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The Mr mystery story # 1 mangled man.

-Lately at the evening me and my friends get out to play at the evening , what can we play to day? I asked them, lets play tag ? Jordan answer . sure I said, we play tag until it dark but we dont care about it , as we play I saw something that is spooky to me whats that ? I said to myself in my heart.

1 MM
~My mom calling me to get in because its getting dark , so I come back home until I feel shivering and feel creep out , I saw a shadow ,the shadow move I follow the shadow and the shadow disappear. where did the shadow go?, my mom calling me to come in, I come in and asked myself how come the shadow gone, I feel so confused from the first, I go take a bath at my bathroom and go to my bedroom to do my homework, this homework is hard for me ugh, I feel so hot and I keep doing my homework.

2 MM
back to school , ugh I hate school why do I came here, I saw my friend at my classroom , hey there jordan ,jenny and arshlyn, hi they answer, I gonna track some ghost, I whisper to my friends, your got to be kidding no one ever track a ghost amy, they answer together, I was thinking about it and I thought I could track some ghost , I just wanted to track some ghost and I discover some name ghost and kind of ghost , If I track some I could see it. are u crazy are you gonna track some ghost no one can track some ghost amy. They said, I am not crazy but I could want to track some I answer.

~Suddenly someone scream at the cafeteria , Everyone at the cafeteria saw a blood , hey what is going on here?, I said , someone write my name on the wall with blood it said amy at the wall, what someone write my name at the wall ?, I am so scared to see the wall.

3 MM
I think is mangled man problem I said in my heart , I dont get it why do he come here for and why he write my name at the wall?, hahahahah you really want to track a ghost the ghost voice said, ummm who are u why u write my name at the wall? I said.

If you want to know me better lets meet at no one ever go muahahahaha the ghost said , where is it?, mangled man ghost place the ghost answerd

Maybe Ill continue the story later hehehehe .