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De Angelis, David - Power-Flex Stretching

De Angelis, David - Power-Flex Stretching

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Published by Alex Di Benedetto

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Published by: Alex Di Benedetto on Nov 04, 2011
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The load, meant as a relationship between lifted weight/legs parting is to
be progressively (but very gradually) increased. Example: starting from 3
series of complete knee-flex (body weight) per 30 repetitions reach 3 series
per 40 repetitions, then 3 series per 50 rep. After some time, with strength
increasing, increase also the load (for example: do the same exercise with
unloaded beam going back to the first number of repetitions - 30 repetitions
per series). After some time (what depends on personal capability of adapta-
tion), once when you’re able to do 3 series per 30 repetitions with a certain
load executing the exercise perfectly, (complete squat, constant tension,
without rebounding), add more weight and/or increase legs’ parting.

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