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Endocan / ESM-1

Your solution for the analysis of vascular remodeling

Monoclona Antibody MEP08

The monoclonal antibody against human endocan / ESM-1 called MEP081 (LIA-0901) developed by Lunginnov can analyze the activation of the endothelium by immunohistochemistry

Endocan also called endothelial cell specific molecule 1 or ESM-1 is a biomarker of endothelial dysfunction (Sarrazin et al. 2010). This proteoglycan of 50 kDa is overexpressed by vessels in lung, liver, brain and kidney cancers (Grigoriu et al. 2006 ; Maurage et al. 2009 ; Leroy et al. 2010 ; Sarrazin et al. 2010). Recently endocan / ESM-1 was identified as a biomarker of tip cells , endothelial cells involved in tumor angiogenesis (Sarrazin et al. 2010). The tissue expression of endocan is correlated with the tissue expression of VEGF (Huang et al. 2009). Anti-angiogenic treatment of endothelial cells decrease the expression of endocan / ESM-1 induces by theVascular Endothelial Growth Factor (Grigoriu et al. 2006 ; Leroy et al. 2010). By its ability to discriminate tumor vessels of normal vessels, the antibody MEP08 (LIA-0901) allows an analysis of vascular remodeling and represents a pertinent tool to evaluate the angiogenesis.

Main features
Monoclonal antibody (mouse) Recommanded for immunohistochemistry (paraffin and frozen sections) Specific of the N-terminus of human endocan Easy to use / do not required any enzymatic pre-treatment Can be use with automatized procedures Stored at 4C / -20C

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This product is for research use only and is not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use

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