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The Vampire Chronicles: Lestat

By: Anne Rice

Here are some oI the excerpts Irom the novel which I liked the most because it`s meaningIul.
Enjoy your read!

."You say things that mean nothing to me. We are the abandoned oI God."
Gabrielle glanced at him suddenly. "Do you believe in God? she asked.
"Yes, always in God, he answered. "It is Satan-our master-who is the Iiction and
that is the Iiction which has betrayed me.".

. "I am evil," he said halI smiling. He almost laughed. "It's not a matter oI
belieI, is it? But do you think I could go Irom the spiritual path I Iollowed Ior
three centuries to voluptuousness and debauchery such as that? We were the saints
oI evil," he protested. "I will not be common evil. I will not."
"Make it uncommon," she said. She was growing impatient. "II you are evil, how
can voluptuousness and debauchery be your enemies? Don't the world, the Ilesh,
and the devil conspire equally against man?" He shook his head, as iI to say he did
not care..

."Because," she said, "that is what men would call it. They invented Satan, didn't
they? Satanic is merely the name they give to the behavior oI those who would
disrupt the orderly way in which men want to live.".

."OI course, God is not necessarily anthropomorphic," she said. "Or what we
would call, in our colossal egotism and sentimentality, `a decent person.' But there
is probably God. Satan, however, was man's invention, a name Ior the Iorce that
seeks to overthrow the civilized order oI things. The Iirst man who made laws-be
he Moses or some ancient Egyptian king Osiris- that lawmaker created the devil.
The devil meant the one who tempts you to break the laws. And we are truly
Satanic in that we Iollow no law Ior man's protection. So why not truly disrupt?
Why not make a blaze oI evil to consume all the civilizations oI the earth? ".