friendly-fire's gore ultimate soldier computer custom game skin placement mini tutorial ,etc ; a way to see

any new skins obtained from wherever is here: (this is old info to many gore players) get a new skin(the picture file that the game uses to display what stuff looks like) if one has a new assassin skin,then it goes to ; c:\program files\gore\models\players\assassin. (scout skins would be: c:\program files\gore\models\players\scout )

(each of the gore player models will be listed in the players folder.) there is a file for his head called assassin_head.dmt. this is basically a bitmap image file. i use a free photo viewer program called xnview to see the .dmt files. it works also to simply rename the assassin_head.dmt, to assassin_head.bmp. skins look is the 2d colors that the game puts on the 3d model of kind of wraps around the 3d player model like the skin on a grapefruit. for gore,the skins look a couple of shades too dark,and perhaps too color saturated,however,when the game uses them they will look,any new skins made,should be made to look darker than normal. otherwise you will hve overly bright,bland skins.make a folder to save a copy of your stock skins. it doesnt matter too much,since only you can see these new skin files.your character,and all similar characters will now look the new way to anyone playing gore on your computer,but other players elsewhere will see the same stock skins when they look at you from their computer. after you put the new skin in the assassin main folder,it must be the exact same name the stock skin had,or the game will not see it. for assassin; assassin_head.dmt for his head.assassin_body.dmt for his body. if a skin for a body or whatever is named hjvidfhgidv.bmp, and was obtained from a folder called assassin heads, then simply rename hjvidfhgidv.bmp to assassin_head.dmt. a dozen different skins for the same target file all have to have a different name to be in the same folder. an organized person might have assassin_head1.dmt,assassin_head2.dmt,or whatever. i personally prefer to have the skins as a bitmap .bmp file so they are easier to see what i want to pick. there are a light skin color version,and a dark,for many custom skins you will see. i got the idea a while back from a different game. skins can be made using photoshop,the gimp, corel ,etc. gimp is free. any photo edit software will make minor color adjustments for making stuff brighter,or darker,or gamma changes. so,anyway,you now have your new skins in their proper player folder. start gore demo or full, choose a player,or the observe eye thing. to see your work; hit escape key,click where the advanced server settings are, enable remote administration. i assign a different password for developer password, and admin password. start a lan game off the internet,if you just want to see if a new skin is suitable.or go play as usual. to see a skin on a different player,hit the ` tilde key, just above the left side tab key.this is the game console. type in login developer , or login and the password you chose. be sure to have the space after the word login.

the game will say login successful,hopefully. now type addbot "assassin" exactly that way. must have the space,and the quotes. hit the tab key.there should be 2 players and the bot.if using observe mode,you can fly over to wherever the bot spawned,and see if the skin you made,or found ,is suitable.hit the f6 key and the game will make a screenshot, called gore1.bmp and put it in your c:\program files\gore can go see if it is there after you close the game. the gore1.bmp file may be too dark to see good.i open them in xnview and brighten them and save as a .jpg file. i believe that if you leave your bitmap screen captures in the c:\program files\gore folder,then a new game will cause any old screenshots to be overwritten. the above general procedure, will work with any player skins. alternately, if one were satisfied with their game skins,they could put them into a self extracting zip file to have them install kind of automatically. i prefer one at a time. having different skins is somewhat moot in reality,since a good gore player will be getting armor and your new game skin should be covered up with green or red mob or umc armor.unless you get or make new armor skins to change their color also. weapons skins, player skins,new maps. gore is an awesome game to modify,though there is some resistance to mods of any kind in some the gore ultimate soldier community. if someone wanted to think it is sacrilege for me to upgrade the carburetor on my engine,then that is their problem. i can waste time and fuel if i wish.personalizing things should not to be mods are common in other games.if some mod were to disturb gameplay in some bad way,then it should be avoided by anyone with integrity. game skins on your pc should have no adverse affect on any other gamer,as they are only seen on your pc by you. you can change the skins back to stock by restoring your backup stock skin where it was.i usually have a backup of my stock files,and a backup of new files. in reality,i have not been playing much, but with the decision of the gore founder to provide a free download of the game in early 2007, there may soon be hundreds of servers to play gore on all around the world.the game works on older computers and even on dial up connections acceptably. noobs love new maps and skins, just like i did. i made these skins my hackwork way to see if i could,and got carried away. some people make picture puzzles,or fill out crossword puzzles .if one other person gets a kick out of them,then my efforts,for what they are worth, were not completely in vain. here is the syntax, or the way the stock models are named. each model must be named exactly these ways,or a player will show up with blank white body color.; assassin skins and scout skins are usually interchangeable, the way i made them,so they may be in the same skin archive. assassin_head.dmt assassin_body.dmt bartender_head.dmt bartender_body.dmt hplayer_head.dmt hplayer_body.dmt lplayer_head.dmt lplayer_body.dmt

mplayer_head.dmt mplayer_body.dmt player_head.dmt player_body.dmt scout_head.dmt scout_body.dmt umc_vip_beret.dmt umc_vip_body.dmt umc_vip_head.dmt one can copy and paste these names during the mod skin rename process that is done to put a changed skin where a stock one was. like i said,first i would put the stock skin in a different folder, or rename it mildly. there are other player names,but these are most of the ones i made mods for. someone had made a mod to allow the umc-vip and the other vip to be used any time,so that is why skins were made for him. also,many of the parts and skins are interchangeable with other player models. i do not have the time to truly catalog and organize all the files i have.i have already spent too much time on this,and there has not been much demand for this stuff.they are offered as they are, and changes will be sporadic. one may wonder why i have made such an effort to share these. i have not been playing much lately. i looked last night,and i have over 800 skins in the main skin folder.i guess they add up.mostly heads and bodies.about 200 megabytes,at 200k per file.many would be duplicates.i can either delete all this frivolous work,most done years ago,or try to share it freely with the small number of folks that still play this game,and like to tinker with stuff.i realize many of these skins are lame,and many are unfinished.many are an older version that i did not delete,as i was trying to figure out how to do these 3d model skins,using 2d tools. if some stock skins are put here,they are there for template purposes,and should be labeled as stock skins.i paid for the game,and aint trying to resell anything.perhaps i could say i put my backup skin digital copy here for the stock skin.if needed whatever must be removed will email address is i said,the game may make a big comeback soon.imagine;a stock skin gore ultimate soldier action figure set at the toy stores and department stores.the game is unique among all i have played. some screenshots are at; i will fix errors as i notice them. i may add maps as i figure out if any i have, that others made, are hard to find,and would benefit by placing here. long sentence. gore was created by joel huenink at: these skins are not necessarilly accepted as tasteful by all players of the game, and are not official game skins.

i have been playing the game on and of since 2001 or so. i have been a member of the gore forum since 2005 soon,there may be a rebirth of this game, as it is about to have a new re-release.

new players like fiddling with new levels and stuff for their game. long time players don't. some other skins, are currently at this link:

player name - friendly-fire credit goes to 4d rulers and joel huenink,for making gore, and the 3d models and basic models used for these modded skins mentioned in this document.