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Standard Effective communication and classroom discussion


4.1.1 Communicate clear directions to students about learning goals. 4.1.2 Demonstrate a range of questioning techniques designed to support student learning.

Evident within practicum reports/attached assignment demonstrating open-ended, restorative, inferential questions etc through adoption of the Integrated Model.

Effective communication and classroom discussion Evident within whole classroom discussion strategy (see attached) and also through adopting a restorative practice philosophy and implementing constructivism as an approach regarding the Quality Teaching Framework (see attached philosophy).

4.1.3 Listen to students and engage them in classroom discussion.

Standard Student grouping


4.1.4 Use student group structures as appropriate to address teaching and learning goals.

Evident through lesson plans(heterogenous and homogenous groups- ability groups and mixed ability groups). Teacher responsibilities when using group work (Killen,2005): *Form groups of an appropriate size *Determine an effective group composition. *Encourage all learners to participate. *Foster group cohesion. *Offer encouragement. *Mediate disputes and help learners reach compromises. *Foster communications. *Help the group leaders to be effective. Expressed throughout attached lesson sequences/assignment on Teaching Strategies- explicit, collaborative, problem solving, whole class discussion, group work, cooperative learning, constructivist learning, questioning, inquiry, mastery learning etc. ICT in the classroom: Interconnected Classrooms, Blogs, Avatars, Recording Devices (student feedback), Photo Story, Networking Programs etc. (Multimedia attached). +

Teaching strategies

4.1.5 Use a range of teaching strategies and resources including ICT and other technologies to foster interest and support learning.