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PERCY is walking down the corridor INT: SCHOOL WALL NIGHTIME

PERCY gets out is phone and is talking to his wife. (IN FRENCH) BONJOUR CHERIE! JE SUIS TOUJOURS AU BARAEX (PERCY sighs) JE VAIS RENTRER PLUS TARD PERCY puts his phone in his pocket INT: SCHOOL CORRIDOR NIGHTIME

PERCY walks over to the lockers, opens a locker door, puts his phone in the locker and pulls out his cleaners uniform. PERCY then walks over to the toilet and gets changed into his cleaners uniform PERCY comes out of the toilet in his cleaning uniform; he checks his uniform, showing this by shrugging his clothes and closes the door. PERCY walks around the corner. INT: CORRDIOR/MOP AND BROOM CUPBOARD NIGHTIME

PERCY opens the door and turns on the light, the taps are running. PERCY looks at it confused but turns the taps off. PERCY picks up a radio and a mop and takes them out of the cupboard. INT: SCHOOL CORRIDOR NIGHTIME

PERCY walks down the corridor and places the radio on the floor and pushes the button and pulls the aerial (news is playing). PERCY starts to clean the floor. Percy drops his key, sees that they are on the feels a presence and turns and sees his (Dave) taps his watch to indicate he is running late. off down the other corridor. PERCY follows him eyes. 2 floor, boss. DAVE DAVE walks with his

The radio cuts out, PERCY drops his broom in shock and PERCY looks behind to see why the radio has cut out, he then looks back down the corridor where DAVE was walking, he is not there. PERCY looks to the right corridor and looks. PERCY walks over to the radio when he hears the taps running again. PERCY walks over to the cupboard and puts his hands behind his head, as he is confused on what is going on. INT: MOP CUPBOARD NIGHTIME PERCY walks in the cupboard and turns off the taps, starts the door when the grindylow hand grabs him. INT: SCHOOL CORRDIOR FADE OUT NIGHTIME