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Upon the sands Where the sea was a deepening Blue, Where the palm grove made a shaded

net, I met them once. They were four, Were coming from afar. They were enjoying the breeze, Were looking at the Western clouds. Rich in hue, The horizon bore a rainbow form. Those were really the melting moments, That was a poet's lingering vision. And they were reciting Wordsworth, To a skylark, they opened their heart. In the passage of sinking Sun That chorus lent the twilight a shimmering charm.

From a distance They seemed to a hilarious group. When the truth was known, I was shocked - they were all blind! Upon the values of life I began to reflect, Man and his endless quest made me a point. No place is alike for a blind man, He too has an inward eye. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 01/12/1997