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Describe what you can see

-What are the models wearing? - Where are they? - Are they famous?

In this advert there is a model who

is getting out of an airport. She is carrying a dark suitcase and wearing a colorful long cotton dress and comfortable sandals. She has got short curly hair and is walking calmly. We cannot see her face. There is no one else in the hall. It is completely empty. In the centre of the image, the suitcase is leaving a bloods trail that enhances the emptiness of the room.

2. Give info about the company and where did you find the ad
-What kind of company is the advert for? -Where can you see this ad?

This is an advert for a company

which doesnt sell clothes. It seems to me that they are trying to make people aware of the things they buy, maybe because it is a leather suitcase or the clothes inside have animals origin. I think they use it in magazines such as National Geographic and billboards in the airports.

3. Give your opinion and reasons why you like it or dislike it.

like this advert because it

-Do you like the ad? -Why? Why not?

reminds me of travelling, which is connected with summer time. I do also like it because I think it is very impressive and people remember it when they go shopping.
In my opinion, people that go

shopping never read the labels when they are buying and they just get what they like to wear. Using blood is a good way to shock them.

Write 10 lines minimum.

Use present simple and present continuous correctly

Use at least (minimum) two relative pronouns Use at least two expressions of opinion:
I think that In my opinion As far as I can see I dont think that

It seems to me that
I believe that