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Fault Management System

U={u1,u2,u3,.un} No. of user. Ai={a1} each user having only one account and

contains user ID. Ud={ud1,ud2,.udn} User details Ut={Ut1,Ut2,Ut3,Ut4} User Types Ut1=Operator Ut2=Manager Ut3=Analyzer Ut4=Technician C={C1,C2,C3}Companies [C1=Adtran,C2=Cisco,C3=Telecom]

Cs={Cs1,Cs2,..Csn} Customers who calls to their

respective company product operator Cp={Cp1,Cp2,Cp3,Cpn} Complaints given by customers F-failure {not a valid user, incorrect password, no space} S-success {connection establish, sending or retrieving data successfully

n n

Uti subset Ud
i=1 n i=1 n

Ai subset Ud
i=1 n i=1 n

Ci subset Ud
i=1 i=1

Mathematical representation
1.To add new account for analyzers and technicians


NOTE: 1=true , 0=false

Then user is already exists. Else Add new account in it. Ai contain user id.

2.To login in Account

n n n

Ai =1 then Ai= Udi =1 (verifies

i=1 i=1 i=1

password in User Details (Ud)according to the user ID present in Account )

If and only if account information and user details are match i.e. account information contain User id that match with user Id and Password of User details then get company name and designation to login. Else Login Failed

To registered customer complaints

n n 1

Csi= Cpi= Ut1=1

i=1 i=1 i=1


Then Complaint registered successfully and customers receives complaint number Otherwise Failed to registered

Customer to know the status of complaint

n 1

Csi= Uti=1
i=1 i=1

Then customer will get the status [work is under progress ] Else Till now work is not assigned to any one

Assigns the work to available Analyzers

2 3 n

Ut2= Ut3= Udi=1 (check the status of analyzer

i=2 i=3 i=1

in User details) Then Work is assigned to analyzer Else Work is not assigned to anyone

Assigns the work to available Technicians

3 4 n

Ut3= Ut4= Udi =1 (check the status of analyzer

i=3 i=4 i=1

in Userdetails) Then Work is assigned to technician Else Work is not assigned to anyone