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ex-e-cu-tion (ek si kyoo shun), n. 1.

missing link. 2. The main reason companies
fall short of their promises. 3. The gap
between what a company’s leaders want to
achieve and the ability of their organizations
to deliver it. 4. Not simply tactics, but a system
of getting things done through questioning,
analysis, and follow-through. A discipline
for meshing strategy with reality, aligning people
with goals, and achieving the results
promised. 5. A central part of a company’s
strategy and its goals and the major job of any
leader in business. 6. A discipline requiring a
comprehensive understanding of a business,
its people, and its environment. 7. The way to
link the three core processes of any business—
the people process, the strategy, and the operating
plan—together to get things done on time.
8. A method for success discovered and
revealed in 2002 by Larry Bossidy and Ram
Charan in Execution: The Discipline of
Getting Things Done.