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IBM AIX Security Checklist

IBM AIX Security Checklist

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Published by: koyuuau on Nov 04, 2011
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Iqyylog collection : Iqyylogs can be supplied the IBM via a number of ways : A) Have the HMC call them

home : A1) For HMC v6 : - SFP -> Manage Serviceable Event - select an open event - goto Selected -> Manage Problem Data

- select iqyylog.log and call home to have them uploaded to IBM, or, offload to media

(DVD or USB stick). - Upload the files to https://testcase.software.ibm.com/. Login as anonymous, change to directory "toibm/hw", and upload the files, prefixed with the PMR number, or call reference – see “FTP to testcase” procedure at the end of this document. Or E-mail each file, one file per e-mail to ensure they make it through the system. A2) For HMC v7 : - Systems Manage -> Servers -> select the server in question -> Serviceability -> Manage Serviceable Events -> select all open events -> select the problem you want to work with (by error code or date/time or the latest event logged) -> Selected (in task bar – top right) -> Manage Problem Data -> iqyylog.log -> Call Home or Offload to Media.

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