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De Angelis, David - Power-Flex Stretching

De Angelis, David - Power-Flex Stretching

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Published by: Alex Di Benedetto on Nov 04, 2011
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Do it in a sagittal position with the knee of your back leg on the ground
and that of your front leg tense. It is important that the hip’s position is in
line with your shoulders (avoiding “wearing out” and therefore exhausting
the psoas muscle by extension), and that the chest remains upright as long
as possible

First method

Stretch out in the position described above and wait until tension in the
front leg muscles (femoral biceps) and in those of the back leg (femoral quadri-
ceps) diminishes. Then, slide with control, trying to bring your hip as close as
possible to the ground, still maintaining the correct posture. Continue in this
way until reaching the widest position and isometrically contract the extend-
ed musculature for at least ten seconds. In the first attempts, in order to make
the exercise easier, lean on two supports (chairs, steps).
Repeat the entire sequence at least two, at most four times per session.

Second method

This technique is identical to the preceding one, except that the final
position of contraction is reached by taking advantage of Neuromuscular
Proprioceptive Facilitation (PNF) through successive contractions and relax-
ations of the elongated musculature (as if we wanted to get up, “plucking”
the floor with our legs for five to six seconds). Even in this case, when it is
no longer possible to open the position without pain occurring, maintain the
position of isometric contraction for at least ten seconds.
Repeat the whole sequence at least two, at most four times per session.





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