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Questions to Ask What is the Ad trying to do? Who is the intended audience?

What strategies are used to sell the product? How does the ad attract the readers attention? What route do your eyes follow through the ad?

What do Ads tell us about the time and place? How do styles fit with cultural trends? What are the implications, for instance, of the stark black-and-white photographs in many Depression-era ads that mimicked the tabloid newspapers of the day?

What else do we need to know to analyse an Ad?

Does the rise of psychedelic graphic styles in the late 1960s and 70s support Thomas Franks contention that counter cultural values of personal fulfillment and immediate gratification fit post-industrial corporate marketing needs? Do earth tones in recent advertising support green marketing strategies of companies hoping to appeal to environmentally-conscious buyers?

Reflect on thinking - Making sense of sources

What thinking skills do you use to answer the questions? What help you make sense of and/or understand this source? What and how do sources help us understand something?