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Demonstration/March Scheduled for Saturday, November 5, 2011 in Stuttgart

On Saturday, 5 Nov 11 from 1600 to 2000 hours, Mesopotamischer Kulturverein (Mesopotamian Culture Club) Stuttgart will hold a demonstration and march starting at Lautenschlagerstrasse in downtown Stuttgart, Germany and proceeding via Friedrichstrasse, Theodor-Heuss-Strasse, Rotebuehlplatz, Koenigstrasse, Eberhardstrasse, to the Markstrasse Marktplatz in downtown Stuttgart. The theme of the rally is "Die Wuerde der Kurden in Nordkurdistan werden durch den faschistischen tuerkischen Staat mit dem fuessen getreten und er Rest der Welt sieht zu. Herr Abdullan Oecalan ist seit nunmeher als 3 Monanten in Isolationshaft! Lebt er noch? Keiner weiss es!" (The honor of the Kurds in Northern Kurdistan is being trampled by the feet of the Fascist State as the rest of the world looks on. Mr. Abdullan Oecalan has been in isolated confinement for more than 3 months! Does he still live? Nobody knows!). Approximately 100 people are expected to participate. This rally has been properly registered with German authorities and is expected to be peaceful, but the possibility of provocations or altercations between Kurds and Turks cannot be ruled out. NOTE: The Mesopotamischer Kulturverein Stuttgart is considered to be closely associated with the prohibited Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) and its follow-on organization The Peoples' Congress of Kurdistan (KONGRA-GEL). Mr. Jeff Bartlett U.S. Africa Command Office of Security Management