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Shared Book Programme – same text over the whole week

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Critical Thinking: Exploring Language: Exploring Language: Exploring Language: Processing
comprehension Vocabulary Print conventions, Phonological Patterns Information
Introduce the story – Revisit the same text, Visual information, (Phonic knowledge, Phonetic Reread together with
cover illustrations, build reread whole text first enthusiasm & vitality.
Fluency Awareness)
eagerness, sense of Encourage students to join Discuss - Visual Information
Revisit the same text. Reread
anticipation. Revisit the same text - features of
in where/when they feel together with enthusiasm & vitality.
Encourage students to comfortable Look at first couple of pages – the text
Then focus on Phonological Patterns
think critically about focus on Print Conventions that Eg.
Focus on clarifying Eg. At Beginner stages –
the story contents. affect the way we read. • Plot
Find all visual information in text • initial consonants discuss how the story
Read, asking predictive Interest words,
(bold or illustrative font, changes • blends begins, develops, ends
questions (as
Synonyms in type size) • Characters
appropriate). • suffixes –s, -ed, -ing
contractions, compound Encourage full participation, Major, minor,
Discussion about • compound words
words, singular/plurals, practising most appropriate characteristics
storyline, characters, • contractions
conventions • Setting
setting using literal & • word families
Eg. At Beginner stages- How is this conveyed?
inferential questions
• full stop • rhyming words • Theme
• capital letter At Later stages – Discuss, compare to other
• comma stories.
• question mark
• suffix –ly
• speech marks • short/long vowels Use drama, role play to act out
• exclamation mark • prefixes story or parts
At Later stages – • singulars/plurals Respond to story using
• possessive apostrophe written/visual language –
• homonyms
• parenthesis present responses as book or
• colon • synonyms wall display as independent
• semi-colon • antonyms reading resource.
• dash • word families Keep shared book in room as
Retell another independent reader
• ellipsis • word derivations
Retell Retell for students
Adapted from Jill Eggleton and Jo Windsor’s Shared Reading ideas Sharon Ross, Literacy Adviser, 2006