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Common goals

We have the same goals

Mechanisms of intercommunication
We use Blogger, Voice

listed on the class syllabus. To learn Good grades Complete assignments:Blog Groups, wikispaces, powerpoints, etc. Getting a better understanding of rhetoric,literacy, and writing.

thread and group work to communicate. Classroom Conversations All the technology that we use. The blog, wikis,, Voice Thread, emails, text messaging, Powerpoint, Facebook, and Twitter. Rcampus page.

Feedback and information

Using class and group

Blog, Voice thread,

discussions. Blogger, Wikis, Voice threads, daybook, class discussions. Using the Blogger. Posting blogs, commenting, shared docs on Rcampus.

Wikis, Groupwork Ethnography Writing in daybooks Literacy and writing as a whole. Technology.

Specific lexis
Using words from the

book readings and those vocabulary words. Different websites Technology Specific words and collaborating articles.

Membership Teacher and Student, the teacher knowing more than the student. Members with common goals End of semester Drop out The student to teacher relationship.