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De Angelis, David - Power-Flex Stretching

De Angelis, David - Power-Flex Stretching

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Published by: Alex Di Benedetto on Nov 04, 2011
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AAbduction movement
B and C The Large Trochanter
enters into touch with the
pelvis and does not permit
optimal leg abduction

D and E

Turning the
femur outwards, the Large
Trochanter retreats backward,
allowing for a greater split





Fig# a ! Side split with feet
pointing forward#

Fig# b ! Side split with feet
pointing upward#

In a side split, then, there is no pure abduction, but a movement of
femoral abduction and outside rotation or one of abduction and hip flexion
which is the same thing, in accordance with your making a side split with
your feet pointing upward or forward (Alter, M.J., 1996—Kurz, T., 1994).
In both cases, the position of the femur with respect to the pelvis is identi-
cal. (Fig. a,b).

For practical purposes, if you practice the side split in a seated position,
this does not make a problem because the joint’s position is correct for opti-
mal opening. If you practice it standing up, however, you must bend your
hip, inclining your pelvis forward (pushing your buttocks back).

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