flgin<;~rirlg, >lt01il111:'1l1.and electrir: lyl aee three yt:ltrS In I ngth. The nrst two yt'ars are 'pent .u Liil: C. S. Na\'''[ Postgr,tJu.tlC? SdlooL Annapolls, )I.'hl. The srhool

"Polytechnic Institute, Uni"\\c[sity of Micbigan, University of Minnesota. Aerensuucal Arl1j[llncf'lt - Mussach u· ,etts Inslitute 0 Tedmology. RawoJogical Defense EnglnecringUni\'~r$ity ot aJifornia. Lnw=-George W 'l1i:n,gfon Unlversiiy, Georgetown University. Catholic UniSathra('lol'Y completton of the course of these institutions leads to the <tward of it Masters Degree in the field pUrsl.u:J. The Navy's postgtaduatc pro· gram )S a golden opportnni y for men will in[: to ruake the needed adjustments. The .enera! Line Schools. convening ur Monterey in February 1950 and til Newport in July 1950 for a Hl·month.s course, require no applications, since the
~~L IW}'


prospective candklates
Trorn those


officers who

are available.

be ordered



























cruise.' As soon as rh~ word v,efll around al Flcyd Bennett l.'jC'lJ thar arrrer Air GrO~lr'(l W;IS ~chl.:dult!d to ~o aboard thr:c. C1hot _for ulmer re lu~ldicatlon t:r.lll1lng qllrm# their annual two-weeks crtuse OrganAilHIF.f\ )zt'u l{t~et\ (;


[or ror Doubleday
far Pensacola


sel out



th" air was "Let's ~tar!ed,


And ali they

were I:\(:';\red in hig!l. On 29 Ma.)'. 61 officers and 107 men of r VG'n7 Wok off r ir Pel1S.I(olu on the ~r"~ leg of \Vlldl wa~ to be .L recordb(ellkJnf( c ru isc, TIle Lnl' WJ.S arcomp h shed without tnr r derrt . 1111::.7




A J't'I!gl!r.,,




! rem

New York arrived rlfiht on schedule, ::'~lpportjqg personnel .111,1 n~'('cs~.Iry t'''I\.lipmCnl were ~Qwl1 down in 10 RID'~ III ,I \\'t'1I-plM1DeJ ~mt well-executed 'IUlift'" ith ussistsuee provided by Melg]lbonng uir stations. RL'iit:lyisis Irnrnediarely rlW1_ged Into four days of intensive llymg J,',lIs ilflJ practice for earner 01) -rntions.
Then another [qn, l.,;lrJIying two )rerial passengers, Edward R. Murrow, world-renowned news cornmentutor for

Ihing that h;(.~ wings," his IJrcviQLI~ ,'~,. sociutien with the Navj. had been $QJ11t'whut Iimited, and the RI.'S<;JYlsts were determined [0 ~ho\ Iurn ~\h.lt lIw)' meant by ~ 4.0 Job, Pilot Lt. "ChIJ'S" ell ristilll". with LL Ham" 'l ahlcr A}'It'lg . (Q". ,jghllct ntt'v.Jin Fidd on the button. rnu.lc II malgh,·u1 spprcurb, and 11lXJ<.!l.i tile gk.Jmin.~ I!.IO up to the tower, There !Ill':}' were mel hy IrC~lrs, G, R. rirrenden, G. . K.oI'S!JilW. and R, 1-1 KeIJtO'l. 0': of the air group, Ihl" atlurk ~lIU'Ldroll and the fi,(.(htt'r quad ron respectively. Afkr tile l1andshakio,L: and bade~LlrplL\~ were over, the new arrivels


h,ul "flowu in just about ever)'-

Afttr (1, spot of lun ~h, Murrow am1 11u~kley were rroperly accuntered. l'oJlpeu lilt till': hays of lwo T'B~f's (Kopshaw and Anthony 10 conrrol )
,IS ;,lld.

flown "They




silk. Desccibi.l1g

truss you up like a Lurkey

larer, Murrow .lnd stop you urrier 1.1lh..l.

~Iide YOLI down w ith a tire.

enti 1'(: air ~rollr emburked bv even i !l8. tb e C,J/;o/ llo~ underway for the GulL All hands set ,lhQut lam,iianzi.ng themselves With their new quarter _ orne wrote letters, w hilL others strdc.h.uu full length On titl:' AIf!ht deck to soak Uj' 'he tropu ...d moon,
"\XI ith ~b(' breeze, El1r!~' next mornirre, '"M,lI' !light tJ1Iarte;s" reverberaLed' tbl'OUgJiOllt the .,hir. TIlIm Gunt:-"Pilots man your
l>t,lI'S J.1l d


board, F\illgO!

B . and Willwn


senior edi-

settled dowo [0 !:letting tilt wor.l. AoJ the word was ,good. 111e boy, b"d been working hurd, really working wirh their hands and their beads. nd thel: hearts-not with lheir mouths, ow the plants wert' ready to ,gO, The pilots were ready, The fedrn,L1 In

planes ·-llie wortls lira.l S/.!lll ,{ rhrill \II' Amenca's spine during the war. Errgines were turned over, nerves were keyed lip. Tilt: bridge W:15 tense,


CPO's prerare
'\' JH10r~" of

ro make the nnilL check before the "Weekend


1'\1,'/ ORK, Y

boued lheir lranspnrts


Reservists unload gear after landing al Pensacola and et for [our d~tys of intensive prurl.ice tor earner Q'p,'rauo""

o u t for

says "We're off to a 4.0 pre-Cabol Lraiuil'lg 111gbt

Preparing to he down their aircr;<fl after :I (,lrril:"r L~lndin~t!~. VF"-tl·;\ men pllSh 11 COl'i.l{('

Up the gangplank of UlE C,$b(lf go the eve·oW en' men once aboard rhey did an all-our job keepIng tile rLlnes ready



This Wtl,s If. Tlus 1'1 ;1$ 110! a urlll P11lrnhers an d sal (,:$ 011'!11. an:oun tan 1" an cl jl:\Vdtt~ who h,~J Ilut llowu (rom .J. carrier Jeck ill JOlU yetlrs wert' about to rrm~e dud Naval AIr Reserve lr;UT1illg works, ll\,ll it is priJ.rtk'l1l M1J ,I,

Anthony ~Jropr(:d ,I l'r~L(e ur hon~b" ~~T1.M Y on lilt tu rglll, he rerna rkel1, nil ·'We'll have to gcl,t new ,,1~J ,Irtcr
tlil'SC It

bOyf> a 1"1.... lh rougl1:' in ~he nir ,11Ot1l:' Ih,it

pla.m It) brorrJI ust m;:d li,IY, therefore.

r BS'.s

Murro\1' Will.



ux were

T1H_ he, Budde), ~II1J ilOW11n!! UK ~h_;J'
rhe slup.





in three-

UH 1')\



II~Jwd ....hen th",}" lIE\\' In comb.lt a J;e~" J'I:1H~ <-1:)..''0. were about to demnnsrrute wh.ll I hi: \\·c:'t'kend Wa.rtior5, t.hc civll ian sluJ:,gcrJ>. (lin do, AnJ are prep:1fl:J to d.0~flt)ulJ the ut't'Q arise.

whose rami IJe,~luJ not



t'lLTn Ii)" men, en been cslab-


L went,


ilirp;:li"l!'. . Off tlley ronring uuo [he Caribbean rt"mfiJlg.

Sk·J bombIng. ,of

Ie inter
wrth the t llc

l'c:'pti'Oll!i. aJI

Weft- carried

her t=:Crli,l\., har,dworking ~k'prt)t, made to Capttun Wilcox, CO of NAS N1I\';:1

Cnbo/'J br!llll~ cat! by .l rem:1rk which

best be summed


r etc! in¥oil


lilt: sled on their first runs. "Don:' t'te declured, "You Dl1.I~t have hadLbe boys practi~ifl~ up there :It ('lloyd Bennett." A few minutes lnter, when LCdr.


11$ the}'


lhe -PI}}!Ji


Br'Q,ld(Jl..'Itin g that ~\'''rI ill~ r rOI11 N tv. Orleans, Murro\\ pi11d the Naval All' Reserve' One of its finest trihures, "These pilots, he suid, -look ,I': /.:00,[ .I~ thr'Y I!ha[llg<!d tires, check~d radio" ,l.lid reswere hJurur five rt:ar~ a.~.o. J "V;(S l1AO.lt'd to L.he fIl!>! nJL!! ons \l r" n'tJJ.ble Old Peccorino, wilh Lt. Rullj MJ1"- r..utlcu(.li:ly irnpressed with d\eli' gli(k. hombing, WhH;.'O ct1u,ILc.:d or surptt$~t'J lone's hoarse I'oice sOIli1(1 ill,\! everywhere lhnt whidl T'vC' seen UOIlC br some In rile bnckgrennd, Rt:Mu Air L;or~e ,qua.11 rQn~, lar The UI:lJ~r the ~I,ur of urgency. hidden N9v.u All' Reserve Progrsm 1'1 .L Ior m talents were re"t"Jlt!d., A rllr:lcbu(c l"ig01 11151'1'L[lI::<:. insurance tor pe'Kt: ... !;tr wO.'rb;J on. eugiui.l.'i.. A phOlogn.tphMId !ti~ J cheap form ilt rhat , NS lnlLte beJp",d change [ires. An ;n ill-lion .bosn's rmte bU!.";.ullt an ,Issisbln I DlIr'IHJ,; their r our Jny:; of opl.-r,III'OIJ' LO tile assistant PIO. The. spirit was lU)OurJ th{: Crlmt. Rc:;<:r1'<. Air ~1'1)UII (411-1)rl, Irill-DII . , :;bQW U5, whar 67 ch~lked up 39 carapult sbots and i~[0 Qt' Jon!:', We'U do it. ''i(I~(,lfmr 1,mJif\!SIi-,drfll}~t I 'it) more: UUU1 n ,1£1 been recorded by In y Reserve A.nd they Jid It. SO c(l)rrJ.rlcrclr in Iact tll:lt Captain Ii-ing. ill .1 _~p~6~1 ),!rolJp on previous ciui,~t:~ with on1, dispa tcb [0 ftoyJ Ben nell, ;mid. . "(,.1/)(" OI1,~ hMricr nip. Top 111<1,n w,,~ LC,Jr. Lriuenderr. ~ymg the onLy r·'f,"'·aboJl:'I1. sends '\Well-Done' LO YOLl; hard-work who J1Y m,!kintt his turr» bhortcndr:d in;!! m~ i n tl.."1lliuce crews." Be.-;ause 01 inabi! it)' to raise his radio ul~ by m,dHl1g _J.,hrn)~l tWICe ,I~ nun} i.' nd ill,liS as nnynl1c else, menitcr in Riverhead, LOfl~ lslund.

J1lght. !In.' trl.:W~ ~Wlll1,t! mro attlon_ 011 the nuogar dock, Their bvi>nl!ni aflu ~we.a.ting bodies gleilmi11g III the 1ast111'SS o(lhe enclosu reo they pulled props.

~l"'iriL shone 11"Ul teuanre ill





~er dnw



























NARTU Lakehurst



/\\'/11 Air Re:.trv '1 ra.inilll.! Oi1 al A,' Lllh.M-IUlt/lr has ~l uruque plu~t" in lilt.' Reserve lillt-wl'. NOI HR Gill)'


LOunlry or abroad. I ow !Iiat 11l1;~ii I'} It ....' bl:~11 gil c'U .in risu brnu rine wan are-.15 a 1'6 rn~.ry It'll." 51011, lh~ rule IlJll.l these LTA nestr\'i~h will be called upon to undcrt.ike as111'1"', In''lor propcrtions. In <l Iulure conlhr r they v,'IJI be an Il1Lcgr,t1 l,lrt 01 the- ASW team. Rt'llJy ro Iuke their pj,I(r; on 111i~ rt.lIl!

the only unit which rro\'!dc~ li~htcr.1 h,ln-,lir tlailling For OrSim 'zed I escrvists Imt it is the fif'it Rt'SI:I'\'l LTA un it L'\ er It) b set up eith r In this


the 'i9 pilors.





H6 enlt>teJ personnel in ZP-5t, the Or auized Reserve 'IJU'Idi'UD :ll Nl\.RT[LAKlilIlHlST, ,H well I'lS the I ~ prlor, 1 fl uround uffileT ";wd ) enlisled Reserv i'L~

uuien of the aRTU ofFkers travel sn average of 8<i miles and enlisted men an •IVCIllgC ol 70 mile.'> to, Jtttmd drills, Despite this fl.1.ct1 ZJ> .51 hi.t~ III I-vuys t11llJI)· ja.iMJ almosl I ()il~h of ils 'Issi._aoeci rum plement. MUll}' ufflcers, indeed, come from su 1'1 points us \''1ashingto'll, D. L. \ 'cst to PennsrJ\'lI,nhl and the Boston, MUSSitt:J1U:\Cll'i area, making the dril] I rek .1 dd up 1'0 more rh en 60() rn iI(!~_ They usually ~rl"t'" to Lakehurst on Prillll}' nigh! to b on board for muster at mnlo uturduy morn iog, In HdditjOIl, Volunteer Afr Reservists t Ll'A 1 from 1111over the country, who ~rt; interested e!lollgh in the rrogmm to r~ll 111l'ir OWI1 (-raye! rests or t'0 ltitt h h j k e \ ~[1 go ern IlJ e !l r air. c 0 In e to NARTU 1 ~KEI'lI1R:>T for their two \ eeks annual lnuoiog, Durtng the P,I,t


J LIed up lIlota] of 3.tJ(it) flillht :L sbsrp increase over las reM' .
of I. .OOU heurs .

,l[tLy i~ stressed all along ~he liue It is significant that there have been 1IU injuries to personnel, either AyiJ1g or Oil the ground, and in f;u:t no ,le jde_l1l!; JUIing the whole period the N Al:nU has been ,\ gOtllg cencern. OfBaniz~ Reserve training is fo'm~J on antisubmarine warfare tactics, The course- for Zp'SI t'il.ots is pal
teroed after that for Fleet patrol

rons .10.,1 tcllows the lines fleet arr"hi! employment. Magnet ic air Jet!:,· tion, r.tdar. !l'l-vigal-ion. rcmrnun imtion$, ~unne.ry aiul bombing techn i~Jlle5 Me emphasized.
Two lIir5hips of the K-type have been







of tlre sornewhut

i~f)iilt,<,J 10'

yeM.'; between 300 and tOil Volun rcers ha vc I!I ken- these cruises, o (ar lids ye~r, Org:1I1ized pilots

"-,~igned for use by Reserves. rmil1ll1J:: Ai~hts I reg uently 1J..,t for some 12 hOIJ rs, which means that S"turday drills r requcntl y ,Ire' not wound u r until l; le ill rhe e enmg. Cross country tlighrs are often sch duled ro $\1,11 ['laces as [~AT W 1£ EKSVILL u. North arullna. or We),rrrouth •. Massachusetts. Presem aun ill tra III i-nF= 11> [0 prtlp.Jrf' Ol'gJLlized Reservists Fo Iuture ,dr'hip op(JraLlon~ ahoarc] carriers. During llll: rCl •. t J 'ieqm!;, Exerris«: In the- Caril» m bean, the use o-t llirships I~;J. (OmpUllll1l of aifhu,fac~ h u n rer-k r l l e r grOI.lI'~ worked out most ,ucc(;~sfI1JIl" New proccdures tn srrship-carrier operat\ou". de' "eloped during tb 'I; exercises •. ire ItOW I:wing tld.lrtud lor u,(' by Reserves . .Here. the close workJng relat io!1Sl11p [!J,ll ex ist~ berween tlre N AR" U and til", rJeel Airs,bip UHiJ, also b;L:>~J al Likeeers invited to r rticipate in the Fleet carrier quullJic.:aUons. In f).uJition, Cdr. A. L. Cope, C of FAZ\V-l, has


rs pflying off.

Many Reserve aITI·



in the




%1"-51 QUINN. 'S





niques uvolved dming rhe exercise-s.


NARTU en. Cdr R. C Gossnm (c) plots tr~iniRF Ai,llbt with ZP·'iI·~ CD, Cdr, J. 0, Quinn and exec, lGh, C:. Seveeanre
profit gtea~y all alotl~ lbe hll~ From th ... backing und ~l.lrr!)tt gnrcn them by Rcol,(ui':u N,wy ururs at rhe naval air S~lIlilJn. All the ra,tiljtib'~, inrl~jil1g dll' most modern equipment, III

With rll~ hUlLe hang,lrs of N AS 1..11 KilN IIII-ST [oQmin_!: in ba(k of them, Organized &.escr\'i~h 01 [,1""51pll"~ ~Irhlttly ill r~vii:'l\



shi r L1.tl d m.gs,


t!.r'ounJ han.dBnl!

te ahl in ai r-

Airship T minrnft School are made :1\ aila bit for Reser ..'(" usc' on weekends, Reservists also gd the l!lte~t wurJ rrom such C1(Pl.'rts J~ Cdr. C. L Hol.III1, ofin::t:r-ill·dl.lrge- of Lilt" Ttdinillg- School, ,111.1 from ~pecii1.1p;;l~who nrc ronrlutlil1f\ airship develeprnen; t'xr,:r'f men tal work .IL Lakehu r5t. the Naval

.md make him f"eJ th~t he b. a rt.",t!lll,H rnernbei oj' the' 111 i"litJl) team, I.e.Jr. i-tohlmJ).!I Lee of zp·~1. prof,.~. sor of serenre ,11 Ad mi f.J.1 !, a r r,tgu I' Ac)tdl.!my. beads rhe recruit program.
The Flld' that 2;A

gn cd l n q til cken the en roUees

Another Il!'utnre of the rerrurt cnurse 1111 nirship in .. QClrinaliOll 1 flit:;lll, deirJ.t ('re~L

in Ma.y makes

J good COml1H,'tItnrr


were .1,d''Un.(ed
LOU rse,


un-thc·job experience in the \',\r!bu.~ LTA fidds, Of the two rnerhanirs, WdIOI11C;l and nggcr~. ')s~lhl1]cd OD Cilch been appointed to (he aval Academy, ;Ilrshil~ Lr:linj.l1~ fIi,f!ht. one or each 1$ L.J:St ]'I."i!f l'i:p:hl, enlister] men from the USWI.II~ ,\ SU'iker on 1U'l irt-tru in ing status. un il entered Anl1',lf,oIis lil'lJ this )'eal' NAR1'U LA lCEH uusr has a streamL-t mnre were selected. R. F_ Harney lined course for seaman recruit:>, wh ich M stood ~2 in the n~tioo.ll ex ..rninufollows tile regular HT A outline, but lion \ olnp~'tit!D!J and W, A. Rylm AA wb ich Inl.'ludcs such fetttlll'e!i as b~$i,' was .:¢'i, ~Jfdy instruction in gn;iut1d hnl1dltn~ of Nl\RTU LAKI:iHlm,,'r bdpssuppnrt ,.lIr;;hil"" A:i -~Oo;ll s the new rt(ruit~ .gtl a M the ~lLfctJ' picture, th'l became m.. mb(;t~ Q11C' 0 t the IIveliest d,,~oC'i ~J volunteer -


I'm ining for neprescnts


en] i'sted personnel wdi·b,u:l:11ldd

the el¥c(ti\'enes.'i

of the






The NAllTU, which is notably FlroLJLI 0.1 it~ record ~f I1(:VC> hJ\'ill'g to go t'llit and reerurr o-a's, since J.;ood prGlsp".... H \1 ere always paull LiiIlgun the door. is' I;'\':en prouder o( tilt: number who h.l\L

:lrt'>lS ,\11J. will) UnI!. l ook over

rccruus were interested t hut a mm.r \I a, crt«; l,,;d 41 N A SQ! ,\ NTll M so tJwl J Reserve ,lirship rnuld bt: mcoredthere for rl l,gilt training. On 21 June- the A \lUAt LT A) ""<I.~ rQmtru~~llmcl! ~lh.l lCd!'. Timothy J, Henntgan, who saw Wow ~Dtr in b(ith the Atlwtir allJ P!llific

tlnlb ill ~he counlry- t\VUA(LTA)-·I, Sllual'ltum. Ma'~~~dlU"~(.tt,. Thjs plOI1eCI:. unit srnrred 11m ns l'l Volunteer t\vi,:Ition Un i! un der th e ,0 111111finJ,(I.l1 t \I i~ h nu rlrilJ# rrivilege:;, bur :>0 ~[t::tt was lh~' elll'hm;iu~1l1 of it:. members ,md ~Q 111.' 11Y l T A rer~(lJlm;1 IlIId new


111 uch 10

bu jl d II II!

11-'> (


iu many w,aJl~-.llnd usually III their tunc J\,sistmg in memorial n:r~rnorues, (ondlJ~tine photOgraph,. surI'CYS. aid Lng ill ReguJnr Nil"}' 1"(:,[uII in,g drives ;uc pFactic:d!y regubr J:011tine,

0 kt~

i'S1 HF communll)'

front. r;r t\ Reservists h a ve [on lr i buted thei r scrv-


made from the ",i r aml SUt!:' ,IUtI ~OI'ltre~,\151) h a Ill" been ass istcci In hun ts rOE h1'kiti, t.\ ,Uld in I mill' "UI"V~y5.






Chief Crowell



to 2:.1'-51":. Ernmcn, Garrll"l,

Finoler, GreM, WQods and the Silverstein

brothers (fronl)

Z;P~51'5 :fine d101 r=-Srmth, BOlJk, Sherman, Mulforcl.Clawson. Keirn, \"V'nb:cr-sing at the NAS ehapel Db dcill JUji!'5


Cdr. QUIWI rl?csr:nt~ L'ommis$,iou. to EI1_~. K.t.lmb,u:1:II::r. <:K-Zp·.'il ordnance c1H~f ARTU L"K:EHUR~T was romrmssioned 00 2 June L947 'willr II (,crsonnel .ill"\WRJ]I.~·E of two ofllt:<:r'l ,ill I enlisted men. It operated tor more than a year with tlJb ~ITjl!11 fnrcc.; then nn officct and 10 elillstcd stanenkeeper billets were added, Dnring its two years of O['lEr.-l}tlon~, the NARTU hils h:tdonl} seven Lliangt:s ~111Qllg the eillisted sialiollkttpeu (311 1[1 the non-rated llrOur) un d n 0 ofun:r tu rn- over. ALl imp"i;lrl.1lll member of the strut is Mrs, Calhoun, tpe CO'-s ~cl'r"tal'y and the only civilian






then ZP-J5 with J.Jdllion.:d Jlll-i~S .1.., Comm:m'der. Fled Air Detachment, In



Is trucked a regular

to the tuke-off tramin,g fHghr

Chief c;..un.lgh 1 rre~t:J.[es r3igM ratiens Ior airship crew dUIIrtg rraining £Ii~hl

widely Quinn





19<11 be was lrausferred to {he- ,lI1lphibi. Iorrcs in the Pllufi~ :lfe;t and an:er


serv it'c it5 a~tlJl,J:l CO of rht:: A /I/<'rirml Legltw (APA-U'), wound "1'1 ~~ CO of the l}l,,~ H. dwk. Called to help orglllllzl: the NARTU ill I£l...7, lit" ha.... ooe mudl , a to build up redJlY's srrcall11.med rro-

employee at the unlt,





Raymond C. (,.oSSOITl, H 1'1\ as well .is 1111 LT A the tommautllllg officer oj LAKEHUIt:iT A former orficer
Service who bad

HI.: is ~~%i~1e1.1y hisexec, Lt. Gl:org' b Zdtlt:r. USN, ami ~uch :;taif members us LCd!. -'W. R. Sduren em un, the lyPt" rr.lil'l ing officer. A Iter mJny tours GI duty in the Nav)r dunng which he worked hrs wJly ur to il warrant '1]'pOllltmt:nt, Lt. ZI!I tlCi" w:a~ ~(;Ie<tuu IlJr
the Officer's Ai.ship Traming School. Dur.iog the wa~ he served willi Zl'· L2 which operated in the Cnribbean area.

had. an outstaudtng career in t9mml!l"ti0.1 aviation, as Al£ht mechanic, rdot and base m:J.na%tr, a~ld. as head ol the larg~;;! I?uhlir IlI'1JVIOJl ~lhO(l1 in lilt' colmlr;' dt!VfJ~'cd to ;:1\ i.. · non mCCh,lJ1IC trai ni!],',;. In 19W. klher :;e,rl let :i.,.. head l;j[ lhe~ Aviation Nation.11 Dertlw: Pro,griliTl ['or Nt;II' York Cit)'. he" as called to active dmy from NRII.I3" Nl'W Yonx, During the war


he xerveel as CO






D E j,~ Nl:J1lO.


Brazil .md of NAS



pf RIO

in the U. S. Merchan:

command of several vessels, Cdr. Gossum W<l~ lir:>t commissioned in the Naval Reserve 111 J 9'16. Aflt:.'r lIl!ioll"lg with tX(;~ of
ZP-u curt IImJ plltroi

ICfH. l HE Org'lflrz~d und A:;$O!.i ,Ited Volunteer Ai r ft(::s;;rVi$tiiJ!ld NARl1J j1L'fsomwl working ;1$ a rearn, the Reserve A train il"\;,!; pl'ogra:m at-


LT A C lass 19 in L 9 1.1, he took over as

I.C!:lr. Schueneman ;lIsa saw dut) wirh Zp-j 2, !IS well a S W ith '2.P-J~j ZP-I·l and




rallfnJ;; l.lhm.g in h IUil

which was eng~I.gr;:cl lnesO[lCf!lLiOI1S tn the ALbl.lti.. Later htr servedas CO ZP-J2 tmd


offi(ct. Organ i;:cJ Rcscrwst Glr. JaDles D. QIl1.inn. Jr. Coauthor of tW(1

Spark"pllig of





£i:a.t~so smoo Lilly, in fac-t, that phL05 for next year c1111 for :U1 mrrcase of Q, R. billets, The L-T A Reservists have proved thetr worth and hu"\'l:! set therr $ighh for even gn:attr pro~res:~ ahead.

Type Irall1l1lg otJicer $c.huClJCIUClH briefs stationkecpor Kay who is sboar ,bed,: personne! in rad.lo range procedures


CI!;ISS in radio code practice-s-here (]wd Van Etten gives the word ro Reservists Beers, VMjliaoJcs~ K!l.ri~\ilff and PhiUq'.;


Turn an pilOt and carburetor heat, Tigl1ten your safety ~elt, (d) Increase yoUr RPM for g roscopu; stability.
(b) (r)

llQth ulJl ~0

IF You

kNow !tow


lion $p..eJ. Y(JlI !Day not Jug into exceptrenally 51[008 sharp-edge g_C1Sts. but it's best to he ready Jnr 11:11: 101.lgCt!1st kin d, (g) Uncage yOUI' gyro instruments ~nJ ..heck for proper settrngs. Check 'V30l11Fll pressure (tria make a mantal note "f where the pump 5\ ltd, is located. (II) TWin nlf <lny rarho equlpmenL thut is rendll'rlld u dl"S~ hy Shili • Llsunl! )'<lllf VHF equipment ~ III nor be affected Make ure to red In It iling antennae. (i) At night, turn .<'Ul ,t)ckp,t Ught> (It)
full bngbt
III nurnrruze lin the



Put your mixture (l),mftJ in RICH. low yow: airplane down to pendl';!'

the bflnJjfl,ll effect,
,I! ..... hl0;

of lightning.

(;) DeI:!lcie



w ish to en fer the 51 orrn . A &OfJd .ge m:~raI til J ~ ,1f th umb i~ to lila~ as J I) '" 1'1 s vn ucan and yet b,afelr dear ri II terrain obsrad Q' (k) H pOlislble, plan to gu through 1I1\! line of tbund rsrorrns as D(;tlri> ~ possible ·11 r /sht ,mSles to the path of the sterrn. and you've

remark casually to a Fellow sufferer"We really ought to know better. After


HJJ NIDtT time you get caught. Without 011? umbrella or raincoat you can

all there are day." If ifs

probably' you P' ked up thiS ~'llrllcent figure, but if your listener doesn't beheve you, ju t reft'r him to the Carnegie til titute of Terrestrial Magnetism. Then you csn add with M air oJ
studied carelessness lhat the lightning ulone rn tJ1CSC thunderstorms represents

!~(Inlterslorms J. "1m,! enough you on't h,I\'(: to e~plllln where

44,OOfl r3inin~

Before atletllptin$ to fly thrOLigh Ull)' !:hullJmstprm there are several qlleSliQn~ j'OU shou.ld ask youf,elJ: (,,) first and me t importnnr->' Is tim trip ncce.~Mtyl" If yOlL''<t:" got elltlljyh 1;~S to gt1 b:lc-k tp Pel! Ridge Air ill)",", ilnd )'1'11 reglly W~D't SO Jlt1xlll~ tu make the trrp <1fI)'Wll.y, you won't tunc:" to read lin further.
"Are YOUI ou ~D rastrumenr llighr TW8 oH(!I] al1mill. ,[\oth er 6n~ =cus" It> turn ,'WI,",,) ;lnu wait (nf better weather (r), "Au~ you really sharp on instrumonl!'r H that white tkket is 8('tulig a UlLl~


Now you've got your ptalle in shape planned what you're going to do. You till have one vt:ry lm}'ortaot






""Igl'~ ;tnd it 1SO degree



a continIJous the suhjccr

ling 268,000,000 hocscpower. time yOIl'1l both be wet enough

tram fer of energy equalBy this
to drop

some Htlle time since you wert' under tIle horul, v<ill'd b~I(t'r not wlls!e ~J~ dl'b'l<ling IIH!

re pre:tl)' good that sooner or later you'Il run into .1 siuutiou where you hnvc to fir th rough .1 tbundersterrn Of

If -ou 1'(: a naval avi lor ILl" chance

111,1h(;dJ. for COver,

BuL let's assume th,ll }/OU Me on an instrument n ~Bht plan. that you've got to gel to the ther end of the line, .ind
thJt you're ju t- about the hottest thing this side of Instrument Flight lnstrur !OfS khoel. WiUI a good airplane .11'\<1

J Ubi




IhulB left 1''0 <"10. You've got to gel


course, i( ynu're .> smart <1,\ iutor you'll Iml try La outmaneuver the: enemy by f1ymS around, under, or over. No one will! the bt'ntn~ of ,I gro.sshoPl'er will L,\U )'OU 11 ~Issy for HyIng around an isolated JH mass Ihunderstorm lolJ Ironl llu"n.ll'r:>iotms gem:raJ!y

aU chis barkiilg you've
a 1ilth: thinking

before youstatr

and ,1 little tb rough.

~till ,got to do

sel] ,'".. ly lIh'mdlJ)' for what lies ahead. u You've gaL to expect turbulence, prcnpl' ration, and li_ghtn ing aJJJ not allow thorn to ,1(JSC; you undue concern.






hould remember thal the storm front is really .1 series ot individual torm, linked b, intervening douds. You may have La 'P through, but yow don't have to prck a fight. Will, .r1.lE blggesi and bJackl'!St doud III ~hl"_line-up. Try to ny between rJ II~ srorm center .. or over the-

~r eround.

bur you

Once you get In e a severe thunder-torrn you' re goinS to be us bus] as the proverbial one armed p;lper-hanger-ju~t tryiilg to keep 'OCtI plane in II level ,lttituue and on cour e. You 'IV cn't have tune to do a lot of lhmgs that you should have done before you started Ihrough,
FREPARE Y0UR PlAl'Nl! rn P"JThJllTRATI TIm. STORM Af'EJ.Y (,,) Oll!t:~ YO!!f Instriuneuts .tbJ IiglJl\ .

One of the greilte~t hnzards to saJ ely Ilying tbrough .t thurtderstl'lrm is pftm !e,,/'_ H }'OU let yourself gel into ., panic it's going to be JUSt about: tlw;c times as hurd, ft might be ;l good idea hJ remind yourself that you're in a closed co k it, all metal airp1. He, Yon are just ab ~It as Hkdy to ge~ hurl by lig11lnrng: .l! you would be to win the Irish weepsrakes 00 a sIngle ticket. This msy be a slight exaggeration, but it should make Y0U fed better. You can forget about the old bugaboo of a down-draf] forcing: you dght into



r ',IJiJ/IIY& figl1ter plane without undercarriage, skidding I:he aircraft 10 ,t ·t r on II flex-iolt: d~d. mad; of .1 rubber

WHEELLESS JET LANDS ON CV Pilot Vatllpire M. Ntl.\·y has T f<ll'ric;r detk landingsrnade a Jet Drown. of made flyingwas Leur.in E,194'; who history with
HE BR.ITlsH aurner-



At;. ordil1g 10 released inh.lCllMlidn. rh~ [uue is catapulted (J'OIn the earner ~m! lands on the specia! deck on It:.

belly ,kid.~, The ide;! buhinJ

Lillo' Ill'IV

gain as much as 6,000 [eel. BtH near the ]),1 e ot' the tnrm Ll1(' down ,lr:lfts ar noi as lose


l:(f<)lH1d. The), 1>impl) don't .Iet that W,ty, ] lUI... ie }'Oll'j'{, III 10,000 leet )'OU



!IS 2.Q()()



Above ill do Y'Ollf best to keep cool. Remember you're not the fir~l Ace to fly throu,gh :t thunderstorm. R('c1:'nll), lilt
NACA l'ond.uded a pw!(;'~t to dCl(.'t'ffi.i[}e the o p e r a t iorrul fea,lHbllJty of tlJ'IO,I1 LhtQlI£!h rhumkr~iorms Th t}llolt,,, .1,', signed to thrs project deliberate! flew lltroll~h 1,.400 (l1\lnlkrslorI1', \~ilb\Jut J
major .\l(ldc:hl OJ' f,ltaht).

v relent.




WcaLher Bureau,


mauei built and tested with II wci!!htcd gliJer. A~ the c:xperunent showed pwm· ise, a lle:<jble deck was fitted to the HMS rr;ratriQr, a H, 'O·lon carrier Further tests were rnadewirh .1 modified de H[n illand If &1II/'it'lf> provillJ~ 'UL· Cl.! si ul.

posed two years aso and an experimental

technique I tb~l by "Iltl !!l'P: out undercllfri.tg .Ibout 4nn pOtln ls r weIght b saved, \\llu~ll can be Ill.:v(lteJ to Clrr} 111 g more f!J.sol ine, gi\'ln,r: greater nlr'lg" .l11J speed. Use of ,1 flexible deck. first W(lS pro·

the: first j ( aircraft to land .1lfCruJl carrier, a ",1m/Tire aboard the 1lMS Ocean, PO~!ilhtlilk:; of such an operenon as LlIlJinf' whecllo.:ss pi, ues aboard J [UJ'rier are multitude. ..ltarult;ng them, would require orne sort of cradle and JIM) ,I mdbod of hoist fng them abo!tfd lL. T.l.'oillg a wheelless plane around till: deck would be s!>methrng to hehold. Pilot~ rroll~bl~ IVOtJlc.J. need more j'ad. wng ill lhm scats than .Jrtordc·,1 by
_lbO.iJ'J ,til

by plIatmp-



tanJ cemfortably

rhe landing


plant: w.thcut resilient nres

10 wilhJolt of a. anrl 011:0

trw" 1'11(; rubber J,eck 'O\'dlng would 11.1\'1': tl) be irc-resrstnni because of the hot jet exhaust, Deta ils or the British tests aft: classified, althouah it was announ,'t'd tht'3' were highly surt e slur.

r ell
0! 0. -(411 yOll 1(11'


One e vou [art into thl,; stcrm IIt'\'ote all }'Qllf <lltcnhon to fll'ing your plane. D011't be too rou,c;l~ on the controls. Usc tel,=, "lor controls very !i t11lJy and Jon I
worry t alrirude.

for u nlgnt' qllotn of trouble? It fLII begun dlll"lng maneuver- \\ hen Lt. 'I ate climb f aboard III PlV l {It

rnudr about g.ul1Ing

or 10:;tng

nosble. FLr .4'1 "'ITCDE K(,t"I~ your plant' J.I'l ,~ rdlll ively level nrruude with your gyro Ilori~(')n a. YOUt primary reference. DQI\'L chase airspeeds, rartlru,larly io high speed heov r airrraf], H you do,

/Jl'lt!mptmg to J)MlJ1r"ill tI C011' ) 1.lIIf ~ltif!J.71.' iN bt"/{/l ,It tf /1 m« y taJ'd)' Vii ,/ IlIlal'f 1,m Ihp dfilVI/ ,J'G (f)"d /0


eXCeSS! ely IHN;:·high attitude t.ll J seer JIve. Move your throttle 001 when au


to p~'l your plane into an

appl'Oac.h lhe high or low speed limits [or your plane, Rernernber heavy fain mt'f slow down the indiC::l.t~d aIrspeed relliling by II.'! much as 70 mph becau se of parual blocking of the J!f entrance, Kte:j yom plane in a level altitude. hold your heading. ,md hans On to yoU,[ hat. You'll come through ill right, be.

cause you prepa red

pLtnt' before you entered
fJ. TORo---To

yOLl rsel f lind yOUI

the storm,

Cnpt p~ rick HJfris(ln, vMf-.111 engIneering ollicer. rides hls blcyde from ~Mta Ana to
f:1 ,. um ,mi.l return three limes Rmmd-tllp Jl5tallce is Y, mile.

kc p jn t911ditioo,

Luckily Ule ppe lost sight or the plant! and relinquished control to the co-pilot to eno thiS neutral lind pusslve condition. he plane went through m;lny varied ~mtions at this point and


inl'cmt. on his mission ior the Oily. A non-event fIll l:tkt'·of!' J.llJ 11 i!!.hl to parrul 5lution "'' 15 made .. nd aU hands a seeded back to he routine About .\0 hour ras sed. SmLdeJ11y. a Violent backfire with results .. \ Ibl':.1.tiom' IJl wm keJ ih .. plane. All hJr1I1s look oJ hit h In their safety belts, 0 more e.xplosion.o the unersv crew continued rn~roJ. A rrnnquil 30 minutes lruer. over the inrerc rr! was heard "Ccntr ct enem)" I 5 miles to starboard." The pile s reo sponded W1tl1 enthusiasrn lind wielded the eplulIlI over in a ~harp Jiving bank. They uiw tb~ lights of the euemy. PlltrO~kfllUr. intently, they bored in. The pilots mused, "Closing seems to be rather r'.1pi~t" lode.cd It was. for the lights prll('tkally were upon them, Real iza 00 n dawned-e-anothcr plane! Immediate action was taken in the cockpit. The flP pulled, the CO-FlIot

FollOWing thll;, another resouruhnc backfire, m;mlTlpnn ied by exccs-ive \'i· braunns of the starboard eo);inc. echoed ihrongh the st'iU l1igllt. Enough was eo ugh' The pllul asked llttl nli\,lga.t.cr (or it C\)ur~l back to his home base, The ol1l} sourul WLlS the heavy r.1l1til'g of the crew members. At last the lidd was sif!bted and bre<tthlng \\'J.~ more or less resumed, Tlie piLoL llli1l1~ a quick tum on base and lined 111'. the starboard enJ!ine still mutteriug, Over lhe Fena: .111<1cut' At this pornt the co-pilet Sighted .a nonde rip] Cllb lining up near their touch[own 1 All hand grabbeJ the throttles for a wave-off, The throttle: w ul1 nor budge. There W,tS only one thing to do, ,l:liuc: over the plan. Having settled rhis obvious .Il1Q unalterable techniC'JUty bOlh pijot became aware of a wbini.og noise in thei r (;'!l.l:S. Yes, lhe question \\1,1.: "An: the wheels locked down r Well, there was nothing to be done


missed by '<.!me two [tel (estimated)
• 'lAS DH>lvell--On
IJjying F<trmen landed





and be prepared for ,1 wheels-up landing, The plane: was putled over the Cab wuh the aid of the Jesus" factor and some escess knots and .I1.1l:l11)"settled Oil. At long iJ.St the famili1tr sqmml 0 rob· per on runway wa~ heolrJ, ami aU hand', Jt is bdie ed, sltl1teu wnngmg out their pe.r~plrlltHm·laden dothes. • NAS DutM.lNGRAM-~guddrun pCf'!'onnllJ nnw prepM!' th~jr oW{! payroll for prF5tmtatllll1 to tllC disbursing ().ffi'~f and ld$Q tllke "Ire ••f !twir OWn mlJn~hl)' fc:pnrt5.

but dear the plane on We runway

• 'KA O .... K1.J\ND With the combined tt<lmw<'Il'k 0.£ all band$. R¢serv"l$t!; pded up Ingre thllJl 1noo pHol haurs on ]1~22 Mn to break ~IJI 'IKPr.ds fl.ll' a slllSI~ wC'lokcncl

tI Mur 1l)pnc tl1,ln lOCI Denvt'{ for a "FlyIn" oreJkf !lSI and .,) qu irk IOtlk IH !Jpcmli,Jns of ~h(: Organized R~~erVEc"squndlpns.


SfKJi: 111'1.1 ru n :rfc OJ' 1uck to h,t ve- tl) d,ild, an ,Ii III 1ft. Sifl~-t I hen 1 ba ¥( !l~"rd tht. "C;oMfish' dllh,~nd 1 would ['k1.' til krJ9\1 y,m ,~lclIJ tell me ill'\II ~" !W (I b e I.lt obr.timng ." tU~(!lb,:,,:,'li t p.


to Weather


:s evernl

Ye1lr-!> .lSI:> I I md the




J:l1 N <ld" Ik. C'\tHln II: !nil. ftn IlQ 50 g fCl;)l Clv",-q'l\s.t, T~'wcr "ontl"rold. "iolbllib 2 '1~m,l"" \~:t.-ri'4tllf', Ilg'lt l·'~~t." h!l'l.1Cl ~tiJt.... l~_\';"ll llr~l~ J 011 1 m.11IUlO! '1,. hom l'~"M <Ire 1 ,I"w ul'lr1'lt ,4. I,.lna fro<~ !.h" "b'hal U kll""". "111m"",. ~,,!;(.1111!'~O.M v~e"""ro 1'6-1,,,.: r'~I\idl,.. .• t"J,Hrw vil.labl e t \0 ;,

Air Age Ml(Jps __ •. _ _ ~ _ ~ _ Johnson Supports 'Ngvy. __ 8



11 L RN"E'I



1\'",lh',· Kiddr l.u •• tr~Il""III,', U ~.~lJn ,&ilut't.~lr~"'1 d"'~11 ffU' P.... ·.. , who owed UiniL HWL- h,1 1.1.!{,' lI(rt!n 1)1' ~tw~ ,"C!.!'!.J.~ made h~' thnt flrm, V\t~ u t'"-l' u~l'V'"I-Fie I' F.bc .'tull !'IiIl j c "llcmtil!!I' llll~ ;'(111 JIlin Ill" wl'i,· 1"11 Ihem ftir ''''!lifrnlfo" lih n 1»,


iJul'lnl!: t.he """.
'4 !;)JUt!l1lWtl

~g P!llhl,ld[ihH •• S"o"J,,1 .!'lmL~r Iwn, IIBQ8 liJST. i1 ~0 r~",l I,roko". with h iI<h~.. vi"ib1l1ty Iu .u!lM, wlml 1e"!!', 1l0l"th~Mt l' U ~1l~!otS. Ii i,:tdi,v.t" O'l"iJ!ll-t""flI tlsl.II· .. K """,,'<I L2.U!Jtl !"",l. ~hi" ~"'<ltel:"fJ at, ~url 1"',lt •



New Jet Plenes;



dillUl ..rl




mtttlllD p'{"tuJ''''~ thc reason why m~wl:;lililh~ nun g_rJ", ,1;'" ",,)tTtt ti,e nCX[lIllITJny,nl

nerves' m

Tf.1;m"{ nwntltm


l"~f J!J' 'b"ny. Tf"j'I<I,f(h (Ih(i ,,,,.1 C"tl1/"t';fIII" I' M."III,II JO~~11 t II, IhC!l't, seehrs to [",ye J..:~t:l"peJ ~ ilnd Ultff"~tll1g cOn\p"'ur inn nrnonog tJ,~ ,trlver. 1,1.0\' rd l~ rru-rs ,,~ the- I'lldll<

M.1t;n"" .lrrd r ~p"m inilny anx i<JLI~ hULH·s. bm I um ,,")""1 illl!: tu YOLI. ~l!~,<I.... uHd~~ ill which I have rt"tt,o n re-,Id whom my f",ll"w

Semng ,I; .11 M,.rh'll· pih,t dtlrlrl'g II·w wo.r and fly iII;!; IJif Iht' 11l/'lklff Hill, ! fct'l quite r".\tJJ Illy el<p~dtcl1(L with lhe N"vy. hut !111u:j, mnre [11('\1<1 1)[ my experienre wll It lire .Mllrjll~ Corps. 1 am no! trying (0 take gInr)' frGlm tlie «J",y .. nd it-s heroes wH11



ComAirPoc Moves toS.iJi __ ~ 20 P.G. pnot Courses .~_ 22 24

N. Y. 'Reserve Cruise_ _ __ _

NANews Visits LakehursL ~_ 27 Thunderstorm • Flying .. 30

T'hr -'rl'''fj,lO\ t:(j~I(1t til,· Jrn'c.r '" I" m4'"t" like " Jo,..lInfll~c wirh hi~ liBI" ..,,\ ,,( whec.l.s """'fT tmw ~ filM·.'\!! {limh. "11 .J(!rt.: The pJ,l1lt' ,~ I;qll.lf'plOd With (WI) extra st~hJll~Jng lin" ll'IJI !luke J JclfghtiLJI vI/get fit 'I,j!( <If Ih" fild d1!! t n" t>tl~ wi 11 .ILI!'II i! lI!kmtl I;Ml on rhe compeutton, ve-ri suspects that ".JIM" 'If the drrvers i.nlV!; 11"1'<It( ·'n'Mh.'~" 1~1l tl,t'lr lr;ldur~ Ih~n Jtii1>" ]r<ll1e, .g'lt «n 111$

J lw ve 111 11' ind sp"dhcI lly, Mflrinc S'IU(l.Jnms "!>fr.UI, ~l!, l"J .HId iI~ whi! served «'Qnall}; welt OJ) bolh land .wd !lIOiI, I 11m
p~!"lic1;ll~dl'P.Htl~1 I() l')\tf"'"~I. ~em11lr !Jig!l

"n,ll." rA


Ma rifle


~(Ilre- ~q(l~dn)ll ln the M~ri ne C"rl'~' HOIwever, my fellow MIl_rine~ and I would he quilt' th"nld,1I to tl1\: NAvAl AV1A-l'ION Ki,\\:I~ Inr nny hon(lr'lhle rnentron Y<~Il' rn.1g.\zinr wo,,[J

f,e"r~"1 o,liote b

51,nee- 1M, montk', Hydrog~aphlc Offic",


por;n_g· dla,h f·o, oviolorb I~ .. tov"" picl~ .., ;, of 1I. (igJ Jome. 'Khln-..., <0$·';0 o.ing





our wnv,


"'~i" p- ,.

~ino: Ve·11 11>1.' pilfmw rhe- 1[P' oj I he P'WI. fjn5 wlule. rhe "hung.u deck crash
in:SluHt~· ~Jf!011g meralermths t>ia:n .1 noticeable dfll. III [Ji<l' p;:!,I, th .. l"3.l~' ~~ll!


have J iH·

],•. nclig:4t[~t t" run ii 1\''t~.rtH'''~ b.vlJltrnli ~1I'Ul1jl.rHfl hl~t"'s, 11~ltwe ",-e d4.",.t.,rt [J.)' t ",. I"~"'UL>I~\,'" ".".~ ofLh" ""I'm 11,,", ,,~~aunt,. 11l~1l with Ilnva.I I-u(ton~~ lhrJ~ in 1~~4. lb" Mucin" (''''rm ,1wldn,1 I{, fl19.r'!.."lH«..' 'i,·jr.h nn rmrl ... ~. nnd thu t'C'""l,ll:~ t... thnf. e "IIn'1 "'''''111,'l,> Ii.. It .ltV :>.I"~Tn~" ;Yi~h ~" ~eln U~ 10,\' wrltl'li.!:. Ow ~"mtIJ"t,; "tlll'JI cf thllir "ltc'r>Jj~ l LDniloJ Wf" t~~J t:a:tnly wtu ~ t~ 1~..'e$UJd in vn~Sellllnll: it.
WjL ~r~1

W.U:l'rllJ: Gl)fGl>h. IlL, 1ST 1.1.. lfSM It '~~ Si:-lltlC Lt"'l! n().!.:I~i:cl f{'".JVt, "U'4 n~ fidd~.~. ~ ;1'ti "o~wllrhLI!; hi~ l"rwrln 'hQto<' "Qlnmn-.. W" 'wilHlll

IMlrV"',,"1 Iligil-t check pliol !:II NAS en .. a. 'hach.




rop-OeHa~illc~d V"IIlPire;. basI Itnown
''''0 tpll EngH~h ie 1 ngnFer,equipped wlih wing 'Io~k·, ~or g,,,oler ,,"nge_Soom



:ft bl"rli'-fJ_Jrj;'


a. "IIill'l,llu.Lt'H:r'ii but,


and 1,:tlnJ''Worklll,g trnetor driver:;. have bee 11 .so used to d.ti \l iruI: under the ui! <1 t a TIlM Ilml tli~y quite <lft~ dLdn't l'i~e lilt' I.:xto I1l]s 1m the GIIN/io' The n('W ~ren<l inIlCh t(!) th", 1'1,eUlHe 4 J Jl C(ln,"""'IlC.!. i~ J del igh! iul jnipt0vl'TlI .. m III the /UIui'C' ,I i~ antidpated th.lI I'C·ll ,ll,roi<.;hnwll~:> (111'1 do 1l1Ol,'Y witlt th~ rnrthil.,~_1

Don~t burl'

h.,lp, molt., Ihi,' pion.:! ..... ;ty id,..nt:ifi"ble I,om,allllorl OilY ongle. Tki$ Ir life ~nl i"-I 10 land oboo'd on dlr~raf! 'tarder, In 1945. Lo.w.,,"F2H 'BaMt'"e, Ih,,· No.y·~ <o.de.;· b"'eD twin iel' ~'g,hl..., wh"i.h i.e repldei ng

us yet

~k pllge

!2. of




r.rum b~lnl!:

utlice.r, ,n .O\ru:ge: oi h~ng" r dttt.k

(llbh<:~ and

t~m''''1: tnt: $til!~f~t'l"d<:!:t from ~!lr requited <'<lllj,p!'Tlt'nl of l11c-llli>n]llh m(11 L:.its. PAI'I E. EM~~rn;. CDn.

11 st.nndhy S\.ttllS. !he Na.val A'i~ Sf'J.ti(!)n, B:lrber'~ Poitlt w.ill rt'mll.in ill :l full <l r3t i0(1[' I ~td.f(rs, (til d III (,tad}, 1m ~ roi p,i J IY c1{p:mcicd ,n "~qu:l;Jrnns arl'J;ciH!d, :tnl! Iln·bn~tli persflnnel.

ril'dl!.C¢'il to


0110 by M<Donnoli,







now :nlppntt

1.11 FAWTU1'"t.
the $l1lff nf



• nu: STAFF

f'AW'~' VU·M,

Lt. Cdr. Arthur t. Schoeni •

VJ>.SK. VMll.·.1;~ • .I' ASRon-II;. rhe t!utl~lIlg seadrom" fiLdlj,ty the ,\<1,1",
f;llU r..h ana rt~('u" detll,hmcClt C\lHst G"'mJ ;l;lr d~t,'\hm"'nl. WHh If", dO<lnt:, of MCAS PWtI. ~j"l1 hal:; addl'd ,,-U [ht; I' qll,lrt(_"l'~ In rhc tleeds of [lew pertr>O[lei, ILnd in w, It uti liz<: $'Jmc Dr the qY<I rlet>-

V1(-..'I , VP a, Vf'·]j.

I he


Dorothy E• .Ames,

an..! the



Cdr. Lotry


11011' filt

Lt. Cdr .. iRasolie W. McU1in
l!lIseTve Edllor



HA~I)OIl. ll'l!;ij'PI(s

~I. Cdr .. Al'Idrew
PO!.N'r pII~ hi Sofely
t h iJ rlgh t ~L[l!ry Uli'l!

W. Brighl

"1 LUti..'.Il t·o ...: a.hj,a: h

"','tt~"". l<P

W,,"UlTU ·~h th~ N t1v'N re~~ rY~~ it. U1!i 'U rf. At" oIJof JUl' da.y UlllL

James Art

M. Springer


W"" IU' 11 .... __ ~,~ ..,h.anJ.::'iI,.!'rl.

t)lIt ..




lz:etto WinferRobb
S q u ,,<IrQ". Ed.lt" .' The prinling b...,,, "p"",,,ved '8u,,,,,u 0./ Ihe 01 !hls public'"!!,,n ho~ by the Director at Ih.
Budget, 10 JUd.e 1949

il\.er"'''''vli''' to d"~",,,lnllj .• 1al.'¥ ,",~I.al. m.d~I'MM.e ~nQ 1.~h~i~~1 Q~ta. AI. 'TI"II .11""Jd II" ~''''; ir ,1>'O<li~"bl.,.• odd,.,. •• I'" ~hh,F 01 Novol QF~f,"'U~n •• ",,,vol Avillri""· !'lew., i'I<I"Y O"p<>rlm.nl. WMh'"9'On 2:5. 0_ C. DI~""t <o"""u"i~<>llo" CQ" b~ ",~d·~ ID Naval Aviuli"" f'I~W!, IilcQm ~!l35", p~"'C!g"~~I<I!I.; offlo~ "hen... 73685 0' T,l5T~·,
Ope,o,ljo~.· .;;11.

P~bli~~ ...d 1I1""lhly

by CT.'.. I ,,~ NI>'~ I ..

tOP-SClI) ,,,,,d Bo.e<m



l\~'Y 'TYLE~ of art are represented in :;qu"drnn inl"gnia thi., month. aU the wa>' [rom Pl. Mugu's stylized pilotless missile (0 the

macnbra death'~ head and cobra of VA~155. PQi,~d (0 "flack. the snake typifies the sudden ,
death mission of the arrack squadron. Another fa iii ei ful iruignc is c1"u of VC-62, The jshutterbug stnndirtg <In lWO carriers denotes a composite aerial squadron delivering photo ser v• ices ro 5 !Vetal Hattol)s. &R's' in.igne Irom th big Mllr;"c aie tarion at £1 'foro Iealilt s civilian logs Oil the station bl111.



O&R, EI Toro

NAMTC Pt. Mugu




AU hand.s "bow"! eop.ie thi of Naval Auiation. Neu:s.

eVB rnieht
be 'mustered to gel tlre ir You don"( have 'to stand


line to g r, your.
in tbecoLIpon

Yon ean get il monlWy

by mail,


below, together

with a check or nroney order.



















, lONE._





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