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Indicators Asking students questions about the task. Interaction Students responding. Teacher giving students pictures. Teacher talking Teacher talking 70% of time the class. Body language Voice Teacher using gestures while speaking English. Teacher using clear and loud voice. Answering questions.



They were working on Halloween.

Student's motivation


Outside Motivation

Drawing and painting pictures about Halloween. Bringing informations. Concentration on the task.

Teacher's resources

Atmosphere Behavior

Student's attitudes



She gives students pictures about Halloween and they Using posters and clear have to draw, commands. paint,cut,and paste them on a thin cardboard. Students sitting in group of six. Students behaving They were sitting in properly. groups of six. Teacher controlling Girls and boys were properly the class. mixed up. Teacher monitoring the task. Students working enthusiastically on the task. Teacher engaging activities. They usually sit in Sitting arrangement. pairs. Sockets, a desk, two boards, two big windows, a big closet.