Note About News and Terrorism: What really is shocking the most is hearing the growing reports of how

our own (USA) government has welcomed, trained, and funded terrorist operations in the middle east, so that they (terrorists) would fight our (USA) own rivals like Russia, back in the 1970s-80s. Have also heard very similar stories about our relationships with Saddam Hussein, and resources we (USA) helped him with in the past so that he and his troops would help fight our (USA) rivals. "Outsourcing" works for businesses, why not for governments?? As citizens, we probably get about 1% or less of the truth behind any information that comes from Washington or even the mass media channels. They (powers in charge) probably have projects and plans that span forward 10-50 years. Yet we only see what is happening (randomly- we think) day-to-day. Are we (citizens) really able to "do something" today about a "40 year planned world project-mission" that has been playing out day by day, with plans that go forward 40+ years, and perhaps started 40+ years ago?? Or are we too "positive-thinking" oriented to see the damage from the wars we've been in during the last 30 years? And to dismiss doing the research to find out "what really has happened in the recent past"- the truth behind "what we were told (as a public) and what really happened"? It makes sense that wealthy and large institution(s)/organization(s) could actually play both sides against each other, making one (nation/country) side seem evil and their own (nation/country) side seem ethical or logical in their actions and bargains- while in fact there is only one power (nation/country/organization) in control- as puppet master. Some 9/11 movie makers have found older (1940-1960) classified (USA) government documents that state doing such things as "fake terrorist hi-jackings" to turn the American opinion and the American public into believing that these "terrorists" are "real", "dangerous" and "worthy of going to war over" - when in fact there where no such terrorists. If such government planning really takes(n) place- we are but ants as individuals - or perhaps as free and knowledgeable as mice in a maze. Yet we will probably never believe we lack freedom, knowledge, and power- as individuals.... So what to do?? J. Thomas Hufflin (2004)

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