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The paper umbrella’s
Taiwan’s Mei-nung oil paper umbrella

Oil paper umbrella is one of the unique

Hakka culture’s symbolization in
The process can separate into 5 big
By finishing one of the process, it is
“whole skills”.
History of oil paper umbrella
There are two says about the
skills of making paper umbrella
came from: One is about the
paper umbrella craftsman A-Gui
Lin and Zhen Xing Wu invited the
paper umbrella craftsman from
China to teach them skills.
The other one is said that the
paper umbrella craftsman Yu-Qin
Guo who came abroad to Taiwan,
staying at Mei-nung town of
Kaohsiung. He named the factory
of making paper umbrellas “ 廣”
this word, for example, one of the
factories was called“ 廣振
興” (Guang zhen xing).
Down is the process of making
an oil paper umbrella:
Process one─
Process two─
Process three─
Process four─
Process five─
Process six─
Process seven─
Process eight─
Process nine─
Process ten─
Process eleven─
Process twelve─
Process thirteen─
The perfect work is finished!