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This November 7 is the seventh anniversary of the very bloody US military assault against the Iraqi city of Fallujah

in which US forces employed tank, artillery and air power against the entire population trapped inside the city. On the day of the battle that began seven years ago Fallujah became a full military target and the foreign invader army gave itself full licence to carry out all kinds of acts including committing numerous horrible atrocities. On November 8 2004 US and other coalition troops opened up on the people still inside the city with heavy artillery barrages and air attacks. However, on the night of November 7, fighting had already started with US ground forces carrying out small penetration assaults. When dawn broke over the land the next day, US armoured units under cover of the artillery barrages began moving directly into the city. Tank cannons blasted buildings at every corner, with any moving human seen as a legitimate target. US soldiers and Marine units crept forward behind their vehicles mopping up any returning fire. Within twenty-four hours of the start of the battle some of them had reached the centre of the city. Pockets of determined resistance caused some casualties among the US soldiers but the tanks and armoured carriers were relatively immune to the weapons used by the Fallujah defenders. Several days of hard fighting continued but by November 13 the city was largely in coalition hands. Still, occasional exchanges of small arms fire continued to occur well into the month of December. But what is more important is the fact that during the battle, US forces employed illegal weapons to attack the city. Tanks of the US soldiers indiscriminately fired DU shells against buildings and homes. US aircraft were alleged to have dropped napalm and phsophorus on the city including on residential buildings housing families taking shelter from the fighting. As a result, between 6,000 to 12,000 civilians were killed in the battle. Two-thirds of the city suffered severe or total damage. Iraqi doctors later said Fallujah registered high rates of birth defects as a consequence of the US attack. There were also many reports that US troops carried out summary executions. Other than being a big culling of innocent humans, the Fallujah attack was a failure. Insurgents continued to attack coalition troops for the next two years.