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TEPCO Research

Quantitative analysis by research company (as of July 26) TEPCO Quantitative Score Industry average


Growth May bargain Company size Technical Financial soundness Market Trends

Five Five Ten Five One Ten TEPCO Industry Average

Quantitative comparison of scores and stock prices (feet per week)

Comparison of stock index (feet per week)

TEPCO shares quantitative score of TEPCO

TEPCO shares Power (average) stock price

1 as compared to 100 years ago

1 as compared to 100 years ago

<Information Factor>



Located in the TSE

Same position in the industry



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Expected dividend yield (%)


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ROA (%)


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Market capitalization (billions of yen) Percentage deviation from the 25-day moving average share price (%) Percentage deviation from the 75-day moving average share price (%)




<Net sales of business> Electric Utilities = electricity supply telecommunications business-telecommunications businesses , data processing by computer equipment, computer software development and maintenance, leasing and maintenance operations such as location of telecommunications equipment computer Energy Environment Business-Supply Business Gas, Energy Equipment & Services business, such as power plant renovation, operation and maintenance of environmental facilities, power substations and equipment maintenance, equipment design and maintenance of distribution and sale of crude oil and petroleum products, electricity refurbish the meter, heat supply business, truck transportation business of managing real estate-related business life lease living environment , such as management of

the showroom pavilion international business-consulting overseas , the overseas business investments in overseas power generation business

<Business Performance> Sales (billion yen) Ordinary Income (million yen)

Changes in net income (million yen)

Cash Flows (Millions of yen)

Changes in total assets (billion yen)

Changes in capital adequacy ratio (%)

Sales , ordinary income, net income, cash flow, if irregular earnings (if not months for 12 months earnings) has been modified in terms of number there for 12 months. (However, if a REIT is displayed without modification.)