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4-november-2011 london rush letter to benkler, zittrain, lessig, aclu, eff, glenn greenwald, andy worthington, los angeles

lawyers guild, david coombs, michelle j. anderson of CUNY, Bet Tzedek (House of Justice) Los Angeles michelle kazarian we absolutely need you here immediately to convene a panel to explain to the british media the aspects of US torture law as it pertains to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange i am sure we can host this quickly at frontline club or another venue. this needs to happen immediately prior to the Julian Assange extradition to Sweden. there are 13 days before he learns again at the royal courts of justice if the extradition will be immediate. this also needs Massive publicity in the USA. i am tired of the flippant propaganda of the Guardian. please ask around your networks and send articulate law students, lawyers guild, aclu, eff, or yourselves. international media is very present and very desperately needing an intelligent legal analysis of the potentiality of the Espionage proceedings against Wikileaks and the likelihood of torture of Mr. Assange. Sweden has so famously used the USDC immunized torture airline Jeppesen Dataplan Inc. to send subjects to torture, some of which occurs in flight. we need a specific wikileaks defense network from an american perspective with emphases on torture, military tribunals, free speech, human rights, cyberlaw, international comparative law, women's rights, libel i can help to arrange housing should you come to our aid. any help i can give in relaying the various aspects of media defense, blogging, social networking, flash mobs, or legal assistance i would provide to the best of my abilities mary eng