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Shooting Schedule

Date/Tim e Shot Location Number/s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Someone Friday s th 11 bedroom, Novembe and the r street outside Saturday 12th Novembe r

Emily Drew Group Names Jordan

Actors/Interview ees Jordan and A Female Character

Props/Costu mes A bed

Crew People filming, Props Costume etc People filming, props costume etc People Filming, Props, Costume etc People Filming

Equipmen Notes t Video Video the first Camera chorus part Tripod

8 9 10 11 12 In London Jordans 13 Jogging Character

I Pod, tracksuit

Video camera, tripod, Ipod, Fig rig Video Camera, Tripod, Ipod, Fig Rig Video Camera Tripod

Video the part where he jogs through London with the Ipod

18 Tuesday 22 15th 26 Novembe 30 r

19 23 27 31

20 24 28 32

21 25 29 33

Park bench etc.

Tres Character

Park Bench, darkened streets, phone

Video the part where he wakes up on the park bench from the night before Video the shot where we use special effects to speed up

Friday 18th Novembe

Shot in London

London Bridge

No actors

London Bridge

Shooting Schedule

Emily Drew Group Names Jordan