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htm Vocabulary Quiz A) Complete with the correct option: airy • spacious • lively • meditate • strong on 1. What is your city ____________ in terms of quality of living? 2. Is your room __________ and spacious? 3. The restaurant was very ___________ so there was plenty of room to walk around. 4. I like to ____________ to clear my mind. 5. The cafe is very quiet during the day but very__________ at night.

ROUNDING OFF: Comprehension Quiz – EXTENSION B) Answer the following questions about the interviews: 1) How many people mention living by water? a) one b) two c) three

2) How many people mention living in a city? a) one b) two c) three

3) Who are the most opposite in their views? a) Hoa and Samir Jonathan b) Demelza and Cheryl c) Emily and

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