Goldilocks and the Three Bears

What did Goldilocks do in the Three Bears house?

Why did Goldilocks like Baby Bear’s things the best? If Goldilocks came to your house today, what might she do? What problems did Goldilocks cause the Three Bears?




Do you think it was right for Goldilocks to go into the
bears’ house without having been invited? Why or why not?

Retell the story as Goldilocks and the Three Fishes
Substitute Combine Adapt Modify Put to another use Eliminate Reverse Father Bear was a crazy scientist bear What would happen if the bears were having a family reunion with relatives who had escaped from a cruel circus owner? How might the story have changed if Goldilocks had her leg in plaster and was using crutches? What if the bears were smaller than Goldilocks? What if Goldilocks only pretended to be lost and was really looking for an excuse to go into other houses? There is no Father Bear. Retell the story so that Baby Bear is lost and goes into Goldilocks’s house.

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