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Renewal Strategy

Renewal Strategy

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Published by: mehul on Nov 04, 2011
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A presenLaLlon on

8yť MahlpaL
W 8enewal SLraLegles
ueveloplng sLraLegles Lo counLer organlzaLlon
weaknesses LhaL are leadlng Lo performance
1) ketrenchment
) 1urnaround
W ketrenchmentť focuslng of ellmlnaLlng nonŴcrlLlcal
weaknesses and resLorlng sLrengLhs Lo overcome currenL
performance problemsŦ
Alm ťŴ downslzlng or layoff
lmporLance Lo orgťŴ an orgŦ enable Lo overcome a down
perlod ln LradeŦ
W @rnorondť addresslng crlLlcal longŴLerm performance
problems Lhrough Lhe use of sLrong cosL ellmlnaLlon measures
and largeŴscale organlzaLlonal resLrucLurlng soluLlonsŦ
W ln 1999ţ Lhe revenues of xerox Corp (xerox)ţ Lhe worldƌs largesL phoLocopler
makerţ began Lo fallţ and ln lL reporLed a loss of $ mllllonŦ xerox also
losL $ bllllon ln sLock markeL value (from Aprll 1999 Lo May )Ŧ xerox
clLed many reasons for lLs bad performance lncludlng Lhe huge reorganlzaLlon
efforL lnlLlaLed by Lhe Lhen CLCţ 8lchard 1homanŦ
Wln May ţ he was replaced by hls predecessor Þaul Allalreţ and Anne
Mulcahy (Mulcahy) was made CCCŦ xerox revealed a 1urnaround Þrogramme
ln uecember ţ whlch lncluded cuLLlng $1 bllllon ln cosLsţ and ralslng up Lo
$4 bllllon Lhrough Lhe sale of asseLsţ exlLlng nonŴcore buslnesses and layŴoffsŦ
SubsequenLlyţ ln AugusL 1ţ Mulcahy was made CLCŦ
W xerox conLlnued Lo reporL losses ln 1ţ buL lL reLurned Lo proflL ln and
conLlnued Lo reporL proflLs ln Ŧ 1he case examlnes Lhe evenLs LhaL led Lo
Lhe decllne of xeroxţ and ln parLlcular how ma[or reorganlzaLlon sLraLegles can
affecL a companyŦ

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 W O n°°  ½¾¾ ¾°   ° ½€°f°  n°°  ½½€¾° @ nf¾  f¯° ¾   °¾f    n° €O  f° °½fnf¯f© –f°f°¾f – ¾nf° f€€ nfn¯½f° .

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